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  1. They toy with us when we aren't there.
  2. Had one of those pots myself . Gave it to my dad as he liked the coffee so much . The shame of it is Corning sold all the consumer products devision back in 98. Since then we have been owned by 5 different investment company's. With each change they have tried to do more with less and cut quality. The powers to be have merged and sold many smaller companies forming a conglomerate of household goods . For the most part its the Corell dish ware that kept them afloat for 25 years. Unfortunately a lot of quality products have been lost along the way
  3. Depends on the construction of your home .. and your suppliers.
  4. Not much snow down here cold . Wind is brutal. What was there is drifting pretty good acrossed the drive way. Got to a balmy 9 degrees here.
  5. That reminds me of March perch fishing on Seneca lake .
  6. Its Christmas eve not April fools.
  7. 42 degrees this morning at 4:30 am . Walked out of work to pretty stiff wind and 9 degrees at 3 pm. Roads weren't that bad on the drive home . People driving way to fast for the conditions as usual .Wind is really whipping now.. I'm home for the night . Told the wife I will get up and drive her to work in the morning . I'm off work for the next 9 days.
  8. I'm shooting the 250 shock waves and in my tc pro hunter with 3x50 pellets. At 100 yards my group is much tighter with 3 pellets than with 2. I have a leupold muzzleloader scope that has a 2 pellet verses 3 selector to compensate for the difference. With a ballistic reticle. Off a bench I can smack 200 yard 10 inch pan ever time . My gun was designed for 3 pellet charges . Should you decide to try 3 pellets check your gun info before you try this.
  9. You take the credit.. I learned from the master!
  10. Dang i thought you were trying to get the wife in another room .
  11. Do they still give the life time license card with the purchase. I recieved mine in the mail a few weeks after purchase. Bought mine back 12 or so years ago..
  12. To be honest my kill drive is down this year . Alot going on at home and work . Slow start to my season hasn't helped. Now I'm getting over covid .I could have gone this morning except for the cough problem. Then my thought at 5 am this morning was how are you going to drag and load it into the truck by your self. Then butcher and process. Perhaps I can get out this week if I feel better.
  13. Are the tops still snug like the mucks . Love my mucks just wish the tops were adjustable.
  14. I go back to work on Monday. HR says I must wear a mask at all times for 5 days . Not looking forward to that . Just wish I knew who I got it from . Probably BIL. He was coughing in my truck last Friday. Said he had just a cold and it had been 5 days since he had it. Never tested. Either that or got it grocery shopping Friday morning.
  15. Feel better . Dont know about rsv. Wife will fill me in . I have had the first shot and booster . Gave up on the 6 other shots they now say will save you from all the ills in the world . Planned on the flue shot never got around to it .
  16. Im feeling pretty good today. Little congestion..cough. wife sits in her chair covered up under blankets and heating blanket..this is day 4 for her . Orange juice is all that tastes good to her . I will have to make a store run today. Yesterday was our 27th anniversary what a way to spend it. Ordered pizza son picked it up and delivered to the garage. Promised her that we will go out for dinner when she gets feeling better. I'm bored forgive me these boring posts.
  17. Think I'm doing better . Only woke with one coughing fit last night . Wife is at day 3 she has the chills and sleepy. She turned the furnace up to 70f. About cooking me out of the house. I hid in the basement off and on yesterday.
  18. You know English food is so damn bland... They probably made A1 out of necessity . But why put it beef and not everything else.
  19. More yotes than farming. Biggest farming practice changes have been removing hedgerows. Now fields are huge no cover . Turning over fields every 2 or 3 years is another big one . Dens get plowed under every couple years as farmers rotate crops . No hedgerows to hide in hogs can't get an established colony going. I remember hunting hogs in the 70s and 80s I had all the holes on the 6 or 7 farms I use to hunt memorized .
  20. Well it had to happen . Even though wife has been sleeping in spare bedroom she tested positive. Just came home from work . Hospital rules she has to stay home for 11 days . Now the other sisters will have to step up and help my mother-in-law. My symptoms aren't bad . I have slept pretty good. No fever in last 12 hours . She has sniffles and cough. Shoulders hurt.
  21. Well it's happened. Started with a sniffle yesterday morning cough by evening. This morning I was achey. Fever this afternoon. Took a covid test after work . Test takes 15 minutes solid posative in 2 minutes. I worked through the entire shut down . Haven't missed a day of work in 5 years except to hunt or fish. Problem is we had 15 people here on Sunday for a Birthday party. My 92 year old mother inlaw was here . Can't recall being around anybody that was sick. This sucks!
  22. I almost never use a sling as a shooting aid . As a matter of fact I can't remember last time I did . I keep a sling on all my rifles even while still hunting . The only rifle I don't have a sling on is a browning blr . Dont want that in the way when running the action. Not saying it will be a problem but just don't want a problem as I'm not use to the action type. All my rifles have a claw sling on it . The claw locks onto your clothing doesn't slide around . Best sling ever.
  23. Talk about a chitty day. Must have stepped in yote chit in the dark on the way in . Sitting there in the dark I could smell it. Got light enough to see its on every rung of the ladder stand and the platform. Had 3 groups of deer come in and stop in the brush just off my shooting lane . Turn and run away not giving me a shot . Packed it in at 8:30. Washed boots and camo. Have to sneak back up and clean ladder at some point . If it weren't for bad luck ...
  24. Stayed home myself . On the way to church we had near white out conditions. Watched a car spin out at 40 mph . Dumb ass.
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