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The New Traditions Nitrofire Firestick Muzzle Loaders ( No Breech Plug ) )

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Have you guys seen the new style muzzle loader from Traditions ? Thought I would post this article since there is another thread about greasing the breech plug. This muzzle loader doesn't have a breech plug. You slide just the bullet down the barrel that has a built in stop down the barrel. Then load the powder charge just like a single shot centerfire rifle. According to the article this is now a legal muzzle loader in at least 30 states and gaining momentum . Im sure all the other brand name manufactures will make a model to  to utilize the FireStick .



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Legality will hinge on how each state words it's definition of what constitutes a ML.  If it includes anything about the propellant being loaded from the muzzle it will be illegal until the legal definition is reworded.  When BP substitute first came out it was not legal for hunting in some states because their legal definition of a ML used the words "black powder" without the words "or equivalent".

The other challenge I see is that if this doesn't "catch on", these FireSticks will be like the Knight discs.


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