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  1. Thanks guys !!! I appreciate in input/advise. Where is the best place to get Buckhorn 209? Some of the places I checked want a $30.00 hazardous materials charge to ship it and the local retail shops are backordered.
  2. I've been trying some different things to maximize the accuracy of my IMPACT. Anyone have a formula they might recommend?
  3. Truly do feel for you ..... Guess it's never a sure thing in those type of situations. Certainly says a lot about the land owner(s)
  4. I see Cabelas has the Browning Strike Force for $99. Has Anyone seen other good deals on Cameras?
  5. Nice story ...... Nice buck .... Congrats!
  6. You must take care of your loved ones!!!!!!
  7. You worked your Azz off. Congrat on a great deer!
  8. I'll chip in for Miley Cyrus's ticket
  9. Went through it myself a number of yrs. ago ...... Thoughts and prayers.
  10. Saw this in the latest issue of Deer & Deer Hunting. Don't recall ever hearing of them. https://www.shivershield.com/
  11. Phade .... you have a PM from me

  12. Does anyone know where there may be an update of how the DEC is doing with this? I couldn't find an update via their website.
  13. I had a misaligned peep on my mind at the time I joined the site ....... plus I tried several other variations that were either taken or for some reason the site didn't like. Dave
  14. My first compound was the Bear Whitetail Hunter ..... really liked that bow at the time and was successful with it. Not sure what happened to it.
  15. Leopold RX650 ...... had it a little over a year. It's been good so far.
  16. HHA optimizer lite sighted in at 25 yds ............
  17. Have an 8R to trade for an 8S
  18. I had a buddy that made a stand out of his mothers old ironing board. Of course back in the late 70's/early 80's ironing boards were like a surf board. No such thing as manufactured stands back in those days.
  19. I' m about to go to 4 Browning cams .......couple older ones and two from Phade
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