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  1. Havent taken pics but the garden is producing it sbest its ever done in the 4 years weve been here. Zukes out the ace, cucumbers struggling, corn is popping good, tomatoes are huge and the cherry tomatoes are by the hundreds/thougsands. Peppers doing good, accidentally fell into one plant and messed it up good. so i pulled it. lol. Going to put some turnips in this week, as well as new cukes, carrots, Lettuce and cilantro.
  2. Your probably best bet is Massey right there in Hornell. Or Kubota up in Atlanta. I would avoid NEW Holland as many of their new tractors are having electrical issues, even after "repaired".. And the John deere have a couple models that require attention as well. But the Massey is a great tractor and local!
  3. It must be done when they start eating them early. I find the closer these plots are to bedding areas the harder they hit them earlier in their grow cycle. Also watch for your woodchucks, they can still get in and put a real hurting on your plot as well. I may have to break out my electric fence on a plot I have, last time i planted it with a fall blend the deer wiped it out quick.
  4. Not sure if mentioned before, But I use Farm logs to keep track of rainfall. IT is a great app you can keep tabs on moisture and soils your working with. I don't do anything with it more than just keeping tabs on rainfall that hit the exact field you are working. But it is neat if any of you want to check it out. Have used it for about 6 years now.
  5. I have 7 plots spread across about 10 miles apart... The furthest south plot got .1" inches last thursday and the northern ones nothing.. Friday The northern most plots got .8" inches and the southern most got zero.. We need a day soaker asap for sure. at least the temps are going to cool down a bit.
  6. Good group to be in in terms of plots and habitat work. ITs a different type of rewarding vs tracking your bucks. Probably much easier I would imagine too lol
  7. If it helps you or gives you hope, I have taken a growing meadow of grasses, natives and golden rod and seeded soybeans, peas and sunflowers into.. And simply rolled them into the green growing vegetation.. Germination was less than normal but.. there was plenty of seed growing right in through the native growing browse. It was great.. Gives protection too until the planted seeds start outgrowing the rest..
  8. Beat up that soil as best you can! Keep us posted!
  9. Clover(perennial blends are best planted in Fall. Weeds are not growing anymore so this relieves weed competition. These legumes grow slow as they build roots first followed by top growth. They should be planted with a nurse crop like a grain of Wheat or Rye as it will stay green well into winter and be green in early April by Spring. These grains will re grow in Spring still acting as a nurse crop as the clovers really begin to take off. A simple high mowing of these grains in May or June will release a beautiful clover plot if seeded properly. Fall time is literally the best time to plant Clover/Perennial blends. No weed competition, Grasses have really slowed down as well, Cooler more moist soils.
  10. They will certainly germinate with incoming rains. What seeds did you use again?
  11. Got i believe my last plot in on Tuesday. I turned a long wide overgrown Logging road into what will be a perennial plot. I used Spring triticale, Oats, heavy dose of annual and perennial clovers and some Kale.. Will frost seed this in winter. May have to leaf blow it this fall to achieve perennial results. The logging road is about 225 yrds long and looks great.. Hoping this makes a phenomenal Turkey spot in Spring more than anything.. But this block of woods is loaded with doe groups. Have to check a very messy plot i tried after the next few days of rain and assess the scenario.. May mow it and till it and re seed it. Hoping some decent rains come through and those tiny seeds should pop easily Its great to have my little diesel sub compact back..
  12. Drill your brassicas/bulbs. but as far as Rye and Clovers go.. They should go in September. Clover wont do anything this fall, but in spring will take off. The Rye and clover will compete with your brassicas and stunt their growth. Unless you thin out your seed ratios. IMO, brassicas now. Seed your rye and Clovers in mid to late September. There's no reason really to plant Rye now. Its more of a cover crop and green food source and should be around the 6" height going into Winter..
  13. If your trying to establish fall plots, you'll have to start with adding a Rye or Wheat to your fall plots.. When these grow back in the spring time.. You'll want to seed into these plots in early-mid June, then mow them down over the freshly spread seeds. Here is where you'd want to spread buckwheat as your summer crop. You'd then after 6 weeks or so, want to spread your fall blend into it and to terminate that with a mower or roller(isnt 100% without GLY) after you spread your fall seeds into it. This is the type of rotation you'd have to get into to eliminate spray and tilling. And without a total kill off you'll combat some weeds with every planting. but if you can time your rains and your seeds as they mature to terminate for your next planting. you can make it work if mother nature does her part. Or stick with a heavy till each time. You can get cheaper used small farm cultivators on craigslist or estate sales. Or invest into a decent atv drag of some sort and if you till once, till again in a couple weeks, and again a couple weeks later you can stay ahead of weeds.. but its really not good in terms of soil health.
  14. IT works great, but spray is a must or your vegetation will come back and take over your plot. :/ But otherwise yes it will work. If you get the right seed blends in the dirt you can do this without spray. Whether mowing it down or rolling/crimping it..
  15. Its still just as important. Soil tests are a must if you want top notch results. and If you have the funds and time to do as they require you to, to get your soil up to par. I don't and I'm cheap so lol. Strictly planting no till, and using good seed BLENDS you will create Organic matter fast and that is natural fertilizer and works in place of fert. Your also not destroying the biology and livingness in the soil when you till soil. Seed blends with bulbs, grains, annual clovers and such will produce phenomenal soil in a quick matter of time. Roll it down over top of your new seed and spray with gly.. or crimp if you can time it right.
  16. I have the same one as well. Definitely have to do circles to get aggressive. Just keep an eye on your bearings it will eat them up doing circles. I like to add weight on mine and just zig zag your way down and back.. just to lightly scuff up the soil.
  17. If its just a "laying" Layer of cut grasses you can seed into it with ease. a steady rain will push any seed that didnt fall to the ground. Seed and run your cultipack over it before you leave. You can also do a light till or drag if need be but that layer is actually good for your soil. ITs protecting it and it will also protect your seeds as well as hold moisture in when its present. Several ways to go about this. Just depends on your available time and desire.. lol. You dont need a tilled bed of soil to plant tiny little seeds. Just remember that. Bene doing "half a44ed or Poor mans" plots for years. As well as conventional tilling or disking.. IT all works the same
  18. Yea I hate snakes too especially these water snakes.. Theyre aggressive and have kept me from swimming in several natural water sources lol. Nothing more eerie feeling than swimming and seeing one directly over your head on the sunning bank.. or swim between your legs. Nope nope nope lol
  19. I help run a Poor Mans No Till Food plot page on the Facebook.. So i thought id share here since a couple people have tried using no till broadcast methods. We did a trial last year on our no till page in planter pots, about spray on exposed seeds, and thatch covered seeds etc. People were saying they were getting terrible results with trying no till practices. And we were getting baffled on how.. As long as moisture is present now and in the future. It works in most all soils.. We learned if you put too much spray down at once, it will begin the germination process, but also sucks the gly/chemical into the new sprout and kills it.. By keeping the spray to a mist(like normal) you should be golden. Not giving the seed enough water to pop. Luckily the dead matter in no till practice covers the seed and protects them well.. People along with Jeff Sturgis say you can spray the seed and it wont effect it. Well in reality it doesnt, but if you apply too much it sure does, due to enough moisture from water chemical mix.. the seed starts doing its thing and your left with a lower germination rate.. Cell 1 Thrived Cell 2 Had basically zero germination Cell 3 Had near great germination but slightly less than cell 1 Cell 4 Had great germination like cell 1 Cell 5 had a slightly lower germination rate but plenty good for food plotting. Cell 6 as you expect grew as it should.. I cant seem to find the result photo. But kinda neat, thought id share... I know some people try to avoid using spray and with the right practices and seed blends while using these methods it can be achieved. But you have to be dedicated to the plot and results as well, and keep planting seasons rotating...
  20. You'd either have to roll the heck out of it with a heavy roller or utilize a crimper. Otherwise spray is needed unless you want volunteers or this to stand back up.
  21. We got another one in last night, anticipating the rain that's coming today and next week. Another long skinny kill plot about 1/2 acre. Planted with Triticale, a couple annual clovers, perennial clovers, some Hybrid forage Brassica, Collards and Turnips.. Planting these a tad early in hopes to get some growth from the annual clovers. This is close to our cabin, but always produces does harvest opportunities and in the Rut, the bucks are there. Decent cover all around this leaves it pretty well secluded. We did a minimum till to create light soil exposure, and sprayed it a couple days earlier. Due to the heavy rock and weed pressure from a let go perennial plot. No till was going to be too risky here as dry as its been without picking these rocks..
  22. I would say chances are slim but anything is possible. Just bc he's not on cam doesn't mean he is not there more often either. If youd like to harvest him, id focus on the areas he is traveling during day and spend some time there. Have what's available as far as decent bear foods like berries and such and your chances will get higher.. The same bears travel through my place in 8p but not on a regular basis. Our woods are more of a travel corridor for these roamers but they eventually come back through. Have had a couple different cinnamons on cam several times in one year and back to back years.... and as mentioned above, unless baiting or having a natural bear buffet available.. its hard to pattern a bear..
  23. I totally get it, best of luck to you.
  24. The Murder plot.. is my slice of heaven. Handing it down to my new generation of hunters lol. But no, certainly the same thing! lol
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