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  1. Look for them where the shade is.. Pines mixed hardwoods etc.. or near water swampy areas that will be cooler. Typically not open fields. I will only go the first couple hours and be done, I do not enjoy hunting in hot weather lol.
  2. Watched a doe give birth to a fawn yesterday.. about 50 yards off the road.
  3. I got a smokin deal on (3) Indian creek tubes brand new straight from the factory. So i went with 380, 385 and 390 so i can tinker with each! It also matches the Stevens 301 410 threads as well so i can tinker with that gun. I won that 301 410 in a raffle and pick that up tonight! As for the Full choke n my nieces gun, that's just a browning invector full.. winchoke is the same as winchester invector, browning invector etc.. Carlsons does have one but im not sure its any better than most factory full chokes. I have been looking at Ic, Jebs, Comp n Choke, and Rectifier choke tubes as well. but will probably stick with these IC chokes for now. Yea i kind of want to put one of the Indian creeks in my nieces gun to try it, but i dont have the shot trap setup to catch all the pellets
  4. So I had a couple 410s in the gun cabinet with modified barrels and no choke system in them. Also had a couple friends and a niece that had one as well. I knew they would make some nice little lightweight turkey guns, or a better small game/target guns. With a little know how and right equipment. I put threads in these guns to utilize the Winchoke thread pattern. I charged the friends equally what it cost me to acquire the tooling and i broke even(for the most part). I did drill and tap my nieces barrel and gift her a little reflex sight for her black synthetic 410 so she could enjoy shooting it more. I Wish I could do a trigger job on it, Maybe down the road, as that American Tactical Nomad is the worst trigger I've ever seen! Next year she turns twelve and can chase turkeys with me! The pattern picture on the diaper box posted is from her gun with just a Full choke installed, that way she can still shoot what she wants through it (other than slugs lol).. That's 35 yards with a handload of tungsten shot that I put together for my 410 turkey guns.. The "diaper in the middle is a 6" circle basically. I thought about putting out an ad maybe to thread 410 barrels and make a few dollars to support a great habit, but i also did not want to be held accountable by people I do not know.. Not for sake of the job and my name on it, But Bc you never know what people are capable of these days..
  5. These make great predator vests when daytime hunting from the ground! I got the tenzig turkey for about the same price or id be all over this!
  6. That's some serious numbers! I think you need a hunting ny name change with career #s like that! lol My numbers have become pretty weak since having kids, work and morning baseball tends to get in the way of spring time chess! Thanks. Chasing these older birds, just like mature whitetails.. really teaches you how they do things to survive if your willing to pay attention.
  7. ill have to try this thanks. first time iphone user lol
  8. Thanks, It is a pretty impressive bird no doubt!!
  9. Tapatalk doesn't seem to want to work anymore with my phone.. or actually its probably just me navigating it wrong lol.. Yesterday A.M. My first morning out.. (Found out how much Turkeys and Owls get along..) Got setup on a typical roost ridge, lucky for me there was a Tom there,2 minutes After a soft tree yelp, followed by fly down cackle and my hat flapping.. he pitched into my setup, 20 yards left, but no clear shot. I let him walk away with his hen as he was heading the direction i did not want him to go..so I sat quiet and I let him be to try a roost attempt in another day or two.. After checking the rest of that property for a tom that wanted to be play, and then another property, followed by 2 more other properties with zero luck..I decided to go get some work done, On my last attempt to strike a bird I figured I would try my 12 acre camp, and as I had a feeling might happen, I strike a bird, sounds like a good one at that.. I got around on him and started reeling him in.. Just as i can make him out coming through the woods at 75 yards.. an owl comes in fast and lands on a limb between us and let out some noises Ive never heard before staring in my direction with intent.. lol as well as the Tom's.. The owls approach quickly sent the Tom the other direction and he never made a peep the rest of the day.. I Gave my brother some MRI of the days adventures.. and he went in after the same Roost setup but not a bird was there, and the hill was silent minus light hen talk.. He packed up after a bit to find the bird the Owl bumped on me.. He found him in close to the same spot as I did.. Called him in to 40 steps and the gun went click.. he quickly racked a second shell only to hear that one go click also... By now the bird is alert and walks off quick.. He knew where he was headed and got around on him and sat quietly.. 20 minutes later.. the bird lost his soul.. 1.5" spurs 24# 10" Beard
  10. Mark up what you need and I can modify them for you boss man
  11. Nice work Brian! I knew you could tackle this! Did you try it out at all yet?
  12. Taken many of birds since legal age.. This is my favorite.. Doubled With my stepson 10 minutes south of Noon.. Chased these birds all morning.. Most of my hunting efforts are exhausted, only if I can take him, my brother or my grandfather in law out anymore.. I Could care less to kill another bird.. Though they taste so delicious!
  13. Thank you sir. I started one last night with just a rag and mineral spirits and they aren't as bad as I thought. They look terrible, but its not as far gone as I initially figured. And you're right, I don't want a brand new gun, I just want them cleaned up a tad and not looking like they came back up from the bottom of the lake. I have the Numrich catalog on my work bench at work. has to be a couple thousand pages deep. And i frequent the online catalog often. I will keep this in mind. Thank you! I'm not one for using special chemicals and removers to begin with. Old guns aren't supposed to look brand new. Most of the time anyways. Thanks again! Bryan
  14. The "humpback" has no model on it anywhere, Just the standard Remington stamping with the factory location and such, So I'm guessing its a model 11 as the google images look identical to it. There's also a sportsman 58 and an immaculate 1100 30" Full barrel 12ga as well. Then several 870 pumps and Model 37 Ithaca in 12 and 16 gauges.
  15. IT is pricey, But most peoples carbon arrow setups are even more expensive and they many time break after one harvest.. Theres no difference. And With Tungsten, you can trap the shot and re use it unlike Lead and others.. It is expensive no doubt, but extremely ethical, extremely devastating and versatile.. especially as this state will begin banning lead shots..
  16. I got sick with Covid right after making this post, and I have yet to check as today is my first day im really back on my feet a little. IT does have the humpback. When I get around today I will try to check it out. IT was my grandfathers uncles gun and i will say its certainly an older gun. Sorry for the delay.. its eating me up that there is a dozen old remingtons laying there, looking for attention and i have yet to give it to them lol..
  17. (most of)GunBroker Buds gun shop Rogers And many mom and pop custom ammo makers..
  18. There is a bunch of sites and companies that will ship to our door here. This is just one of the most common.
  19. Its really not, but like you said to make small bore guns stone cold killers with the use of smaller "not NY Legal" shot sizes.. and acheive the big bore patterns with lead. But one thing i notice especially with 8s, you will 99% of the time, never see them flap a wing after being hit. Bang, No Flop, Just Drop. Leaving it extremely ethical and efficient in many aspects. This also helps with those looking to get full body mounts done with their birds. Where Flapping for 5 minutes may ruin some feathers. Also, Those 8s are not getting stuck in breast meat like most all lead shot will.. Unless the range is extended.. Just some positives ive learned from loading them over the years.
  20. Thanks all. I greatly appreciate the advise. Feels great to have some family heir-looms added to the collection
  21. I willl check that out. Sounds great for all general use! Thank you!
  22. I agree completely. I'm not looking to make them look brand new, if it happens and they function and look good, great. But I'm ok with some defects or minor rust.. IT is an old gun. So i do follow and agree there. It just hurts, looking at a few of them as it almost looks like the stock and receiver are all one piece due to the color..
  23. Wish theyd start having better genetics around those parts..
  24. My grandfather passed back at Christmas time, and I recently inherited his arsenal, there are (4) Ranger 22s, several Remington 870s, 1100s, a VERY old Semi auto Remington and a few Ithaca Model 37s.. But the majority are quite rusty, from not being used and out of sight out of mind as my grandfather hasn't hunted or shot them in many years. The receivers and barrels on all of them are rust covered. I'd like to bring them back to life some, but have no clue where to start and how? So I want to ask you Gun Gurus the proper process or just a good process to clean these up some. They still function but i have not shot them.. Rather clean them up and replace seals first. They don't need ot be perfect but in better condition would be great. What would be a good process to do so? My intentions are asking my grandfather in law ( big gun guru as well) if he would have interest in cleaning these up in his free time. As I really don't have the time to tinker with them and cant pay the gun shop fees at the moment. I'm sure my GFather in law has a way he would clean them but would like to know some of your opinions or ideas/processes, So they don't get ruined beyond repair or even worse i should say.. Thanks in Advance..
  25. My rule of thumb is that I rely on electronics as little as possible.. i use that everywhere lol
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