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  1. Yep, turn them down. If you feel your setup is not "good enough" lowering bow poundage down and beefing up your arrow setup will achieve the same results or even better results.
  2. Id say hes a standard 1.5 yr old. You Can tell better from a side profile but, as far as headgear, hes at a typical 1.5 yr old growth rate..
  3. Happy Birthday Brian! I hope its a blessed day for you
  4. It seems most Toms have gone silent the last few years. The years of very plentiful birds have gone by us.. Without some state and landowner help the population is only going to get worse. Good Habitat is becoming non existent, Young Turkeys and young deer require different needs for survival. Most land owners work their property for better deer growing and hunting, and turkey hunting .. but not growing and raising turkey.. once a turkey makes it through winter #1 they can live and adapt (within reason). But they also have avian predators, ground predators and nest predators as well as hunting pressure and weather pressure in terms of possible wet bad springs for a young successful hatch. Turkeys have it the worst out of all game critters.. and receive zero help other than the selective sportsman or woman..
  5. Love it, nice work sir! Food plots are fun and addicting.. lol
  6. The annual clovers have taken off well. Three of the best nitrogen and tonnage producing clovers building soil for the fall crops.. and feeding wildlife galore! Turkeys and deer in it all day and night. 3ft tall in most spots. The balansa will get 6ft tall or long i should say lol since it doesnt have a stalk Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Winter peas and Radish will do good there! If you can throw in a Purple Top Turnip with it too! IT will be a great fall and Winter plot. The shot plot mixes make pretty good hidey hole "kill plot" style plots.! Cant wait to see more pics! You can always frost seed every plot every year. The clover will by early summer start pumping nitrogen into your soil for you. Will also be first green up in April and be a good turkey plot too! All wildlife will be in early green clover plots
  8. Sad part of planting annuals is they have a life cycle. If planted too early they mature and or Bolt.. and become non preferred when you want them to be preferred... Sorry my apologies, I didnt realize you cant spray. If thats the case, the best way to control weeds is disking a couple times, like once ten wait 10-14 days and disk again prep seed bed and plant same day. Once your soil is prepared seed must go on it right after, and hopefully you can time it right with rain coming very soon. Not letting the present weed seeds in the soil to germinate before your seeds can. Do you know what you are planting?
  9. Not to be one of those guys but, Why limit us to only one option of power? That sounds like a recipe for failure to me.. Your mining materials to "Make" batteries.. I hear the mining operation is quite the process. When piping oil.. you "break down" the petroleum and in short terms have gasoline.. Why not just have the "option" to utilize EV and or gas / diesel products? OR is there more to it? When the people of power push towards a mono supply of power, literally only 1 type of energy available, for EVERYTHING, that is certainly a setup for disaster, or is it the plan for a desired result?... Where's the back up plan if this fails (which it will) not sure how you can store that much Electric power when storms roll through and ruin plans. Im not against EV, but like the vaccine, its being forced upon.. which is wrong. Is it really for future environmental purposes? Is it for controlling purposes and controlling power grids across the country? The power that everything we will own in 15 years will run on? Sounds like a bag of trash to me! What do we do when storms shut electricity down for hours, days, weeks etc... There is no way you can store that much electricity to power vehicles, to power communities(since that's the direction this state is heading) when the power goes out.. not when EVERYTHING is Electricity dependent.. What about the rets of the world? Isn't there countries that don't even have Catalytic converters on their engines? and more, I get it, we cant control other countries.. Yea sure id imagine they are a smaller population.. but each scenario holds different weight upon terms of pollution. Compare the operation it takes to extract these minerals and petroleum's to make our current and future powers, then compare everything to the end product of refilling or recharging.. or replacing, The entire process. From very beginning to very end.. What if EV totally fails? Or The entire electric power grid for our homes and communities fails? Factories, cities, Supply Stations etc.. I need answers also.. Bc Im not being forced into anything without pure facts first.. This doesn't sound like a direction we should be heading, or even considering in times like this.. Get this country squared around and then experiment and offer options, not enforcing agendas.. The people in power should be concerned for American Citizen Morale, ease of life, our futures, our children and grand children.. And they clearly are not concerned for any of that. Every day people are stretched thinner and thinner, having to work more, pick up extra jobs, wonder where there 401k went, cant save the same, If The president is truly for the American people, he would make sure we felt safer at home, we didn't have to wake up and worry.. supposed to be easier to live.. This is America.. Sorry Rant over, you got me heated up for a moment
  10. On all your plots you should consider soil building blends for spring and summer seasons.. These soil builder blends will build your soil up for future plantings and feed wildlife while they are growing. Then terminate them for your fall plots. Depending on size and location there's many ways to get deer to come feast.. I certainly recommend not planting monoculture plantings. If you pick turnips, add a couple other brassicas, like winfred, radish, maybe an annual clover, Rutabaga etc.. It will make your plots more desirable. you can mix it up slightly with each plot. These blends are a buffet, and who doesn't like a buffet? Offer them as much as you can so you can pull deer from the neighbors. These blends also offer different nutrients for your soils, promoting each others growth and as well as the following planting seasons growth too. Monocultures can deplete your soils of certain nutrients fast. Depending on size and shape, Perennial Blends of clovers, chicory, alfalfa or plantains are great options. Clovers go dormant in hot summer days, added chicory will keep your plot greener and more attractive. Alfalfa will help it be preferred in summer months and colder fall days. Chicory has a longer tap root and wont go dormant in drought, as it gets nutrients from down deep.. Seed Blends will make your plots much more desirable, and soil more healthy rather than one seed species unless your planting soybeans or corn or what not and with those you need a few acres to get results from them.. They work good mixed together as well. Best of luck. Reach out if you need ideas! Strip plantings can put deer right where you want them as well!
  11. Disking for a month before you plant is terrible planting practice. Yes it is a way to keep weeds at bay but its not healthy at all. Leaving your soil disked, dead, not growing anything and exposed to sun in the hottest months is not healthy. it literally beats your soil down. Its not difficult to grow tiny little food plot seeds. Its Up to you obviously, but regardless your seeds will grow when moisture is present, but the sun beating down on bare soil will suck moisture out so fast and deplete your soils of its goods. You can leave your soil alone and just keep the area mowed down until ready to spray and plant. you can pack your seed on top of your dead sprayed vegetation and a rain will germinate those seeds. No different than the wet paper towel trick.. At worst you can spray it and leave it dead, if you'd like, then spray once before planting.. I certainly wouldn't go scratching your soils yet because you have free time.. You'll turn the dirt to dust fast with hot summer days. You rely more on "more needed" moisture by doing this and we all know moisture isnt always present late July into August.. Just a thought. Many ways to plant food plots.
  12. Just inherited this in 12ga.. This is tempting!
  13. Typically yes. But it depends on what seeds you want to plant. Soybeans are still being planted, the right maturity group will result bean pods for fall winter. Sugar Beets are being planted but much harder to maintain, with drought and weeds etc.. But for your typical fall annual seed blends.. Your looking at Late July early August time frame. Unless in Adirondacks
  14. The world certainly isn't the same as it was in 2014 that's for sure. People have to work more to make ends meet, people are protecting themselves from random strangers online. Protecting personal assets/properties from some of these "Lurkers" cause we all know there's a few that just lurk on here or (these type of pages in general) and then put boots on the ground where they don't belong etc.. type stuff. America isn't the same way it used to be. ITs sad. I've changed the ways i do things on social media but felt this page was more of a secure one i can post about and not have to worry about a random neighbor or scumbag just "creeping, following members and their hunting areas". And I say this because i have been victim to this recently.. A lot has changed, and some good members who felt the odds were against them have left, crazy or not, a wealth of information used to be shared here, amongst many topics across the board.. and whether its keyboard warriors or what have you, folks dont feel like sharing anymore. I've noticed a big change here as well... But as many say.. Life changes and usually life goes on.. I used to give alot of Land Management advice on here, especially cheap simple effective ways to accomplish things for those budget minded folk like myself. Not many interact here like they used to.. I only get on here when im on lunch at work or taking a break.. My life is too busy at home to do much anything here.. Idk.. a lot has changed in 8 years, I think thats when i joined also..
  15. Took a portion of the field behind my house that I planted in a perennial blend of clovers and alfalfa for the deer last year, and mowed it down with the bracket for dual set of blades per spindle. About 1/2 acre in 20 minutes. Knocked 80% down in one pass. One more additional pass at 90degrees. Looks like a lawn now lol Then cut my lawn quick afterwards.
  16. im in the same boat with everything i do as well..
  17. If you were closer id fix it for you. Looks like you need a good welder or fab shop. You can have a bushing that the axle slip fits perfectly into, welded at the same location. OR it can be welded and re machined(drilled and reamed) .. A bushing press fit in and welded to it would be ideal.
  18. I threaded some 410 barrels for win invector style chokes a month or so ago. I really enjoy gun smithing Drilled and tapped several shotguns and rifles for scope and red dot bases
  19. Never heard of bronze wool i will certainly be looking for some. Thank you!
  20. https://www.ballard-inc.com/product/x-blade-xbe/ Same idea. I just made my own and made it stronger.
  21. Remove wheel and then remove axle, If you cant find a part number for axle, measure it and replace it. Tractor supply or Northern Tool may have one. Or order online by measurements taken. But also check to make sure its not the axle frame, where the axle gets attached to may be bent. Or if the through hole for the axle is oblonged. Something is very bent there and certainly not normal wear. IF its the area where axle gets attached, a local machine shop could fix all that for you if you feel you cant do it yourself. seems like a pretty simple fix.
  22. I still have a Model 37 Ithaca 16ga and another Remington 870 12ga and a couple more old 22s to get cleaned up as well.
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