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  1. I have hunted on a 3 acre parcel. So 62 sounds good.
  2. Pine Bush is on my list to scout after season and hunt next season. Only 15 minutes away.
  3. Welcome lower Albany county here.
  4. Overtkill


    Just read that the 2021 ATAshow is canceled. Can't wait to see how every manufacturer will show off there new products. Curious to see if they will post a video or only show on there site.
  5. I use WacEm 3 blade mechanical and for fix I have American broadhead co. sonic.
  6. I do agree would be nice if most manufacturers took that into consideration when designing new heads.
  7. I think I should of had my topic be more like if NY did not ban illegal broadheads(barbed,etc.,etc.) would you change what you are currently using.
  8. I can see how alot of people would not switch and stay with what has been working well with there set up.
  9. If NY said you can use any broadhead you want because all would be legal for the season, what would you use? I would choose the G5 megameat.
  10. We have them all over outside also
  11. hope they call you soon saying they found them and are on there way.
  12. Overtkill

    Bow Hanger

    I like that would make it easy to take to range and bring back home to shoot. Thanks for sharing.
  13. I got a great deal on my bow. Bought it last year. It's a 2018 Obsession hemorrhage de. It was only used to sight in the yardage and put to the side for a crossbow to replace it. Fully loaded and half the price of bare bow.
  14. I do just like you did, try to tuck it in-between some tree's. I make sure I have got all my windows accessible to look out. Looks good to me. Good luck this season.
  15. Just read it online and thought Iwould share. https://www.newyorkupstate.com/outdoors/2020/04/dec-offers-complete-online-hunter-safety-course-for-limited-time-only.html?outputType=amp
  16. I have my 2004 Mathews LX 29/70 for sale. I am asking $200. I am original owner it has never seen rain or snow. Used it for target and one season of bow. It is all set up with sight, rest, quiver, stabilizer, and new string. Also throwing in some arrows and plano pro case. Local pick-up close to Greene and Albany county.
  17. Nope try to take a selfie with it cause no-one would believe
  18. It is getting close and was curious what everyone will use. When you get into the woods will you be using a ground blind, treestand, climber, or ladder stand?
  19. Wac em 3 blade expandable and slick trick fixed