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  1. thphtm

    4P Hunters

    After 60 years of hunting all over the Catskills I bought my own property here . Not quite as large as yours .Now being here almost 20 years, I have cleared a good portion of my property and planted a number of small food plots. After that amount of time I have a pretty good idea of where and when the deer travel on my property.So I have no reason to hunt the farms around me that are for the most part for dairy or meat cattle.And there is also plenty of DEP land to hunt also which the farmers plant corn or cut the fields for hay.
  2. thphtm

    4P Hunters

    I am in 4P and I got a DMP this year. , A few reason there are not as many hunters as in past years .The old time hunters have gotten to old or health related problems to walk the rough country here, The woods have gotten over grown, without clear cutting, ( which leaves very little or no brose for the deer to eat.A lot of the newer hunters do not want to put in the time stalking the deer , they want to sit in there tree stands and wait for a deer of there choice to walk by or ride on there atv untill they see one. The DEC did a good thing by cutting back on the DMP's the amount of does have really declined in the past 10 years, Have started to build back up in the last 2 years. Antler restrictions are working too , there are some bucks walking around in the past few years with some nice racks. I am talking about he wooded area that I live in on the side of a hill , not about the open farm lands. that I do not go near.
  3. thphtm

    Clean antlers.

    had a spike and a 4 pointer , both clean antlers with a bunch of does in the back yard this morning.
  4. thphtm

    Where are the fawns ?

    I have a few stopping to brose with there moms almost every day on my property.
  5. thphtm

    A tale of two ponds.

    go to there site for fish stocking ,www, , has all the info there. Runoff from the driveway might have something with the fish no longer ther e . also mink love live fish, herons and eagles also. I have lost some 20" fish to them. Trout prefere a fast moving and cool water', I would hire an excavater and dig that 20' x 20' pond at least 10 feet deep and put some structure in it for the fish to hide under also .
  6. thphtm

    Most Accurate 7mm-08 Factory Ammo

    It all boils down to what The Gun Likes not what you like . No two barrels on the same make of gun are the same.
  7. thphtm

    No March Blizzard

    Like they say It An't Over Till It's Over, It is 38 deg. here now and Snowing , Fine Flakes and going dowwn to the 20;s tonight , They say it is going to snow all night.
  8. thphtm

    The Gout

    I am on allopurinol daily also and take colchicine when it kicks up. Black cherry juice helps, cut back on the sea food and booze.
  9. thphtm

    Taurus pistol

    I had one 22lr. For many years shot many boxes of ammo , no problems at all .
  10. thphtm

    Barrel Break in

    THIS. In the past 60 years I have had many rifles from stock factory ( mid priced ) to there top of the line, Custom made rifles with custom barrels and related parts, and custom bench rest rifles . I wasted time and ammo with the so called BBL break ins. First what are you shooting the rifle off of, Second it could be you and how you are holding it or pulling the trigger ( let another person shoot it ) and see how they do with it, Next spend the time and money to find out what ammo the rifle likes.And most important was the rifle and components assembled and adjusted properly. I have had bench rest rifles that shot 1/16" center to center bullet holes in a target at 100 yards And top of the line expensive rifles that shot 3" center to centers at 100 yards which had the screws holding the actions over tightened , putting stress on the action and barrels. And some other better rifles with composite stocks that just need a good glass bedding of the action and bbl , done by a pro.
  11. thphtm

    should I cut my timber

    I would never have the property logged again, the last company that did it hired some fellow that just cut the tree top off of what they could sell ,left the tops where they fell and totaly blocked off every trail I had before they came,I cannot even ride my atv or sled to get around the property any more, it would cost me more to have the mess cleaned up then what I got for the lumber.
  12. thphtm

    Over/Under On Weekend Snowstorm?

    The deer have been brousing non stop since sunrise , Looks like were going to get hit good here in the Catskills.
  13. thphtm

    Ammo storage

    Lockable 2 draw metal file cabinet, been using one for 50 years
  14. thphtm

    New rifle.. What scope??

    I have had just about every brand rifle scope in the last 50 + years , Bushnell were a good choice years ago. But now I favor the Leupold brand I have 3 different models and like them all .
  15. thphtm

    Deer activity when it’s Super cold

    Three young does have been feeding in the back yard for the last 20 minutes, there mothers were out early this morning. 29 degrees and a 7 mph wind .
  16. thphtm

    Local giant found dead...

    Did they weigh the deer before it was cut up ?.
  17. thphtm

    Deer activity when it’s Super cold

    Yesterday only one small doe , born late last year came out around 8:00 AM, usualy are a group of 6. The others came out around and after sunset and started hitting anything they could find to eat.
  18. thphtm


    I have tried all kinds of home brew mixes, dog hair, and animal pee threw the years A waist of time. Deer Away and Repel work the best (but only good until it rains ) then you have to re apply them.And they are not cheap. Forget fences unless they are 10' at least, when I hunted the east end of L.I. I would see the deer go over the 8' fence around the old Grumman property with ease. I have watched young deer a few months old jump my 4' fences also.
  19. Marlin in 45 LC , good for anything in my area and only have to carry exrtas of that ruund for my blackhawk also.
  20. thphtm

    For us Old Guys

    Fastedie, I have you beat buy a few months,and have had copd for some time now.I only hunt my own property , just enough for me. I have not used any kind of stand for years , only hunt from ground blinds made from down trees and brush.they are spread out over different parts of my property and are there year round ( deer are used to them).I get to them with my atv ( which does not seem too spook them at all) And if I get anything I go back to my house and get my front loader tractor and bring it back with that to load on my pickup and take it to be processed. If you make things easier for yourself no reason to stop hunting at our age.
  21. Most of the spotting scopes will work out to 200 yds. and further. The whatever the scope is mounted on is what makes the difference , as do not buy something that shakes the second you touch it, And find something that you can adjust up and down and side to side.
  22. thphtm

    .44 Revolvers

    I have a new model black hawk in 45 Long Colt with the 7-1/2 in. bbl. Pleasant to shoot and easy to carry on the side.
  23. thphtm

    AWD vs 4WD

    If the Jeep works for you , why not look at another one.
  24. thphtm

    Looking to get this Recurve going

    Go to a good old time archery shop , have them look it over as far as it's shape , buy a string and a spare one from them , have them check your draw length and measure how much weight at that length and have them pick out aluminum arrows for that results, better off learning with them first. buy a target with a few spots to shoot at on it's face . Don't try to shoot groups( it's not a firearm with bullets) good way to screw up arrow shafts that way.
  25. thphtm

    OK opinions , Whats up?

    The end of this week things will start to pick up.