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Wine and Booze - aka Saving the Beer thread


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This looks like a contender for the GF s drink for this summer. She picks a new one every year.  Tonites a try out. She loves the blood orange.  So going with blood orange coke, a shot of capt and a shot of orange Curacao.  Whats the worst that could happen. Don't know what to call it though.......


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This 2013 Frank Family Reserve cabernet was outstanding.  Let it decant for 30 minutes then enjoy.  We started with the non-reserve 2013 which is a bit smoother feel, but everyone agreed the Reserve was the best.  Put these on your buy list. :good:


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Classy cup huh ?! One ice cube and buckfart honeydew whisky clocking in at 120 proof.  Smooth as could ever be. This was a share with hot neighbor ( female btw ) and have shared with a few forum members.  Amazing is consensus 

No pics of the hot neighbor?

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