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2022 Wolc Journal

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1st turkey hunt of the spring for me, out back this morning.  I heard a total of (10) gobbles from what sounded like two different birds, both less than 200 yards away.  Those started about 5:40 and ended before 6:00.   

I tried a few yelps from my loud mouth call, and the first gobbler answered that with a gobble, then shut up.  The other one I heard was a little farther away, about 15 minutes after my calls.  Other than that,  just made a few clucks with my little wood push button call.  I heard two distant shots, just before 6:00. Nothing heard but a few series of “hen” yelps after 6:00.


It looks like this blind is needing some work.  I will need to cut a piece of 3/4” marine plywood, 2 ft wide and the length of my 870 to patch the floor of the lower (enclosed) level.   I will also need to clear away that downed ash and patch the upper deck wall up top with a piece of barnwood.



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I hit my parents place for a turkey hunt this morning.  No gobblers heard or seen, but I did call in a hen.   She started yelping about a minute after I blasted out a series of yelps with my loud mouth call, from just over a hundred yards away.  

At first, I thought it must have been another hunter, but it seemed like they were calling way too much.  Steady yelps, about one per second.  Then I saw her beeline right towards my hen decoy,  which was about 20 yards from my box blind.  

I was able to raise my 16 gage Ithaca, and get the 1.5X Weaver crosshairs on her at under 25 yards, but no beard so no shot.  It was a good trial run.  The decoy really gets their focus, and my movement in that blind, 8 ft in the air and less than 25 yards away, didn’t spook her at all.  

When she figured out that the decoy was “fake”, she walked away, still yelping steadily.  When she got about 100 yards away, I gave a few clucks with my little wood push button box call.  That turned her around and brought her back in.  Since I knew she was “beardless”, I raised my camera rather than my gun.  Once again, she did not get spooked at the motion.

This was my first extended, close encounter, with a wild turkey when hunting them.  Compared to a deer in close, this hen did not seem very bright.  

No “tastey” white meat collected this morning, but I did bring home a couple of face cords of fine cherry fire wood.





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I hunted our place a couple hours this morning for turkey.  I walked back about 5:30 and could hear a tom gobbling steadily.  It was coming from just off the sw corner, about where I heard one last Sunday morning.  

He gobbled steadily from about 5:30 until 6:15.  It sounded like he answered my first series of yelps, with my loud mouth call, but he never came in.  I heard at least one other gobbling, farther away and to the east.  

I will probably get back there again the Sunday after next.  My plan is to set up my pop up blind about 150 yards closer to where I heard him the last two weeks, and try from there.  

I set my decoy up this morning in a small clover plot behind some picked clean corn stalks. It looks like the deer have cleaned out all of the radishes and purple top turnips that I had next to it.  I never saw ground picked that clean. there was hardly a weed left in that dirt.  



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I finished up my spring plowing this afternoon.  I am cutting back this year for various reasons, including lack of free time, high fuel and fertilizer prices, and plenty of meat left in the freezers.  

Last year, I put in 4 acres of field corn and it lasted till March.  This year I will put in just 2 acres, fertilized at the same rate, and hope it lasts until January 2.   I am going to put in the same 1/2 acre of sweetcorn as I did last year (mostly for our consumption and to draw out the local  coons for eradication).  

I am going to at least triple my brassica plot acreage from last year, thanks to some free seed from a generous forum member.  

My old Ford 8n handled the 2 bottom plow almost as good with one loaded tire as it did with two last year.  Fortunately, the soil moisture content was just about perfect on most of the ground today, or it surely would have struggled more than it did.

 One of my original rear rims rusted thru last year, and I lost the calcium solution on the right (furrow) side.  I don’t know if it would have worked better or worse if the left (sod) side had leaked out instead. 

Hopefully, I can get that ground worked up, and the field corn panted, before Memorial Day weekend.  There nothing that comes remotely close to standing corn, for good deer hunting in December. 


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I disked up the corn plots this afternoon.  I am going to get fertilizer tomorrow, after a short turkey hunt. I am cutting back a bit, to try and keep my boneless venison cost down , after subtracting all input costs.  That means just (3) $22 50 lb bags of triple 15 this year.  It would be nice to get these planted before Memorial Day.  

I think I will also get some buckwheat seed tomorrow (I’d it’s cheap enough) and plant that on the two other spots that I disked up, where I had corn last year.  That will suppress the weeds over the summer, save me some fuel on tillage, and build up some organic matter in the soil.

 At the end of the summer, I will mow that buckwheat down, work up the soil again, and put in a wheat/clover mix.  

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9 hours ago, land 1 said:

buckwheat seed cheap not this year.... 

If I can get 50 pounds for less than $20, I’m in.  We will see in about an hour.   Otherwise, I’ll spend that much in gas, going over those spots with the drag a few more times this summer.

Gas is so much less expensive than diesel this year, that I am glad I still have my old Ford 8n tractor.  I can probably work foodplots cheaper with that, than I can with my modern, turbocharged, 4wd diesel.  

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On 5/20/2022 at 8:38 PM, land 1 said:

buckwheat seed cheap not this year.... 

Man, you ain’t kidding, they wanted $75 for 50 pounds this morning.  I gave the turkeys just an hour this morning, and made it to the seed/fertilizer place 10 minutes before they opened at 8 am.  

I dropped $100 there on 3 ($24 ) bags of triple 15 and some sweetcorn seed.  I managed to get my 2 acres of field corn in and about 1/3 acre of sweetcorn (fertilized at less than 50 pounds per acre).  I saved a bag of fertilizer for turnips in July.  


Hopefully, the rain we are getting now gets that corn going.  I didn’t have the ground disked up quite as well as I normally prefer, but looking at the forecast, today was my only chance of getting it in before Memorial Day. 

Things went pretty smooth today, except for a fertilizer hopper chain came off my corn planter once, and I noticed a broken spring tooth on my drag.  I always go over the fields with a drag / cultipacker combo (cultimulcher) prior to planting.

 A friend of mine said someone gave him a bunch of those spring teeth.  I will have to see if he will trade me one for some foodplot seed, which I have in great abundance this year (except for buckwheat).

I had to take a break from planting to load up another buddies truck with some barn beams. He paid me well for them.  Now I have some gas money that I can use to keep the weeds out of the fall plots with the drag, since I was too cheap to pay $75 for buckwheat seed this morning.  

I think buckwheat is way overrated as a food plot seed.  People just like using it because it has “buck” in the name.  They have no clue that don’t mean “buck” deer, it is from a German word for “black” I think.  What I don’t like about it is that it keeps resprouting until you get a real hard frost.

A fool and his money are soon parted however, an no doubt the food plotters will be lining up in droves, to fork over $75 each for those bags, because they think they will draw in the bucks.  


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