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  1. With inflation and all, It wouldnt be a bad idea. but not many people are looking to buy in Fall, Sell it in Spring with better luck id imagine. But to get full or close to full price is going to be hard if a warranty isnt present or expired..
  2. She said if you are serious on a new camper, to give her a call and go through her and her store. She would certainly help and hook you up. I personally think your better off with new camper with the warranty. especially if financed, the rates are typically better on new vs used. Theres some things she explained to me that I cannot repeat cause it was a bit over my head, without seeing it on paper myself.. But she'd certainly help you out if you were interested. Call or go see her at Wilkins in Bath lol.
  3. I sprayed gly on a brand new "Kill PLot" on July 4th, and sprayed again on July 21 To kill off the rest and or new weeds.. I seeded into it and rolled in the seed. The standing vegetation wasnt dead enough to get the results I desired but this is more of an early experiment to see how easy it can be to get these seeds to pop.. But there is a tremendous amount of decomposing matter from previous years, this soil has to be in decent shape. holding a ton of moisture as well. The idea of a double spray or even a triple spray is it will kill of the vegetation and it slightly opens and exposes soil to allow the seed to contact, only requiring a little moisture for germination. A very easy process. There was heavy rain in the forecast for the week so I tried it.. IF it doesn't germinate I will till it all under with the tractor... Pic is from right after rainfall, will check in a week or two and make final decision. This was planted for my wife really as I placed a Muddy Ladder to the left of this pic, 10 yards off the plot. This plot has a big brassica blend as well, rutabaga, Turnips, Collards, Hybrid forage Brassica, Radish, with Balansa, Berseem and Crimson clovers too.. This will get an over seeding of a high Tonnage perennial blend in September/October and be converted to a perennial plot by Spring. Last few pics are what used to be my Murder Plot... Trying to teach my brother the ways of planting traditional and no till and hes "still learning" we'll say.. so instead of no till we lightly scratched this plot and seeded into it a hybrid forage brassica, collards and bulbs as well as some annual clovers.. Will also put Rye into it in September to convert back to no till next year.. Really cant wait to see these two kill plots.. They are put up in hopes my wife, and son and brothers GF can harvest from. Both located against a sanctuary on separate properties and about a 1/2-2/3 acre in size, Theyll also have a mock scrape setup to give a perfect 20 yard opportunity at both plots... These should double and be great spots for Spring Turkey action again too..
  4. No till is really so awesome. And so beneficial as well. Good work man!
  5. Yes sort of, She is Finance Manager. Also was Manager of Service Dept. I might be able to answer some questions for you or worse case relay them to her for you? They are pretty dang busy in terms of selling brand new Units, IF it were me I would certainly go with a brand new one. IDk about deals or incentives but the new ones are moving faster than the used ones are for sure.
  6. ITs so damn tempting. Plus they look like a typical riflescope too. We will see, The Hogster lineup is looking tempting as well.
  7. His Father Toby, Son Cash.. Both my pups.. Cash passed Wednesday night.. What a terrible week it has been..
  8. Ugh, This post hurts... I just lost my beagle pup to Parvo Wednesday night. I was really looking to hunt with him this winter..
  9. Yea that is what i heard as well. I'm not a fan of supporting that country either. My good buddy just got the Thermion XP50 Pro lrf.. delivers today. Would love to have it but idk if i can justify that price tag, I still only get out maybe a dozen times a year still.
  10. Theres a lot more out in the woods then people realize. And alot killed each and every year. The older they get the smarter they typically get. Also, many people tie in antler inches to age and that is not accurate. And each geographic location within this state is slightly different than the next.. I made a quick loop around the block the other night and i only saw one buck that was a 4.5+ but several that were probably 3.5s. I only traveled by a dozen or so fields and it was early yet. I own and lease near Amish land and we still see and harvest 4.5yr old bucks each year. They are there, but they aren't going to be where they dont want to be( where they dont feel safe or have what they need to live) Ive had the joys of following three different bucks over the last decade.. one disappeared around XMas time one year.. he was 10.5 years old .. another that was killed that same year on the same hill and he was 9.5yrs old.. Also, another that was killed this past year that i had a lot of history with that was 7.5 or 8.5 years old.. This hill is heavily hunted and many are brown its down guys.. These bucks are out there.. but again you wont find them where they dont feel safe and have what they need..
  11. What do you think of the AGM Rattler? Ive heard decent unit, but some bad customer service. So far my AGM TM25 has been good to me
  12. You can spray as long as you have an hour or so for the herbicide to set and take place.. most are typically rainproof in 45 minutes or less. Im doing a brand new half acre plot. Its grasses and ragweed.. I sprayed Gly July 4th and am spraying Gly and 2-4,d today for a final spray and will seed into it and roll before the next decent rain.. Also think I'm going to make a 10 yrd wide 100 yard long plot not too far away.. Same thing only this will get just 1 spray application. seed then roll
  13. Certain brassicas are fine to plant mid late July.. Any Brassica that produces a bulb you "Do Not" want to plant too early. Bigger is not better in terms of bulb size. Bigger leaf is good, bigger bulb no, when your trying to keep these plants palatable and preferred... The down fall of many these Food plot companies making these seed blends is they look and sound good. But most times you only really utilize half of the seed blend or less. Sugar beets need 120 days to hit maturity so you will get a little top growth, but they also dont like competition. The turnips will be ok, a tad early but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.. Especially depending on your geographic location.. parts of NY need to start planting late July, Others can wait until Mid August.. First frost varies 2-3 weeks across the state.. My Fall plots that mostly consist of just mostly brassica with no bulb and other annuals, will go in next week or two sometime when rain is present. the bulbs will go in First Week of August or when Rain is present in that time frame.. A present rainfall is better when getting seeds into the ground, vs a set date each year when conditions are dry like this year.. The best part when planting fall winter plots, is if they dont take off due to weather or whatever it is, you can overseed rye or wheat into them at 75-100lbs per acre mid september.. and still have good greenery
  14. The grains are annuals, they'll come back in spring.. you can let them go to seed.. good fawning cover and seed for turkeys. they'll die out in late June. Or you can no till a summer blend into them early June, broadcast, roll then spray..
  15. Awesome!! My wife works at Wilkins RV in Bath now.. she is allowed to "borrow" a used model of any kind up to 3x per year.. We cant wait to use one. Trying to get her into camping, and i think being able to "borrow" one for free (they even prep it and deliver it, pick it up and clean it when done) .. Bene waiting 10 years to get her into camping..
  16. I didnt see many on mine, but they need to be released again. My ancient crab apple 4' across at the trunk.. fell over this winter.. very sad. it put on thousands and thousands nearly every year.. The late dropping pears i planted a of couple years ago are loaded..
  17. Agreed, and in the long run.. more people will likely die as there is less "good guys" around carrying concealed in public. Its a total shame empty minded people can control like this.
  18. What's everyone using for Waterproof Hunting/Hiking boots? I bought a pair of Mid height Keens and as comfortable as they are, they certainly aren't waterproof.. Walking into a damp early morning field this spring.. my feet were soaked 10 steps in.. Not wanting to break the bank but.. curious as to what you guys are using.. the boot would double as an around the house work boot in summer months.. Thank in advance
  19. General rule of thumb with perennials(besides Alfalfa) is to not cut more than a 1/3 of the plants height. you really just want to top clip the plant, but mow back the weeds. a mowing would certainly do this plot good. Is that rye or wheat growing in your plot? Or grasses?
  20. Its so simple and so rewarding! Great work. I do this with my food plots and my garden at home every year!
  21. ID imagine it will.. People already have their permits and have proven they are good standing citizens. Theres groups already building lawsuits..
  22. The only thing i don't like about the pedestals is the big bulge on the opposite side of the deer's neck below Jaw line. I know they have a huge muscle developed there, but it just seems extra large on every pedestal I've seen.. Mine is the same way..
  23. I have two that make book and have zero desire to enter them. never even crossed my mind, The certified State scorer (a friend) asked if i wanted to.. Nope .. No thanks. Dont care for it. If others do, thats fine, their choice.
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