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I looked at them, especially the step through folding E bike, as I wanted to store it in my van and have it easier to mount and dismount.

In the end, the bike with all of the accessories was almost $2,600 and I had to wait at least six months for delivery.

I hear good things about the Rover though. 

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I have owned a Rad Mini for several years now, I like the ability to fold it up and put in in the inside of my Honda Ridgeline if I want to take it for some trail riding. I purchased mine mostly for fun and recreation and this fellow's video is right on the mark on how these bikes can be ridden and used. So far so good with mine.

I see the newer models have motors with more torque which would make them a bit better on hills although I have no problem going up hills with mine. I ride mine in the peddle assist mode and can go right along on the road close to 20 mph easily.




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