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What are your thoughts about this deer hunting quote


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On 9/12/2022 at 10:46 AM, WNY Bowhunter said:

Representing Steuben County here. It's been a tough year on trailcam this summer. That being said, my goal for the season is a 3.5 yr old buck, same as always. I don't get to caught up on score when it comes to my deer hunting, just a realistic buck for the area that I'm hunting. Maybe someday I will join one of Let Em Grow's leases and then I can up my standards a little!

I go in to every season expecting to eat tag soup lol.. That way when i do harvest a buck worthy of the Red barn wall, I perk up my shoulders and swell my head a bit.. :) Even though his antler inches are only half of what they would be on that 8P/8R line lol 

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1 hour ago, AuburnNYC said:

How do you properly age a big rutting buck? I'd like to try it for my next one.

I have had very good results letting 2.5 year olds age for 5 days minimum and 3.5 year olds for 9 days.  Ideally, the aging temperature is between 33 and 43 deg F.

 Leaving the hide on helps insulate against daily temperature swings and let’s you get away with 32 to 55 deg F, so long as the average daily temp stays in the preferred range.  An insulated garage, with a concrete floor helps a lot.  Cover the widows in the day, to keep out the sunlight, and open them at night to let in the cool air.

I was shooting for 10 days in the insulated garage with my 3.5 year old post-rut buck last year, but I had to cut that to 9 days.  The average temperature outside was predicted to be 62 degrees on day 10, so I came home a day early from a NZ late gun-season bear hunt.  That middle aged buck turned out marvelous.


It always amazes me how some on this site, including at least one educated as a chef, seem to have no comprehension of how rigor mortis affects red meat. 

Even ground burger can be tough, if you freeze it before rigor mortis has passed.  

A simple, often free, “deer fridge”, is a great help in maintaining that preferred temperature range in these post-global warming days.  


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