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  1. Worth going after for sure ...... good luck!
  2. I didn't read every comment on this post so forgive me if this was mentioned but when your on the bench what's your set up? Do the first couple shots hurt or does it take a bunch? I left my 06 behind yrs. ago for the same reason and went to the 243 as mentioned by so many here. But ... since that time I have found the caldwell lead sled allows me to stay on the bench longer because I'm not taking the beating. That way I get the gun ( rifle,shotgun,etc) where I want it. In most cases, out hunting, your not going to be taking a bunch of shots (hopefully) and if your confident from the time on the bench that's huge.
  3. Remington 30-06 pump ...... decent eight point that I had to track a bit.
  4. Just happen to have a couple skid steers and one is usually in the vicinity of where my bench will be set up. BTW .... nicely done and love the seat
  5. This is one I looked at just before the Holidays. Herters? ..... can't remember where at the moment. So it's good and sturdy? And a cup holder could be handy
  6. Thanks for the great responses and ideas guys! Looks like I'll be building one.
  7. Yea ...... those are quite popular up there. Do you use it?
  8. That is one sweet knife. I bought this one in Alaska 25 yrs. ago. Kind of similar. Just can't bring myself to getting it bloody!!
  9. I had that exact knife for yrs. Got it from a buddy of mine and really loved it. Started wearing it everyday and then one day I left it sitting where I was using it .... wherever that was cause I never found it. Still irks me that I did that. Haven't replaced it as I've got more knives than I need (yes ... I have a problem) so now I use several different ones.
  10. We used to slam the whole roll between two rocks. Sometimes they'd go off, other times we just smashed them beyond recognition and they were worthless. Imagine taking a roll of them to the school grounds today!
  11. I like the idea of wheels .... that probably has me leaning toward making my own. Thanks!
  12. I'm looking into either building or buying a shooting bench. I have a spot where I could do a somewhat permanent set up but being portable might be good too. I've looked at a bunch of plans on the internet and also several different manufactured benches (Caldwell, Herters). Any recommendations will be welcomed?
  13. For skinning we hang in the garage. I picked up a cheap chain falls from harbor freight several yrs. ago. It's set up in such a way that we can back the tail end of the truck in and hoist it right off the back. The garage is insulated so when the weather cooperates it holds the temp pretty good. This yr. though my buddy and I built a "cooler" off the back of his shop. We were able to get some left over SIPS panels from a job he was on. There 6 or 8 inch thick insulated wall panels and they comprise the walls and ceiling. On the inside it's lined with insulated aluminum garage door panels that we bought cheap. The space is cooled with an air conditioning unit which has a "cool-bot" attached to keep a more even temp. The whole set up performed perfectly this yr. https://www.storeitcold.com/meat/
  14. I'm in the process of improving my set up for meat processing at home. Over the past few yrs. I've acquired what I consider to be good quality equipment and recently installed a commercial size stainless steel sink in the basement where the laundry stuff is. Anyone care to share some pics/info of their set up for cutting meat and the equipment they use? Here's a picture of the sink plus my weston grinder, Cabelas meat mixer on the stainless work table.
  15. Best of both worlds ..... Beer and food. And the beers in the food. Happy New Year!!!!
  16. Stan Potts is the one that gets to me ..... along with the one's you mentioned. I do like Dean Partridge though .... Canadian Whitetails. He has a low keyed approach compared to the others and the deer up there are enormous. Still a lot of commercials though.
  17. I don't mean to hijack this thread but ..... IMO, who gives a Rats azzzzzz what the rich and famous do, especially when it comes to hunting and fishing
  18. I was told yrs. ago that cutting through the bone with a saw spreads a bit of marrow on the meat, especially a bandsaw, and the marrow will affect the taste of the meat. For that reason we always deboned. I don't know if it's true or not.
  19. Definitely sounds worthwhile. Can't get much more affordable than that. Good luck out there!
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