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  1. But I paid 60 per head for an open bar. I'm entitled to the cases of top shelf liquor that haven't been completely drained yet from the bottle! [emoji849]
  2. Happy Birthday @johnplav hope it was a great one!!!
  3. Happy Birthday @bruno1 enjoy it!!!
  4. Sounds like they're heading to your attic
  5. $7.5 combined for both. I'll even pick up
  6. Happy Birthday @JALA RUT hope it's a great one!!! P.S. atta boy, have a day!
  7. I had actually been considering CT years before Biz. I just never told anyone. Literally grew up 15 mins away from my current place I'm at now
  8. Sounds like you picked a shit spot to plant a garden
  9. I'll show you weak. Old Man!
  10. That isn't really a thing anymore especially with the way rates are today
  11. And he should get his CT non res permit
  12. Little High Life, a Cohiba, and my Breeo. Oh and some feet for @crappyice
  13. Those are wild looking!
  14. Happy birthday @Chef!!!
  15. His cams all came functioning perfectly.
  16. Will be 8 this year. Gonna shoot a slammer in due time
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