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  1. I use the kitchenaid attachment for small batches. You just have to feed it small pieces and it's fine. Nice part is it cleans up so easy. For big jobs though I have a Weston. This time of year you can find good deals from them.
  2. Kenetrek Northern. Their not cheap but they are well built and the fit is great for a pac boot.
  3. Near Watkins Glen ..... Looking to have venison kielbasa, salami or pepperoni made .... maybe some other things. Any recommendations?
  4. Looks like a great set up! Where did you pick up the frame with straps?
  5. Nice deer Steve and a great job getting him. Congrats!!!!
  6. Any reviews on the Defender 850 yet?
  7. Glad I caught this thread. Just ordered 2 of these ladders plus a set of levelers.
  8. While your at it you may want to consider adding a transducer mounting plate. I added one just recently while upgrading my system. http://www.cabelas.com/product/Cabelas-Transducer-Mounting-Plates/701430.uts?productVariantId=1212857&WT.tsrc=PPC&WT.mc_id=BingPLA&WT.z_mc_id1=02684721&rid=20&gclid=CPnIyp7zjdUCFTm9swodEnoLvQ&gclsrc=ds
  9. Nice job ..... your a craftsman for sure.
  10. Has anyone heard if the use of rifles in Seneca County was voted in permanent?
  11. I actually like the grounder 250 set up better than the big mike from a window standpoint. They also make a 350. I shopped online for the last one I bought and found good value that way.
  12. I have several Barronett blinds (maker of the Big Mike). I'm very happy with them so far
  13. wow ......... can you imagine! Raise your hand if you'd be calling 911 http://www.msn.com/en-us/video/animals/coyotes-invade-michigan-mans-home/vi-AAlXhdf?ocid=spartandhp
  14. Thanks for the info. I found Linton Outdoors online yesterday. Looks good. Running good for size is important to me as some big name places aren't reliable that way for me. I'll be checking Mtn. Archery out today.
  15. Does anyone have any experience with Plythal or Kryptek hunting clothes?
  16. Thanks Joe! appreciate the input ..... I suspected that it was old but wasn't sure just how old
  17. A buddy of mine picked this stuffer up a few yrs. ago at a garage sale ..... think he payed $30.00 for it. We've used it a bunch of times and this thing is worth every penny plus. I'm kind of curious about how old this thing might be so I'm asking .... has anyone ever of heard of Butchers Mfg. Prod. of Newark N.J.? It's an 8 Qt. stuffer built like a tank. Heavy gears and cast frame/push plate, aluminum cylinder bin. We had to retro fit some stuffer tubes as the old ones are beat. One pic attached shows an emblem that is beat up pretty bad .... not sure what it says .
  18. OK ..... as I was getting ready to decide on a design to build a bench I find a listing on Ebay and to my surprise find my fingers pulling the trigger on this bench . Hope it was a good decision! Thanks for all the input!!!
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