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  1. I was pretty sure you weren't asking me to cozy up to you .... thanks for clarifying though. My frustration is hunting in direct proximity to vineyard properties with nuisance permits where they will not allow anyone in to hunt. I've watched the quality and quantity of the local deer herd go steadily down for the last however many yrs. I can understand that anyone who is allowed to hunt in those situations wouldn't feel the same way.
  2. Tacti_SteveI agree but the problem is population imbalance. These farms attract too many deer and you can't have all these people out there. The farmers can't eat all that meat. Which is why I get in there and help them. They need incentives to donate it to the local food pantries. But they just shoot from the tractor while they're farming. To them its not worth stopping the tractor. This is the kind of statement that just makes everybody cozy right up to the fantastic idea of F%icK!in Nuisances permits.
  3. These are a little pricey but may be something you'd consider. http://www.crankyusa.com/product-tree-steps.php
  4. For those interested here is a FAQ file sent out as part of the webinar: SORRY ............ can't seem to get the file to attach ..... too big I guess
  5. Solid ice off the beaten path here in Seneca County.
  6. I could never get used to the scope being that high. When I pulled up it wasn't automatic, if you know what I mean. I've never missed them.
  7. I was down to the Outdoor Show in Harrisburg on Thursday and they had one of these things that you could shoot. I wasn't paying close attention as it isn't something I'm interested in but I could not believe how loud this thing was.
  8. Is that a HeavyHauler? I just got one and hope it is the solution I'm looking for. The foregrip on my Mission is what I'm struggling with. It hits me in the back.
  9. I'm a sneaker also .... not just guns. Thank goodness my garage is separate and away from the house. Maybe I've said too much already ..........
  10. Has anyone tried these? http://www.federalpremium.com/products/details/muzzleloading.aspx
  11. Thanks for all the input ! I ordered one this morning. Looking forward to trying it out.
  12. I was able to put Leupold VariX-3's on everything many yrs ago. Never ever have I had any interest in changing them out. Great scopes .... and I had some s&@ty ones before that.
  13. Remington 30-06 in Susquehanna County Pennsylvania. There was a little bit of tracking but it all came together nicely.
  14. Thanks ............ I was just trying to find it
  15. You should be very proud ...... Nice work!
  16. Agreed ..... not sure what the average length (# of pages?) is for any topic but 10 pages on beer is somewhat impressive ... don't you think?
  17. Has anyone had any experience with this call. I've seen it advertised on Pursuit and the Sportsman channels. Wondering how it may measure up to other popular calls. https://theextinguisher.com/
  18. Von Miller had a great game yesterday. You gotta figure he'll be a factor in the Super Bowl too.
  19. Thanks for sharing. The article on that site concerning deer whiskers is also interesting.
  20. Not sure if these are decent deals or not but thought I'd post for anyone looking for a Covert camera. They have Reconyx also. http://www.fifieldseednfeed.com/dlc-covert-scouting-cameras/
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