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Well it has been around forty years since I had a boat and now that I am entering my second childhood I decided it was time to get another. A Tracker Deep V17 in decent shape, looking forward to Bass season and doing some Catfishing.



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I have been wanting to get a boat for several years now, but at my age I did not want to go into hock for a new one. I had it in my mind if I came across a good used boat that was reasonably close by that was structurally sound and mechanically sound I would consider buying it.

This boat is pretty old, a 1991 with a 2004 50 HP motor, but it was well maintained, no leaks, rot or soft floors, and everything worked, it was fairly close by and priced right. There were a few cosmetic things that were addressed and I did some upgrades to the old accessories, I love doing all that tinkering and as they say getting her shipshape did not cost a whole lot of money.

Spent the past week or so sprucing her up and I think she will work out well for me at this stage of the game.

As for Catfishing Oneida Lake and her tributaries that have deep holes are great for them, it is pretty close by and has nice boat launches. Back when I did a bit of Catfishing I did pretty well in those places. 

The Redfield reservoir is my favorite for Bass along with Delta lake North of Rome, caught some nice Northerns out of there.


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4 hours ago, Shoots100 said:

Love boats when docked and ready for action.

Hate trailering and launching them, especially when doing it solo.



Why is it that when I used to have a boat, a big crowd of people always gathered waiting for me to back the damn thing up and get it launched? It was always an embarrassing fiasco.

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A fishing buddy that knows a lot more than me about equipping a boat talked me into putting in a lithium trolling motor battery. According to him I will probably get close to 10 years out of lithium and even though the up front cost is high over a ten year period it comes out much cheaper that a common lead acid. Picked up the one below at a decent price and from the reviews I have read it should work out great for me.

Worked out great for me in the end, my dump trailer which uses a deep cycle battery was ready for a new one, so the old boat battery will go there and the old one out of the dump trailer will work great for my automatic clay pigeon thrower.:good:

Now if it will quit storming around here I will get out on the water.



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