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Wyoming Mountain Lion Bowhunt


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As 2021 is heading to finish line I headed back to Wyoming to finish out a mountain lion hunt that started in January of 2021 with my best friend Although we came home from that hunt without a lion it was a success in all respects.A great time, awesome hound work in amazing places, treed cats and life long memories. Knowing that I was still had that unpunched tag in my pocket, our buddy had me back to finish what I started, a few more days hunting that hopefully would hopefully find us the right track that would lead us to a big Tom in tree with dogs below. Well we found our track and after a stellar performance by two exceptional hounds, we had a ring side seat to one of the best chases you could imagine, we finally meet Punch and POW POW at the base of big spruce with a mature tom treed way up high. Those two bitches really put on a show while running that cat. And what great cat he is. Thankful for so many things, the hounds, for great friendships , wild places and amazing animals that inhabit them . Here are few pictures a52699efb2dec7cfb3279dd5e7006f9a.jpg





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How high was he when you got a clean look for a shot??

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I waited about an hour before he moved into a position that I could slip a shot into his vitals. Unfortunately the tree he was in was very dense and he was high up, 35 feet or so. I had to move around and back farther to get an angle with a clear albeit very small window. We got a great video of it.
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Awesome Cat!!!
How was the hunt physically on your body? 

It’s difficult county but not too bad. About the same as an elk hunt. Though cats tend to tree in some pretty narly spots…there are times it’s a hard hike into and out from the tree. Packing about meat and the hide is no picnic but it’s no worse then anything else
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Biologist said it was a 5 or 6 year old lion. We checked him in and they took a tooth sample. I should be able to look it on the website after all the test come back

Yea it’s pretty cool. In Arizona, they plucked a tooth at checkin and then I got a little certificate card with the age several months later in the mail.

I had a beetle guy do the skull. Came out great

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