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On 11/13/2018 at 8:56 PM, rob-c said:

Nice, how about a photo ? 

M&P R8 (basically a S&W with a few tweaks here and there).  I also just picked up a Diamond D Custom chest holster custom fitted for the pistol; very pricey as hostlers go, but after trudging around with this revolver on my waist for a few tracks, I think a well-made chest holster is worth every penny.


Already shot this thing a few times at the range.  The action and trigger was tuned by the S&W performance center.  The DA trigger pull is, well, a weighty DA trigger pull but still decent and predictable.  The SA pull is very crisp and allows for very good shots.  As far as revolvers go, this thing shoots very well.  Love it so far, especially since I can pick a few boxes of .38 special on the cheap for practice.




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1 hour ago, greensider said:

I took my raging bull 44 mag bear hunting 245 grain bullets I will never hunt bear with it again simply not enough gun I put a couple shots right behind shoulder still had to chase him through the laural and finish him

I doubt it was the fault of the chambering. 

Maybe shot placement, bullet or will to live kept your bear alive longer than you expected?

I probably missed it; have you posted the rest of the story?

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I took my raging bull 44 mag bear hunting 245 grain bullets I will never hunt bear with it again simply not enough gun I put a couple shots right behind shoulder still had to chase him through the laural and finish him

Pistol cartridges are inherently limited when it comes to lethality. You don’t have as much leeway with shot placement as you do with a conventional rifle cartridge.

With that said, I’m using my .357 mag to track and dispatch wounded game, not hunt healthy animals.

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