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  1. Biz-R-OWorld

    Early season food?

    I'm hunting acorn flat 10/1 and 10/2 and hoping for the best!
  2. Biz-R-OWorld

    Baiting help

    According to public bankruptcy filing records, Moog charges $3,750/hour for his legal services. But I'm sure you can find some hack lawyer out there to represent you for half that. Or a Paralegal for $1,500/hour.
  3. Biz-R-OWorld

    Baiting help

    Hunting TV shows are wacky for sure. I've hunted with a few guides who have had their operations on TV shows. If the TV guy kills a buck day 1, they will still go out the subsequent days for footage of deer that they "passed up". They do the blood tracking on totally different days sometimes, etc.
  4. Biz-R-OWorld

    2019 Season (Biz-R-OWorld)

    I'm so tempted to check cams weekend of 9/28 - 9/29 to help decide where to sit 10/1, but i guess i gotta let it ride.
  5. Biz-R-OWorld

    #1 on the hit list so far!

    Looks like a great 10/1 730am buck to me
  6. Biz-R-OWorld

    Preseason Trail Cam Pics

    Sweet 10pt. I'd be happy to help you try to kill him.
  7. Biz-R-OWorld

    Baiting help

    In NY? No, that would be out of season. In some other states, yes.
  8. Biz-R-OWorld

    NYhunting support

    How does a person passionate enough about a topic (in this case hunting) to start a forum, not check it frequently? Same goes for Geno being a moderator, but he's never on here anymore.
  9. Biz-R-OWorld

    Pennsylvania Bull Elk Lottery Winner

    Not sure what bronze sci minumum is, but if it's Pope & Young 125" i think? you should get it measured by P&Y. Pretty cool accomplishment.
  10. Biz-R-OWorld

    Baiting help

    On a serious note, an illegally baited killed buck is illegal in NY. To me, zero difference between that and a buck shot at midnight or a buck shot 5 days before opening day.
  11. Biz-R-OWorld

    Baiting help

    No. Is baiting legal? Generally, no. Baiting is allowed for deer hunting on private lands only in Zones 11 and 12.
  12. Biz-R-OWorld

    Pennsylvania Bull Elk Lottery Winner

    Nice buck, but not sure he even cracks 105" Gross. Whether he's got 20 or 25 inches total from 8 mass measurements, hes got short tines. Even if his beams are 20", you got maybe 5" G2's, 5" G3's and 3" G1's at best. That's 33" x 2 = 68" add in 20-25" of mass and you got 88-93" and 15" inside spread and you got 103-108" Buck AT BEST. Might not even crack 100" gross. It will take 181" NET to takeover the state record for archery typical.
  13. But a 270WBYMag does it faster, flatter, and with more punch!
  14. Biz-R-OWorld

    Pennsylvania Bull Elk Lottery Winner

    Pics? why you holding out on us?
  15. Biz-R-OWorld

    Pennsylvania Bull Elk Lottery Winner

    if so, he didn't grow much antler