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Robs huntandfish journal

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  Gonna start keeping a journal to look back upon at the end of the year.  

Kept a fishing journal for many years and always enjoyed looking back on it. And i have been doing a hunting one for last few years in a notebook.   

Thinking I should put in here my list of outdoor related goals for the year and see if i hit them for 2019, plus this will help keep me motivated!

2019 goals

-  have a good spring/summer of fishing and boat some nice takes of perch and walleye off the lake.

- get a couple of friends out fishing this season that didn't fish with last year   

- up my trolling game and my mid/late summer fishing take

- catch at least one trout (fished for trout once all last season)  

- tag 2 deer for the freezer 

- tag at least one turkey

- bag at least one rabbit

- Loose 36 pounds by the opener of Bow season.  Scaled my ass at 286 this morn - too much!  need to be 250 by Oct 1!  always been and will be a big guy but dont need to be as big! 

- get into some kind of Sept hunting - geese, squirrels, early bear  - at least one day of it

-move treestand in Madison over

- move stands on lease (roadkill, xmas, littlefield) and set the south side and opener area up better.  

- widen trails on lease esp North side 

-better trailcam placements 

-replace straps on every treestand

 And most of all appreciate the time spent outdoors !  



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Prep starts already for next season. Was a real nice day out.  So moved a stand for gun hunting.  Have a stand (opener stand) 45 yards from here that has been a good gun stand but it is tough to sit in and faces the wrong way. And by moving this made shots by the pond from 200 to all less.  Really like it and will be sitting there for the gun opener. Tucked it right in to the brush nice.  


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