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  1. Good luck to everyone this morning! Looking forward to pics!
  2. Had two embedded in me last week after working in the woods for a few hours. Didn’t know you could have ticks tested. I pulled them out and flushed them. Good reminder to get permethrin on my clothes this week.
  3. Hoping you and the whole family feel better soon!
  4. That makes sense. I’m definitely very uncertain on identifying them. The pic of the one in flight was definitely a tad bigger than the baldies though. Was the big bird of the bunch.
  5. There’s a road killed doe about a mile up the road. We have a local eagle population that spend their time along the Cohocton River down the hill and I know of an active nest overlooking the river. I got these pics of them hanging around feeding on the carcass yesterday afternoon. Based on the feather color pattern and the sizes being the same, I believe the darker headed ones are golden eagles and not juvenile bald eagles. The pic of the golden in flight was the largest bird in the group. If that’s all correct, there were three bald eagles and four golden eagles in the area. I see baldies occasionally, but always single ones prior. And I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a golden for sure before this. I was able to creep up in the truck to within 100-ish yards and got these shots standing on the running boards. I did try to sneak up closer on foot, but that’s when they took flight.
  6. Housebreaking is hit or miss with this one. He got off to a great start but now he has a fair amount of accidents. Makes me appreciate how good our older dog is. Good thing with the pup is that his pee spots are the size of a dime. Pretty easy to clean up!
  7. He’s been home for a week this evening. He’s got his quiet times, but he also can be a little hellion with needle teeth, lol. Our older dog is starting to tolerate him a bit more but understandably during the quiet moments. Making progress. Gave him a bath on his second day here and his stature is only about 1/2 this size when he’s wet. Unlike me, he’s got great hair.
  8. Sorry to hear Mike. Hope everyone gets better quickly!
  9. We came through this exact spot 24 hrs earlier with me, wife, old dog, new dog in the truck. The plan was to pick him up Sunday or Monday. Glad I was impatient and went yesterday. 50 car pileup, yikes! https://www.weny.com/story/46168589/3-killed-in-50-vehicle-pileup-on-snowy-pennsylvania-highway?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_WENY_TV_News&fbclid=IwAR24DqAdH71wLyDv8yf67vH7RatmOPxwiEQTC38DzsK1QnevDtpqh5yaYMQn
  10. He wrestles with this hard for about 5 minutes and then zonks out cold for an hour. He’s on the fourth cycle of doing that. I like predictability.
  11. Good looking dogs! Do they sleep in the same bed together? We have a couple of small dog beds but we got a large dog bed in case these guys do. So far our older one is pretty stand-off ish but tolerant. Happy enough to swipe the pups food though, so it’s a start. The breeder started him on puppy pads. I’ve got him going outside instead. Success each time this morning. Good sign for housebreaking. The older one had accidents until he was close to a year old.
  12. I’ve never seen anything just like that. Very unique!
  13. Now they can be doubly yapping and annoying next time you’re here, lol.
  14. Drove down to Harrisburg and came back with this little dude yesterday. We have a Maltese (Ruger) that’s going on 10 years old and we thought we’d inject some youth into the household. It’s only been about 9 hours since we got home but so far, so good. Although we did start our day today around 3:00 am, lol. The breeder named him Marshall and we’re keeping the name. I’m an old bass player and play through Marshall amps, figured the name was fitting. So far Ruger doesn’t seem to care about him and he’s purposely ignoring him, even though Marshall is trying his best to play with his new big brother. We had talked about getting another spaniel after we lost our Brittany to old age just before we got Ruger. My wife loves Malteses, and I know her heart was with another one. My dirty little secret is I really like the breed too. And who knows, another Brittany isn’t necessarily off the table.
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