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Hunt #41 12/12    A gracious offer from Lomax to come out and hunt in the buckform for the afternoon.  Went out and it took us less than 12 steps I believe to see the first deer.  Lol.  Sitting t

Great weekend fishing with a great group of folks.  Had the honor of fishing with a bunch from this forum.  @Pygmy @Lawdwaz @Otto @Lomax all had a run out in my boat.  And all from a invite from a cam

Had a euro done with the bow buck. Not a big buck for sure but been wanting to have one done. GF got me the plaque a couple years ago and now I have the chance to use it.  So picked that up today and

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Splayed open to drain?

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It looks like the inside of a hind leg though? It also has 2 strange looking spots on the neck, almost looks like it was hit by a car then shot in the neck to be put down? I could be way off but it looked strange to me!

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Hunt #32.  7f lease roadkill stand. Seen nothing. Light -10.  Tons of pics of two deer we are looking for on lease but all at night. 

Early trip to lake before hunting for a 45 min limit. Would have been 30 min had I not lost one. Good thing eyes are hitting not stocking the freezer with venison for sure.


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4 minutes ago, Robhuntandfish said:

Hunt #33- 7F lease. Small deer on way in by pine tree stand.  Sat at swamp 12-dark and nothing. 

Pics of a buck that is only a 5 but def a big boy.  Got only one pic of him in daylight but he is in the area. 



His neck is huge.

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3 minutes ago, Robhuntandfish said:

This year is so like last year.  Didn't down a deer until the 12th, then the 15th. Hoping that happens this year but really would rather not wait til last minute. Lol. 

Mine was the 11th and hoping not to do the same either.whats up with @Biz-R-OWorld not locking in our prediction last weekend.i bet that may have something to do with it!!!

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Hunt #34.  One of those days just wasn't feeling it.  Felt like everything I did was wrong. Was in one stand didn't like it moved to another still didn't like it.  Left the woods.  

Got 3 eyes this morn on a quick fish but 2 were shorts to go back. 

Will be back out soon. Going to a stand I am looking forward to hunting. And considering moving one on the way thru for tomorrow.  Supposed to snow this pm. 

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Hunt #35 Went right back out at 11.  Decided to move a stand about 80 yards where there are a ton of scrapes and rubs and trails.  Moved that quick and hunted Littlefield stand. Didn't see a thing. As soon as I got stand moved it rained and I got soaked then it turned to snow. Was good til about 4:15. Haven't been that cold in a while. 

On way out deer in neighbors backyard blew at me and ran into woods.  

Will be in that moved stand tomorrow. Been a tough season. 

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Hunt #36 and #37.  7F lease. Am sat in new stand . Didn't see anything but heard one bleat 5 times in brush about 100 yards away near pond.  Have never heard one that many times before

Pm walking in by swamp stand of course.. big doe.  Always there when I am not in stand.  Came around corner of trail and there she was eating grass.  Couldn't range her without stepping out so ranged across from her at 40.5 yards.  

Stepped out and she is about to go into thick brush.  Sent it and thought I should've hit her.  She takes the jump into brush and is gone.  

Waited 10 min then went over there and couldn't find bolt or any sign of a hit.  Went over to new stand and cut a branch and then came back and snuck up into stand for 1.5 hr. 

Didn't want to go right into brush if she was hit and jump her.  So waited and then went in. So thick. Couldn't find a single thing that would show a hit deer.  No blood on anything and there is no way going thru there blood wouldn't rub off on something.  Got soaked and scratched up and found nothing.  

Figured I would sit til dark and see if I can find the lighted nock.  Got down just at dark and no luck. But it is swampy there (swamp stand) and could def be buried. 

With no sign of a hit and no arrow dunno what else to do there.  Pulled cam card there and checked it when I got home.  I ranged off a bunch of areas and all I can think is she was more like 46 than 42.  And I shot low.  Hate not knowing for sure but no hair or blood anywhere makes me think miss. And crossbow shots have always been a pass thru and didn't hear any hit on the deer either. So no bloody bolt and no wack if I got bone.  

First shot I have had at a doe all season believe it or not. 

Taking the am off and taking boat to storage.  Then do a long afternoon sit in 6S.  

It's been many years since I haven't filled an archery tag and time is getting awful short.  

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Hunt #40- 7F lease.  12:30 - 1:30. Went to swamp stand cause I can't figure out if it's a curse or a blessing as there are deer on cam there all the time. Just not while I'm  in the stand. So on way in buck standing in trail 30 yards from stand. I seen him thru the brush. He knew something was up and was staring then stepped into brush. Looked like a decent one. Either get busted going in or out but never see one while in the stand. So sat in stand and 20 minutes later neighbor behind me is shooting. 

Got down and headed to ground blind away from shooting hoping for a deer to come out before dark.  So cleaned up shooting lanes and put a different seat in it. Ground blind from 2:30 - dark. 

About 3:45 pm doe comes out at 85 yards eating grass.  She moves to 60, then turns back the other way and lays down in field. She lays there for a half hour.  She then gets up and starts coming my way. I had ranged several spots prior. She gets to what I thought was about 43..... And I whiffed with the xbow. No explanation. I shot tight 40 yard groups with it. Must've just pulled off of her when I shot. 

Found bolt stuck in a branch and not a drop of blood or hair etc. And I knew I missed. I feel ok that I knew it was a clean miss but should be been there . Just dunno. 

Back to work for two days then last three days of bow off too make it count. Lots of action today but just couldn't seal the deal it seems. 

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