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Hochul to address gun violence

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Tell me about these jobs, their description, and what experience or education is required.

That's an awful lot of money going to somebody.

Maybe an interupter is the person that stands between the people shooting and the victims, you know like a bullet sponge.

"Additional awards to hire new outreach workers and interrupters will be made in the coming weeks. "

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This will turn out to be a $237 million failure and they will scream it would have worked if they had thrown more money at it.  I predict it will become another billion dollar waste of tax money on a naive program that understands nothing about the problem.

Meanwhile, responsible gun owners will be made scapegoats for this failed program and forced to pay more oppressive gun taxes to support it.

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12 minutes ago, hunter said:

Hire cops with every penny and back them up when some POS needs to get shot. That would help.

It also wouldn't hurt to make physical fitness standards as well as some kind of training like jujitsu ,these cops shouldn't be getting man handled by some dirtbag criminal. 

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