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Bushnell trophy xlt

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I had a weaver grand slam go bad so it was sent in for repair a few years ago. A new bushnell trophy xlt was sent two days later on my doorstep. I wasn't happy at all with Vista outdoors ( several phone calls were made  ),  a 500 doller scope was sent in and 99 doller scope was sent back for replacement. 

That said this bushnell has performed flawlessly on my .50 NEF heritage ML shooting stout 460gr conicals with 80 to 100gr charges going on a couple years now . Clarity is comparable to my nikons . I like the eye relief and FOV. No issues with fog or moisture and tracking is true .  I know we all say / think we need to spend big bucks on optics but I'll tell ya this $99.00 bushnell trophy is impressive.  I wouldn't hesitate to buy another or recommend it . Just passing my evaluation on.

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These days it is almost impossible to keep up with optics companies, their owners and scope-optic lines are ever changing. Bushnell was once a leader in hunting-spotting scopes and across the board optics, I have four Bushnell  Binoculars and have several of their rifle scopes along with a laser rangefinder that perform perfectly fine from years ago when they were their own company and made from high quality Japanese optics.

They have since been bought up by large conglomerates along with the old main stays like Weaver Tasco and Simmons scope lines.

Simmons was another scope company when first started were made from high quality optics in Japan. The owner and starter of the Simmons company "Ernie Simmons" was determined to manufacture scopes that could compare with any and those early Simmons scopes were pretty darn good, I have several from that era. Ernie is long gone and the Simmons name was bought up being used to market scopes that cost a fraction of what those early Japanese models cost. What kind of quality they are today I do not know.

Glad to see that Sbuff's Bushnell is working out fine for him.


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Swift optics is a good budget price scope. I bought one back 30 years ago.  Couldn't afford the leupold I wanted . Actually pretty clear and performed  perfectly for over 20 years . Ran it on a 54 caliber inline ,12guage Ithaca deer slayer, remington 760 30/06. Finally gave up the ghost on a 270 encore. Called them on a Monday before gun season . Had a brand new one  on the door step in 2 days .... no charge . Return mailer no charge . New one is just as good as the old one . Has been on the 270 for better part of 10 years now . And they are  American  made.

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The Trophy XLT is a wildly underrated scope. It's lost alot of popularity due to the downgrade in the vertical stack of companies for optics. I have at least four on MZ, 20g, and modern 243 / 350 L. 

I would pay DOUBLE maybe even TRIPLE if I could find the DOA 200 3-9x40 for my back up 20g. They stopped making them and that is a travesty. IMO they BLEW OUT OF THE WATER the Nikon.

I found a Nikon new in box last year in a shop collecting dust. I prefer the XLT. Tossed the Nikon up on eBay and it sold for more than $500...3.5X the original cost.

If I can't find one I will end up with the Burris.

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48 minutes ago, phade said:

The Trophy XLT is a wildly underrated scope.

That whole generation of Bushnell scopes is underrated IMO.  The Elite series are as good as any scope I need for hunting in the Eastern US.  I can see it might fall short in the wide open of the West.

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