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  1. I think just young buck that grew abnormal, maybe velvet got messed up.
  2. Thursday day beer. 1 week from the opener! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. New Ro instead of the Vern I think you mean, but yea. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. Redfield 550 Raider
  5. Agree! This drawn out process in NY for example is absurd. Killing so many businesses.
  6. You need a hot doe nearby. According to DEC numbers, we don't have many deer in 3N so each pawn (doe) i have the better. As far as i can remember hunting as a kid, only once (1997) i saw 8 or 9 does/fawns together. Otherwise, the most i've seen together at 1 time is 5. Many hunting days are no deer seen, but when you see one it's usually a 50/50 coinflip that it will be a buck. If i truly thought shooting a doe would help the bucks, of course i would do it and give it to @crappyice, but i don't see an overpopulation of does by any means.
  7. That arrow looks like it’s rising? When Tacks standing down hill? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. My phone / weather app says 6:52am sunrise on 10/1 for me. I'll likely leave house at 530am, park by 552am, 20-25min. slow walk in, zipped up in blind by 615-620am. with all the leaves on the trees i usually can't see till almost exactly sunrise anyway. but i've had deer stroll through before sunrise but usually can't see head even with 10x42's at under 50 yards
  9. so you don't know: Betts, Trout, Bellinger, Kershaw, Tatis Jr., or anyone on Dodgers, Giants, Padres, Angels? what about D-Backs and Rockies? Cardinals is the cut-off?
  10. I hate them too, but Mookie got ripped off in 2016 MVP so I hope he gets it this year. Not sure how many players have won MVP in both leagues, but it has to be small.
  11. Ok, fine. But let's all agree it would be beautiful to see Mookie Betts get the city of los angeles their long lost ring, and win his 2nd MVP (1 in each league, even though it should be 3 total).
  12. Agree, as we saw the past 6-7 years. BUT, Mookie won't allow it
  13. 33% of the lineup was banned for PED's (Aroid, Melky, Cano).