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  1. Thanks, Wish i could take credit but thats owed to my grandfather in law.. The bores of all the barrels were cleaned and polished as well. I am in the process of getting him around a Thank you gift. As it means a lot to me that he did this for me, as my life is hectic at the moment still lol.
  2. Sorry, Forgot to take pictures of eeveyrthing. I recently machined brackets that would hold two lawn mower blades per spindle in 90degree "X" patterns under the mower deck, yes 6 blades spinning at once... The bottom is a high lift blade and on top of that is gator blades to help cut the very thick lush back yard I have, that normally needs double cutting as i can only cut it once a week at most usually.. When all 6 of these blades are sharp.. the lawn looks so amazing. I got to use it last night for the first time, The cut is so clean and crisp its unreal. I'm also going to take this out back into my 1/2 acre perennial food plot of alfalfa clovers and weeds to see how it does. It should do pretty darn good. It eats stuff up and spreads it finely instead of clumps and all. Helps mowing wet grass too!

    My buck

    Looks great! congrats
  4. Guessing its a tow behind? Its not a sharpening issue. A bent axle will cause this, low tire pressure will cause this, bent blade will cause this, bad spindle bearings will cause this, deck adjustment all will cause this.. check each. Any play in your spindle bearings at all, replace them. they will make your cut get worse and worse. First of all id say you have a bent blade check those first. If so even slightly, buy new blades(full set), secondly check tire pressure, usually 10-15 lbs is all that's needed. Your bent axle can certainly make some of this issue. Then check your deck for level on a flat even paved surface.
  5. Remington 870 16 gauge & Remington model 58 12 gauge Remington 1100 12gauge & Remington Model 11 12 gauge Remington 22 Scoremaster 511 & Wards Western Field 22lr
  6. Hornell walmart has several dozen boxes of 30-06 on the shelf right now. Core lokt and deer season ammo. You can check buds gun shop, gun broker, target sports usa, outdoor limited there are others that will as well. Just read the descriptions on Gun broker, there are a couple dealers that wont ship to NY. But most will.
  7. Yes, in a fall blend the deer love it. I would use it again no doubt. just dont plant a monoculture of it. Utilize seed blends.
  8. Hope the deer and chucks leave them alone for them to establish for you. a plot saver or a cheap gallagher fence(runs on D batteries) will help you if you can swing it. I used to use irish spring soap and pie tins hung about 12-18" from the ground to deter deer. Worked great for a few years. I now use the Cheap Gallagher Fence system. Best of luck!
  9. I don't have the exacts of what happened, and I didn't want to ask and pry as the loss is still hard on the heart. With time I'm hoping it comes out. I know how hard it is discussing situations like this, as i lost my Dad suddenly and unexpectedly. I believe he was handling a handgun his father handed down, that was a bit on the wild side (extremely light trigger) I vaguely heard about this gun and it laid beside him on the floor when he was found. And all his other handguns laid out like he were cleaning them. Or possibly the gun was dropped and went off? Im not sure exactly. I dont suspect any intended gun play at all with him. He had an extreme desire to live and be free.
  10. Just wanted to remind everyone and hope and pray your safe in all your endeavors, especially with your firearms. I have a good friend and coworker who worked 45 years as a tool maker, and just retired 4 weeks ago. Succumbed the other day to an accidental gun shot. He was a Sportsman, a firearm guru well aware of all things evil, A Die hard of Christian Faith and went out of his way to help anyone in need, whether they were right or wrong. A simple mistake or the decision to skip a step in terms of safety.. its not worth it. Treat every gun as if it is loaded, Is the saying. I know there's reasons and excuses for everything, he should have, he shouldn't have. They're not needed here.. Most Accidents can be prevented. I Just want to make sure you all stay safe.. He had children and grandchildren he was building "Castles" for and making big plans for.. as most all of us do.. I dont have the answers.. and I guess I don't really need them.. This is a community of well rounded folks like he, and myself.. and we all play with the same fun and express our amendments.. Stay Safe.. Dont jeopardize your safety..
  11. There was a shooting in Charlseton on Wednesday night.. Guy open fired on a crowd at a graduation party with an AR.. Woman in the crowd legally carrying shot and killed the man before hurt anyone.. didnt hear about this on the news..
  12. I'm quite saddened that I've only been able to cut my lawn once back in Early April, and The fact that a manicured look will probably not happen this year.. not now anyways.. Life has got me pulled in all directions.. So I taught my wife to cut the lawn.. and she actually enjoys it.. except she makes more work for me, with her 100mph ways and fishtails!! Oh well, if it makes her Happy. Trying to not be a bat sh!t crazy lawn guy like i used to.. I even let the kids ride all over it, Theyre only young once right? That old Exmark still earns its keep.. 3400hrs on a 2003 all original Kohler 27hp 60". Just replaced coils, main seals and gaskets this spring. Zero complaints. Cuts amazing still.
  13. Plant a blend of field corn, sunflowers, Group 2-3 AG soybeans and Milo in the other 2 acres.. Without fertilizer.. Ears are ears in a wildlife food plot. Between the all 4 of those seeds, you should be able to pull some deer for sure, the blend should also pull attraction away from your monoculture corn plot..
  14. Take our billions budget for the CIA on these filthy politicians and put the protection in our schools where it belongs.. And sit back and watch the politicians begin changing the way they do business.. it will change fast.. America and its citizens first!
  15. There is a lot going on, Fishers are spreading their ranges, and yes there is lots of nest predators around due to little or zero trapping. I learned this year on a hunt that even owls are even an enemy of the turkey at night when their defenseless and during the day when they make their position known.. Turkeys are wanted in every direction. Then throw in a wet spring on a clutch or two that did hatch, survival drops more. When the hen stays on her nest all night long instead of a tree she's prone to predation.. The odds are not in favor for the birds.. and in low pop areas, they wont get better without our help.. Studies also show that if a hen doesn't have a successful hatch in the first couple years, she will typically never have a successful hatch. Ever notice hens nest in really obvious places? That's why, she doesn't know any better and predation is very likely to happen there.. she also typically stays in a small core area for several weeks until the poults can flee from danger .. meaning it really only takes a few acres to keep poults alive until old enough.. not hundreds of acres.. If we as sportsman can give better opportunity for these nesting hens to survive, by creating nesting and brooding habitat we are helping them survive and replenishing our future for the bird and our kids.. The state doesnt seem to be helping so we as sportsman and women should be doing our part where we can.. you cant wipe a population down during hunting season, not help them replenish and stay populated then complain about numbers and sightings in following seasons.. that's what makes one a sportsman.
  16. Way to go Bill! Good day for you and I, I filled tag #1 yesterday as well!
  17. All depend son the location it seems. I have three separate properties that we hunt regularly and one piece of it has pretty good numbers, but they aren't always there a couple stay and the rest make their rounds. Another property is literally zero, haven't heard but 1 mature bird and couple jakes. My camp property had a couple, we took one, and found the other yesterday.. but other than a couple jakes.. numbers are sure down. These properties are all within 4 miles or so.. and we will only take 1-2 birds on any of these properties for the next couple years.. The nests don't stand a chance, and the successful hatches don't have the best habitat to survive in either.. There really is a lot to it if you put in a little research. Usually only around 25% or less of the hen population will have a nest actually hatch, once they hatch the next 3 weeks are super critical for poult survival.. They require different habitat than the adults do, and especially deer. They have to survive avian predators, ground and nest predators as well us us humans and our pets.. they are on a struggle for sure. after all this your lucky to only have a hen or two that has poults, and then your lucky sometimes to only have a couple poults survive per hen by Fall.. Even in better populated areas a one bird limit would not be a bad idea.. Our future generation hunters count on this.. and The DEC doesn't seem to care much about it.. Go out west and the birds are literally everywhere!!
  18. He shouldnt a done that.. (1) 1-1/4" spur, and a jake nub on the other side 22# 9.5" beard
  19. Turkey gods shined down again yesterday.. Got setup on a known roost location.. and all was silent.. I waited until 6am since most birds lately have been very quiet. Got to a spot on a woods corner where if birds are in the fields they typically always pass this spot on their way through the property.. I get to that corner after crawling on my knees and there's a big Tom and three jakes strutting with two hens out eating in the fresh planted oat sprouts 100 yards out.. I setup into a down tree and made one soft yelp series to see if he would pay any attention and of course he didn't seem to.. So I sat watched them to see what their plan was before making my mind up, I'm in a good spot as most birds pass this corner.. well a few moments later 6 more jakes come out of the next corner and run across this field at the tom all full and half strut.. they get to him and the 9 total jakes start beating the snot out of this Tom, literally just whooping his a$$.. The Tom returning fight but is clearly out numbered.. I've seen these jakes several times now and they do seem like some territorial young punks.. They fought back and forth for 30 minutes drifting away and then back much closer.. Had them in range several times but I could never take a shot and only take 1 bird safely.. Finally they start drifting right around my corner.. the Jakes pushing the Tom right away from the hens, into my lap.. But I couldn't shoot.. These birds were on him like stink on chit.. after one last flog from a couple jakes, the tom took out away from them and quite a bit further from me, I hit him with a quick cut on a batwing diaphragm my buddy made me and he stopped and went to full strut then popped his head out .. and with it being my 2nd day out and probably last day in the woods.. I knew my pattern would wreak havoc.. at 57 steps the 20 gauge single shot with a handload of 1-5/8oz of 8s.. tipped him over like a tea kettle.. beak straight to the plowed dirt.. no flop.. the Jake punks immediately started stomping his butt again.. they let me walk up to about 5 yards in he plowed field before they started to slowly walk away. pretty neat. I'm Not a fan of long range shots but i knew what would happen.. Brand new shell i just put together late last week. Then around 730 we hit another property and got on another Tom with a hen.. made one call and they went the other direction silently.. found them about 600 yards to the south.. go around on them where we thought they were headed.. put my brother ahead and i stayed back.. Bird came in gobbling hot without his hen but i believe him and my brother made eye contact at the same time (within gun range) and the bird putted away.. OH well we can give him a break and go back after him next weekend.. I think at one point when he was silent and he was within range on our first setup, just couldn't hear or see him. as it was thick..
  20. Have you tried reaping with a fan? She might enjoy that! and it might be whats needed to get close.. just go slow.. Im about to try it this weekend lol
  21. Been looking to see everyone's harvests this spring. Was there never a thread made? Just curious, I do believe we need one if we don't have one already! My apologies if i missed it.. Use this one if need be lol.
  22. I use one, and love it. I just dont enjoy sitting in that heat and sun.. Not hunting anyways, get me home or on the boat and a cold one in my hand instead! lol
  23. Camera soaks are great. Just make sure you have a good trustworthy cam. I just pulled some cams that were put out last September.. I set them in spots i am hoping are going to achieve the desired goal.. And I love it when it all works out. I usually leave them out at least for the season intended, refresh re juice and put it back out for the next scouting season. My browning's all still have battery power that were put out before deer season. on alkaline batteries
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