Left Over DMP 's Available November 1

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If you already paid the $10 fee for dmp tags, then there is no charge for two additional "leftover" tags.   I plan on donating $ 10 to the Hunters Feeding the Hungry program, when I go to Walmart for my extra tags on Friday.   It seems that they always have plenty of donated deer, but struggle a bit to get the money to process them.   I don't often fill those "extra" dmps (or even both of my first two), but it would be good to know that some folks might benefit from that $10 donation.  

If everyone that got two extra tags donated $10, then I doubt there would be a struggle to pay for the processing of all the donated deer.  think about that when you go to pick up your "free" dmp tags.      

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Do you have to go to the local town hall or can you get them anyplace that sells a hunting license ? 
Any vendor you usually get your tags from

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On 11/2/2019 at 5:11 PM, Northcountryman said:

Just got 2 extra tags today at Dicks for 3M   


i never hunted at 3M and doesnt know anybody who owns  a land in that area. Where is a public that i can hunt? thnaks bud

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