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  2. nyslowhand

    Shaking / buck fever..

    The opportunity to get that "rush" is what makes us get up at 4-5AM, sit in the stand all day or in the rain &/or snow - day after day, year after year! We can do all the text-book things to control buck fever, but if it ain't there to some degree - will we continue to hunt ourselves??? Takes a lot of encounters to be able to (semi-) control your adrenaline rush. What's helped me with mature buck encounters is to only take the initial rack/BB assessment view of the buck's body/rack. The proverbial shoot or not decision. Then I try to never look at the rack again and focus on the shot opportunity, yardage, shot placement and my breathing. Like others, once the shot is released and a good hit is seen, the waiting for the crash or visual downed BB within sight is when I begin the shaking! Meat hunters can probably control this better than those of us simply looking to harvest a mature buck, IDK...
  3. Rattler

    Life expectancy

    I recently learned of a friend's passing at the ripe old age of 82. It was a shock, since he was very healthy for his age. An infection from an injury took him out. The saddest part is, he was the primary contact for his mother, who is now 112 and still lives at home with nurse visitation, and wasn't able to come up from Florida for the funeral. He used to say his mother wakes every day wondering why God didn't take her during the night.
  4. Rattler

    Hunting Regs not available yet

    Update. i went to a local sporting goods store Friday morning to buy some Butler Creek flip open scope caps and a guy walks in with a bundle of hunting regs to put on the shelf. The owner told the guy "Thanks" and asked why they were so late. The man said there was an issue with the contractor who printed them. I took 2 from the store. When I got home, I found 2 were mailed from the state as well. So now I have plenty to spread around so I won't have to walk far to check one out. One stays home, one in the PC bag, one in the car and one for my friend.
  5. nyslowhand

    Hunting Regs not available yet

    Not sure where everyone is looking, but the on-line version of the 2019-20 hunting/trapping regs were available at least a couple weeks ago. Assuming the printed version was also available at that time. As of yesterday (8/23) when I bought my new licenses, the regs were available at town clerks office.
  6. Pygmy

    Shaking / buck fever..

    I assure you that a bull elk bugling a dozen times within 50 yards in close cover ( coming to your call) will get the adrenaline flowing...If it doesn't, you're dead... My one and only bull elk did exactly that..I shot him at about 15 yards with my muzzleloader...
  7. Hunter007

    A deer hunt in Staten Island may be coming soon.

    I agree, The only way is if it's a trangender or LGBT or what ever they call themselves now hunt . I have to agree no way they are letting normal hunting in that area unless they can tie it into some other liberal cause .. Like killing deer is good for climate change .
  8. DirtTime

    New Emblem.

    Now the MODS and Admins are jumping on the kiddy wagon and messing with people profiles? Seriously?
  9. DirtTime

    First Shot Daily Pics

    I'm really not feeling it this season, but I still have to make sure things are dialed in. I shot this video about a week and half ago shooting in my house at about 18 yards. It's not a first shot daily, but, no one really follows that anyway.
  10. wolc123

    Small Late Food Plot

    Most smaller disks lack "cleaners", which are small flat bars between the disks which remove the clumps and keep that space from clogging up. My 6.5 foot three-point disk does not have any, and I only use it when the soil is good and dry. My larger pull-type disk has the cleaners and it works ok even if the dirt is a little muddy. There is also no adjustment for "aggressiveness" on my small disk, but I can make it cut deeper by bolting one or two 200 pound steel plates on the back. My little Ford 8n can only only lift it with one of those.
  11. Hock3y24

    Shaking / buck fever..

    Used to get it bad, now i keep it together till after the shot, then a big adrenaline dump and one time had to sit down and hold onto me stand i was shaking so hard.
  12. grampy

    Shaking / buck fever..

    Happy to hear you're doing better Rob. Hopefully you'll do just fine when one comes in. After its down, you can sit down and take a deep breath! Shaking at that point is normal!!! Best of luck to ya out there this year.
  13. UWShunter

    A deer hunt in Staten Island may be coming soon.

    It will never happen! As stated before, our mayor, councilman Brannan who has a tattoo that says “meat is murder” & the majority of socialists & vegans on the City Council will make sure it never happens. It’s too bad, because City can generate good $ from tags & homeless can eat some healthy venison instead of KFC. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I have a 6 foot disc that I use to start my plots too. I’d like to see how yours is set up too. Sometimes mine grabs clumps of grass and clogs up the back discs. I might have it set to aggressive .
  15. crappyice

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Is that your shopping list in the last picture? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. DirtTime

    THE MAN OF MANY NAMES-- BY BILL S-8/22/2019.

    How old are you again Bill? Two pages of this horse s%$#?
  17. bruno1

    Preseason Trail Cam Pics

    He’s here everyday so I’m sure he’ll disappear day before the opener
  18. grampy

    THE MAN OF MANY NAMES-- BY BILL S-8/22/2019.

    175 acres of el primo hunting land huh??!!! Wonder what she'd think about an old, scarred up, stinky, balding, fat guy, in worn out work boots???? I got lots to offer!
  19. crappyice

    Campfire at home?

    Bitches Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. zag

    Logging Time

    Took a quick drive up tonight to see how it looks after another week of growth plus see if any seed germinated from re seeding last weekend. It's getting better, next yr I'm definitely seeding way more than they say you need.
  21. DirtTime

    Shaking / buck fever..

    I get it the longer I have to wait for a deer to either come into range or into a shooting lane. It seems the longer I wait the longer the adrenaline pumps. A few deer over the past few years have gotten a pass because of it. Recently, I developed Afib ( while not necessarily life threatening, it's very uncomfortable and scares the shit out of me ) , and though I am doing better, when my adrenaline get flowing fast I start shaking really bad. It's going to be a rough deer season for me. It all comes down to that first deer coming in while actually out deer hunting to see how my body reacts.
  22. Biz-R-OWorld

    Injured Bird of Prey

    Nah it was bad. I got video of it flapping around in circles. Hard to watch Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. The Jerkman

    Shaking / buck fever..

    What about atalattl? Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  24. Biz-R-OWorld

    THE MAN OF MANY NAMES-- BY BILL S-8/22/2019.

    Thank you!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. Biz-R-OWorld


    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. Steve D

    Preseason Trail Cam Pics

    Pulled a cam today that had been out for two weeks only to find the card was full after 6 days. Two days after I put it out a stupid vine drooped down and the camera proceeded to fire away. Still got a couple of "deere"pics but it sure gets boring going through vine pictures
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