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  1. Hard to tell but it doesn't look like liver to me . How much blood where he stood for 10 minutes?
  2. Crossing my fingers ... I was rejected again this year . Wife got 2 for same zone . Go figure. We have it covered. Just makes me wonder why. I think the town clerk doesn't like me .
  3. I voted ... I guess i wasn't surprised to see alot of young women voting . While waiting in line I listened as a young couple was informed that even if they registered to vote this morning they couldn't vote today . She was pissed off he just listened nodded in acknowledgement then half dragged her out . She was muttering about them infringing on her constitutional rights to abortion. What the heck was that about... she has no clue .
  4. This is the first time ever I wasn't at the town hall waiting for them to open in 35 years. New job has me in at 6 am . Will have to wait until this afternoon to vote .
  5. I think it was just the one link Dan . I have been able to view and post in the rest.
  6. Went back through my history . The link was posted while I was setting up an account. Thanks anyhow.
  7. I was going to do that today . Somebody send me the link or not ....
  8. I'm at my local ... and this was on the door . Alot of people villainize unions as liberal... but I find my local to be conservative on alot of things. I dont always agree with the stance taken and I'm not afraid to voice my opinion. This actually gives me faith that not all is lost.
  9. I need to find some straw for my garlic.
  10. Pauline is a great tracker haven't talked to her in a few years. She was a member of the fingerlakes chapter. She use to have John Jeanneney dog that was an awsome tracker.
  11. I bought 2 boxes yesterday the wife picked up 2 more today... she told me I had better fill tags this year . I told her she had better help.
  12. My uncle was a man of modest means.. He has only ever owned one rifle . Remington 700 bdl chambered in 243 . He is arguably the best shot in the family. He has killed well over 100 deer with it . Thousands of chucks, foxes, yotes and turkeys .. yes he lives in PA. He has killed 2 black bear . He has reloaded for that gun and has always said premium bullets and stay off the shoulder. He fed a family of 7 with that one rifle. He still kills his buck every year but he does it off the back porch now not in the woods .
  13. FYI Sams club has a decent deal on food saver rolls .
  14. I reload them for the wife's gun. Think I bought just the bullets at sportsmans last year. Bought only two boxes they had at the time . Decided to reload because I couldn't find factory ammo for 243 the previous fall. Wife likes to shoot her pretty pink and purple rifle. She will shoot a box or more in a single trip to the range. Disregard never bought .243 nosler partitions from sportsmans. I ordered them on line from midsouth. I bought 308 partitions from sportsmans.
  15. Definitely stay off the shoulder !!!! Loaded for the wifes gun and used nosler partition. Over kill for deer some say but I don't think they will grenade as bad as some of the thinner jacketed bullets. Only one deer killed with this gun bullet combo to go on . Pretty impressed with penetration on the nosler partitions . Quartering away at 60 .Entered behind shoulder. Acrossed the chest cavity out the neck hitting off side leg that was extended forward. Shattered leg.Was not impressed with corlocks.
  16. Yes Robinhood diner. Back in the 90s Roscoe diner was ok ... food went way down hill since then .
  17. The only good place to eat left in Roscoe is Ramondos. When I'm down that way I eat breakfast at the diner in Livingston Manor.
  18. Wife told me to double what I planted this past year . That was 89 cloves. She said 200 would do nicely. Guess I could make another pass on the end of the garden with the tiller.
  19. 300 cloves of garlic !!!! That's a lot of garlic.. you expecting a vampire outbreak or does it work to keep libtards away?
  20. Looks like a beautiful morning to hunt . Good luck everybody.
  21. Had an ok trip to the salmon river. Stayed low on the river fished in town . Hooked a decent coho that took me into my backing. Jumped three times and headed to the lake . Had to break him because I couldn't follow him . Took a conhead crystal bugger. Hooked 2 Chinook one was snagged the other was somewhere in the head not sure. Both were zombies. Went up stream and found the normal chit show for salmon fishing. A whole group of guys fishing together all fishing with giant spinners with 1 ounce egg sinkers suspended on a 10 to 12 inch dropper. Very illegal. Told one guy that what he was doing was against the regs . He said and I quote " I no speak any English ". Tried to buy a new spey rod but nobody had anything I was interested in . Looking for an upgrade. Did pick up some materials and hooks for fly tying . Spent way to much. Still better than being at work .
  22. Can't stand it any more . Heading to the salmon river in the morning. Fished it last winter but it was blown out . This will be my first fall trip in 25 years give or take. Hope most of the chit show is over . Looking to get a brown or steelhead. Planning on staying lower on the river. My fishing partner backed out again so it will have to be a solo trip.
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