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  1. nice shots ............. thanks for sharing.
  2. Been doing it for years and find it to be an easy process.
  3. OK... Time to get some cameras out ...... duh! Very cool to see that.
  4. I know the feeling. I was a victim of corporate downsizing back in 2013. 30 + yrs. also. Good luck to you!
  5. This caught my interest during muzzleloader in an area I haven't been in for awhile. Needless to say I'll be keeping watch.
  6. That is one fine looking Buck! ....... nice job!
  7. One of the best ...... No doubt about it. Thanks for sharing
  8. I'd kind of hate to take it apart ...... until I got cold of course!
  9. That sucks. You do your research and try to buy based on the best info you can gather .... and still you can end up with a dud. Frustrating
  10. Boy he was in a lot of good movies
  11. Like Grampy said ..... it's great
  12. Just wondering if something of this type is worthwhile: http://www.wingsupply.com/email-specials/turkey-gear/ameristep-treestand-ladder-blind-realtree-xtra/
  13. Looking for comments / recommendations on ladder stand blinds or any type of concealment. What do you do if anything? .... Do it yourself? .... Use any of the Mfg. Blinds?
  14. Ut Oh ...... possible females only in some WMU's in the future?
  15. You ain't the first ...... but sure hear ya.
  16. That came out beautiful. Nice job !
  17. Any idea how to call? I'm in region 8.
  18. Thanks .... good info! It certainly is worth a try.
  19. What can the DEC do about it? Is there a stipulation between number of permits and allowing access?
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