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I just recently read an article on my Field and stream reader app on how removing your bow grip can improve your accuracy. They are saying the less you have to hold, the less of a chance you have to torque or alter the bow when releasing. I understand the logic behind the theory, and it seems to make some sense. Has anyone ever tried this?



Does Removing a Bow's Grip Improve Accuracy?


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I read it also . I don't hold the bow by the grip . I used to but torqued the bow . I added a wrist strap and rest the bow between my thumb and fore-finger and the torque went away . Before adding a wrist strap , I was afraid of dropping the bow and held it too tight .


Try removing your bow grip and if it works for you , leave it off . Everyone is different .

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Alot of bows dont even come with a grip. You can try shooting directly off the riser and see what happens. Me, I like the grip on my Hoyt, and shoot just fine with it on there.

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Mine is a machined grip... its part of the riser, i shoot fine w it but i use a wrist strap too...

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The grip on my PSE consists of two thin pieces of rubber on either side. And as stated above, I shoot open handed with a wrist strap so that the bow finds it's natural balancing point. No complaints there.

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