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  2. I appreciate the input. I prefer to have tighter fitting clothes esp for bow season.
  3. I've watched CNN before ,I would arrest them too if I had the chance LOL
  4. Want to see the epitome of stupid police work? Watch the video today of them arresting a CNN news crew during a live broadcast including handcuffing all of them as the camera sat broadcasting. The sad part is there was not one with a brain on scene that intervened to what was going on.
  5. How about the weird video of the guy with the umbrella smashing the windows out of the auto zone while a peacefull protest is going on nearby?
  6. Not sure on sitka specifically but I just did research before buying new camo and the tight/athletic fit as they call is the trend amongst all the camo brands these days.
  7. This is like the Ebola thread- Way past it's prime!
  8. Should have bought KUIU? sorry, i can't help lol
  9. It would be cool to get another deer species. I missed a small coues in 2012 but would have been cool to say i shot a grey ghost
  10. Putting that type of stress on someones body can cause a heart attack or stroke, so in my mind the cop is just as guilty of excessive force that lead to the guys death. Of course the cops lawyers will try to twist and turn it all different ways to get him off the hook, but I tell you it won't work in this blatant case. He's going to prison.
  11. Well, Oliver Peter made his grand entrance last night, 7# 8oz, 19". Born on the same day as his 101 year old GG Grandmother, may he live that long and more! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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  13. That hunt was going to be my next AK hunt, when my divorce came along and screwed that up.....Hehehe.. The bucks have relatively small racks, but their beautiful capes more than make up for it...Definitely the prettiest deer species.. I have also heard that the meat is the very best venison of all the deer species... I'd love to do a boat hunt for them, but it's no longer an option at this stage of my life.. That would be a perfect hunt for you, Biz, with your passion for taxidermy...You could come home with a beautiful Sitka Blacktail, ( how many of your neighbors have one of THOSE mounted) plus 3 or 4 different species of beautiful, exotic North Pacific duck species ….In fact, if you pay my way, I'll come along to cook, cape and butcher your deer and sing to you in the evenings...I might even shoot a duck or two myself !!
  14. Yea, those blacktail hunts always looked interesting to me. You can stay on a boat and fish in between hunting or in a cabin. I think you get 2 or 3 buck tags. Seems like the most reasonable way these to hunt Alaska since you dont need a guide for them.
  15. I have recently purchased a few items from Sitka. I purchased an XXL fanatic Jacket, XXL Fanatic Hoody, XL Fanatic Lite Jacket. It seems the hoody is a little longer and baggy on me. The Fanatic jacket seems a little baggy (lot of room in sleeves and mid section) and the fanatic lite seems to fit but not sure if it’s too tight. I am 5’9 about 220 lbs. Any suggestions from anyone who owns these whether or not I should have Have a more tight fit on my jackets? And hoody? what are your thoughts as far how your cloths fit you? Specifically the Sitka gear brand
  16. In Alaska, nonresidents need a guide to hunt, grizzly, sheep, and I think goats....An exception is if you are hunting with an Alaska resident who is first degree of kinship, such as your sibling , your child or your parent..
  17. Mineral/Oil/Fracking rights included? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  18. I’ve done them all. And some hybrids. Where you pay to stay with someone for lodging and food, but hunt Stateland. Also where you pay a fee for land access to a property owner and hunt on your own- essentially a 4-5 day Lease. When it is fully guided, I prefer a 1 on 1 small/family type operation than the ones where 20 guys are in camp together. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  19. Everyone should hunt bull elk during the rut at least once.....
  20. Yup and Certain parts of other states as well. I believe the wildnerness areas of Wyoming for elk, for example. Certain places/species in Alaska as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  21. Nearly all of my hunts in Alaska and the lower 48 have been DIY...In most parts of Canada, non-residents are required by law to hire the services of a guide and/or outfitter to hunt most big game species..
  22. When I saw this I thought I used "there" in my post and wanted to jump in front of a train
  23. I would fish up top, Indian country/ barking dog. Gentlemen’s club. It’s a bit of a drive but it’s where the action has been. Water is freezing up there Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Man for an English teacher you really seem quite lazy when it comes to reading. I'd have figured you'd love reading I'm Surgical
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