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Culvercreek hunt club

2019 Habitat seed Program (Soybeans)

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Good Morning,


We will again have the Habitat Seed Program that makes seed available to our members at an affordable cost and planted as a benefit to wildlife. It’s a great deal for plots and can be planted or broadcast. This is only for members in the following counties, Monroe, Livingston,Orleans, Genesee, Wyoming. Other counties should reach out to a more local branch. The contacts for other branches can be found at


Glyphosate Resistant Soybeans are available for this program. The seed will be one-year old seed that will germinate fine for food plots.  The retail cost of this seed is between $80-$100 a bag. It should plant about a half-acre per bag or could be stretched with the addition of other species.  The cost of each bag of soybeans is $9 per bag and there is no limit on the amount you can order this year.  


The Branch must submit the amount our members want by January 23rd to be combined with the other branches in NY. We are limited to ½ and full tractor trailer loads.


We are placing our order earlier this year and pushing for delivery in March or early April, however, we are at the mercy of the trucking and seed firm. Once we secure delivery we will set a date in a central area where you can come and pick up your seed.


This seed can NOT be sold, used for business purposes or harvested; it must be left for wildlife.  A form will to be signed by each purchaser stating this intent.


You MUST be a QDMA member to purchase the seed. You will need your membership card/number or attended our 2018 Banquet as proof.




Send an email to Corbin Palmer at and request the number of bags you would like to purchase. Include your full name, mailing address, email address, contact phone number and your membership status.  Corbin will respond with an email confirming your order, so you know it was received.


When you receive Corbin’s confirming email, send your payment check to Kim O’Connor, 20 Sandstone Drive, Spencerport, NY 14559.  All seed payments must be received by Kim no later than February 28th, 2019. If Kim hasn’t received your payment by the 28th, we will work through our waiting list to sell the remaining seed so it doesn’t go to waste.


Thank you for your support. Without it, we could not bring you programs like this.


Bob Rose


Greater Rochester Southern Tier Branch

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For anyone who wants soybeans that's in Warren, Saratoga, Washington, or Rensselaer counties. Contact me through here or otherwise contact Dave Collins at no later than Jan 21st. Similar guidelines apply.



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