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Vintage Hunting Photos (Good Old Days)


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14 hours ago, airedale said:

Hey Gunner your Grand Dad's hunting attire and boots were what was in back in those days, pants tucked into your tall boots was common. Many of the photos in this thread show hunters dressed similar.

Notice his old car had an actual "trunk" in the rear, can see where the trunk term originated.


I'm pretty sure that's a Ford model A .

My dad would talk about riding in it .

Never heard about the trunk term.

Kool thanks!



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1 hour ago, airedale said:

Don't know the story of this photo but if it is what it appears to be I have to commend that young fellow for getting it done the hard way.


Mike Snapp and his bow buck taken in Florida as a youngster. Proud traditional bowhunter circa 1967.

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 Vermont 1962   My Grandfather on the left and my Father on the right holding the S+W 357 . That was a 6pt buck my father shot with that pistol . He was hunting with his " Trusty " Winchester Model 100 semi auto and came up over a knoll and saw this buck browsing on acorns at about 25 yards . Took aim and the rifle wouldn't fire. He dropped down out of sight to eject the shell and the bolt wouldn't pull back . So he took out the " cannon " and looked over the knoll with the buck staring at him and dropped it right there. I was 6 years old then . But If I remember right , the bolt never closed all the way because the bullet had a crimp in the casing and was warped . and jammed going into the chamber. My Grandfather passed away in 1999 and my Dad passed away in 2016 . When I'm deer hunting I always carry something of theirs with me in their honor as my mentors to feel like we are all still hunting together .



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Unfortunately its not in the family anymore . I actually traded it in years ago along with a couple other guns that I had no use for to buy a new Remington 1187 20ga rifled barrel slug gun with a red dot site for my youngest son , and a new Browning Silver 12ga rifled barrel slug gun for me.

I dont remember the model number but it had a 10 or 12 inch blued barrel .  My Dad had a long holster strapped to the side of his leg . His hunting buddies would make fun of that thing . They are the ones that named it " The Cannon " . They would kid him and say he was carrying  2 rifles in the woods . LOL

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On 4/5/2023 at 10:33 AM, SportsmanNH said:

 Vermont 1962   My Grandfather on the left and my Father on the right holding the S+W 357 . That was a 6pt buck my father shot with that pistol 

Great picture and story. Nice family memory from a time before electronics, all day sits in elevated treestands and all the other modern day gadgets.

That buck or any buck was something to be proud of back in the day and should be celebrated even today. Thanks for posting.

PS - Also thanks to Antlers for posting. I love seeing family hunting pictures. 



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