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Hey there, 


Brand new to this site and was hoping to meet hunting partners in the NYC/Westchester area. 

I've been only hunting for about 2 years now but its slowly consumed my life. Looking to learn and enjoy the outdoors with others. 


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Nice to meet you. I've done most of my hunting in Tennessee (mother lives out there) and New Jersey (I have a friend who guides out there). I've also duck hunted in Alaska. I've only hunted in NY once in Sterling Forest for turkey and that turned out unsuccessful. Looking to get more time in my home state. 

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Welcome to the site! I'm quite a bit north of where you are looking. But if you ever get up to the capital region, in WMU. 4H. Shoot me a message and I can steer you to some good public land spots. Good to have you here and good luck in your ny hunting adventures!

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    • By Rampage
      Hey everyone 
      I'm knew to the sport and looking to learn as much as I can. I was suppost to go up to sterling with a friend of a friend but the guy had been dodging me. So I've decided that I will head to sterling or Stewart forest by my self this Monday 10/09/17 and wing it. Maybe walk around with my bow and see if get lucky. Worst case scenario I get good excerside out of it. If anyone could help out either teaming up or letting me know where to go I would greatly appreciate it. Also if anybody knows of a butcher and the prices so I can take my deer when I harvest one. I live in NYC even tho I would love to see my neighbors faces as I carry a deer from my car to the 5th fl of my building I don't think it will work out.
      thanks in advance for any help and for taking the time to read my post
    • By jeff1211
      Hello, I just discovered this forum. I have never hunted before. I just recently got my hunting license and took my hunting and bowhunter courses. We are in the midst of spring turkey season and I was really looking for a mentor/partner to guide me so I don't miss the season. I live in rensselaer county in rensselaer but am willing to travel to you for the sake of public/private land. I am very much a subsistence hunter right now (I would like to use the meat/animal I kill) but may eventually go for trophies (still want to use the animal though). I am very willing to learn everything there is about each of the seasons and animals and about field dressing. I was hoping I could get someone to go out with before the spring turkey season ends. I am mainly available weekend mornings but can move my weekdays around a little if needed.
    • By Cgallo39
      I've  recently started hunting DEP property in westchester county over the past two years, mainly big peninsula on kensico resivour and turkey mountain in Yorktown. I was able to do some pre season scouting but not much.  While scouting I'm looking for heavily used trails, dropping, scraps and rubs and while I have found some, during  hunting then the past couple of weeks I haven't seen any deer in both locations. My main question is am I missing something? Should I be looking for anything else? Or how far into the properties should I be going and is the distance I travel going to be different in the morning than the afternoon? 
      Thank you in advance
    • By huntershoists
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    • By tonyc26
      Going upstate (from nyc) for Spring Gobbler this weekend
      I've never hunted for spring gobbler, nor in NY, we usually go to PA during deer season
      Just got all my tags and permits, and were going to be heading up to Dutchess County on Friday
      As of now we intended on going to the Taconic-Herford Multiple use area, also considering the Baxtertown Woods WMA and Taconic State park
      Are these good spots to hunt? 
      Does anyone know of any Public land out in / around Dutchess County with a healthy gobbler population ( not asking for your hotspot, just a vague location or park to go to that allows crossbow / bow hunting)
      Also any advice? I have a mouth call that I've actually (I think) gotten pretty good with (been practicing).. Wondering things like
      how far should we walk in from the road? 
      how long do you sit before moving on to a new spot?
      Do you walk around and call and then post up, or post then call.. I've heard of both not sure which is better!
      It's not too late in the season right?.. I hear New York Gobblers move up until late june
      Also what time is the best to go.. We intended on going at sundown. 
      Sorry if i sound un-experienced, I am, just got into hunting last year.
      Any Advice is Greatly appreciated.. Mostly need a good location to hunt, but any advice will be more then helpful!!
      Thanks in advance
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