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  1. Good point. I’d probably still go with two different vet recommendations over a newly joined hunting forum. For all he or she knows we could be an international cabal of dog haters.
  2. That’s a shame. Was always worth keeping up with. I posted quite a few there myself but always kept it out of the gutter. RIP daily chuckle thread!
  3. You have trained vets that are saying your dog needs surgery, right? I’m no veterinarian, I don’t play one on tv, and I didn’t even stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but I would have followed the vet’s guidance post haste. Hope your dog is not in bad pain, and he has an easy recovery!
  4. Due to the layout of our property I spook deer 100% of the time getting back to the house from most of our stands. The deer get over it quickly enough.
  5. Seems like peak activity here was around 11/16. If the next peak is 28 days later it bodes well for Muzzleloader season. Hope so!
  6. Same here. This pic of the built-in was from this fall. No leaves at all this year, and the bottom is hollow with something living in it now. I did sit in it 5-6 times this year but felt risky. It’s been a lucky spot. I want reparations from China for all my ash trees!
  7. Not pushing buttons, serious question; I understand you’re not allowing joke memes on this thread. But are you not allowing joke meme threads at all? Or no joke meme posting at all? I play by the rules, just want to be sure of them.
  8. I see what you’re saying now. I got up way too early this morning for no reason so I looked at tcam photos taken since July. I have several photos since then of this shorter tined buck with the left nub. I was thinking same buck, but it looks like the one I killed just showed up here the week before the rifle opener. Maybe I’ll see “nubby” during muzzleloader season and I can get a shot at my buck’s nub-brother.
  9. I do have this one that has the stunted tine and the G2’s and 3s look shorter in this pose. That nub seems to be a match though. Maybe this deer is the same as the velvet pic and the nub is just an odd coincidence?
  10. I’ve got about 1000 pics I saved this year, and a half dozen cards still to pull that were soaking since early October. I’ll look and see if I can other pics with a stunted left brow tine.
  11. I kinda think that too. But that left nub? The same shape too. Bucks on cam here peeled mid September.
  12. Same buck. Has the stunted left brow tine. No other bucks on cam has that like that. I don’t think his tines were done growing.
  13. Update, I gave it most of a week. Freakin delicious! I’ll do this every year.
  14. I was going through trail cam pics looking for pics of the bucks that were taken here since the rifle opener. I came across this one from August of my and my daughter’s buck hanging around together. Well, they still were hanging around together this week too, but it was in our garage. Nice that they each had an identifying characteristic. Cool pic to re-discover! I pulled a couple cards on the way out from getting her buck, and found a sequence of 10 pics of the buck I shot, less then 24 hrs from when I harvested him. He was following a group of does that were in front of the cam seconds before. I like his stature in this pic, he looks “tanky”.
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