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  1. Thank 's to All of You. Doing a snow day project ( which I have not done in 10 years). Cleaning up the basement, and organizing my fishing gear for this spring.
  2. thphtm

    4P Hunters

    Looking out the window Right Now there are 7 deer out back scrapeing the ground and trimming the pine trees , all of them are healthy looking.
  3. Changed over from heavy rain to snow here just before noon, deer are out there filling there bellies ( they know something is up) counted at least 10 in the last half hour.
  4. Over the period of my 60 years of hunting I have encountered a number of Black Bears ranging from 250 lbs. to 600 lbs. , after yelling at them they all ran the other way and at one time one had it's cubs wit her.
  5. Are these apple trees for you to harvest fruit from or for the animals to eat what they can reach and what drops on the ground ?. I have a few I prune every other year and some I do not prune at all, they are all older trees and the apples from the pruned trees do not get as big as store bought ones. As far as the deer go they eat the ones from both ,until all of the fruit is gone. My neighbor does not do any pruning at all and the deer are at there trees all of the time.
  6. At what distance ? I have shot every round from a 100 grain bullet to a 220 grain bullet out of my Remy. 700 BDL at 100 yards off of a bench and there was no more then an 1/8" difference , in between them all. Out beyond 200 Yds. might be different
  7. The one which you hit what you aimed at the most.
  8. We will see if I can christen my Ruger #1 in .280 this year .
  9. Dropped my first buck the first year I owned my property here in the catskills with my sporterized 6.5x 55 swede with a 140 grain hand load at 100 yards threw the heart , left a nice blood trail .
  10. If you are not shooting off of a good solid bench with a quality front support under the front of the stock ( not the barrel) and a good support under the rear of the stock and squesing the trigger not jerking it . It could be you not the firearm. Take one or two shots and let the firearm cool off for an 1/2 an hour or more, come backand take 2 more shots and see if it hits near the first 2 shots , if it is , then you have a problem with the barrel moving as it heats up , when taking a number of shots all at once. That is why well known benchrest shooters only take 5 shots at a time . And I am willing to bet your barrel is not 1" diameter or more as on there rifles . Hope you find out what the problem is .
  11. thphtm

    4P Hunters

    After 60 years of hunting all over the Catskills I bought my own property here . Not quite as large as yours .Now being here almost 20 years, I have cleared a good portion of my property and planted a number of small food plots. After that amount of time I have a pretty good idea of where and when the deer travel on my property.So I have no reason to hunt the farms around me that are for the most part for dairy or meat cattle.And there is also plenty of DEP land to hunt also which the farmers plant corn or cut the fields for hay.
  12. thphtm

    4P Hunters

    I am in 4P and I got a DMP this year. , A few reason there are not as many hunters as in past years .The old time hunters have gotten to old or health related problems to walk the rough country here, The woods have gotten over grown, without clear cutting, ( which leaves very little or no brose for the deer to eat.A lot of the newer hunters do not want to put in the time stalking the deer , they want to sit in there tree stands and wait for a deer of there choice to walk by or ride on there atv untill they see one. The DEC did a good thing by cutting back on the DMP's the amount of does have really declined in the past 10 years, Have started to build back up in the last 2 years. Antler restrictions are working too , there are some bucks walking around in the past few years with some nice racks. I am talking about he wooded area that I live in on the side of a hill , not about the open farm lands. that I do not go near.
  13. thphtm

    Clean antlers.

    had a spike and a 4 pointer , both clean antlers with a bunch of does in the back yard this morning.
  14. I have a few stopping to brose with there moms almost every day on my property.
  15. go to there site for fish stocking ,www, , has all the info there. Runoff from the driveway might have something with the fish no longer ther e . also mink love live fish, herons and eagles also. I have lost some 20" fish to them. Trout prefere a fast moving and cool water', I would hire an excavater and dig that 20' x 20' pond at least 10 feet deep and put some structure in it for the fish to hide under also .