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Grape wine recipe wanted

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Concords are not known for making great wine, more for jelly and eating.  But if you really want wine, don’t boil them!

1. Crush the grapes and skins as much as possible, as if you were crushing them with your feet in a bathtub. Place them in a large plastic bin and cover. Keep in a cool dark place like a basement.  If you have sodium metabisulfate (get this from a wine or beer making store) sprinkle some on the grapes and mix in.

2. Wait 24 hours, and then add wine yeast (wine making store) not bread yeast.  A couple of times a day push the skins down into the juice. This process is called maceration.  It will take 5-7 days for the yeast to eat up most of the sugar and the skins to release all their juice.  After they are ready it is time to press.

3. Hopefully you have a wine or apple press for this step.  Place all the skins and juice into it and press the heck out of it, get as much juice out as you can.  Place all that juice into a glass carboy (from the winemaking store again) using a funnel with a screen on it and put a vented stopper on top.  The wine will still be boiling so you don’t want to cork it up.

4. In about 6 months siphon off the top part of the carboy and leave the sludgy stuff on the bottom. You may want to do this a couple if times in order to get a nice clear color and avoid any of the bits of sludge from ending up in your bottle or glass.  

5. In about a year, taste the wine and see how you like it.  You may need to give it a few more months if it is still fizzy. 


I have a winemaking book somewhere, I am sure there is a specific recipe for Concord grapes.  If you want it I can try to find the book for you, but the above will work for you too. 



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10 minutes ago, Moho81 said:

Wow, eating the grapes and stopping at a liquor sounds way less complicated

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These were from my neighbors arch above her door lol she normally does jelly and juice she wanted wine so I'm trying. I usually make raspberry wine my wife loves sweet she wants not so


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Probably too late, and not far off my instructions. 


Concord Grape Wine

Makes One Gallon


6 lbs. Fresh Concord Grapes 5 pts. Water 3 ¼ Cup White Sugar ½ tsp. Pectic Enzyme 1 tsp. Yeast Nutrient 1 Campden Tablet, Crushed 1 Pack Red Star Montrachet Wine Yeast


  1. Wash your fruit. Remove stems. Discard moldy or badly bruised grapes.
  2. Place fruit in a nylon bag. Press juice from bag into primary fermenter. Try to extract as much juice as possible.
  3. Keep fruit pulp in the nylon bag, tie off the end of the bag, and place in your primary fermenter.
  4. Stir in: water, sugar, pectic enzyme, yeast nutrient. DO NOT ADD YEAST.
  5. Crush campden tablet, add to a ¼ cup of warm water. Add to primary fermenter. Stir well.
  6. Cover your primary fermenter. You do not need to use the lid, a clean towel will do.
  7. WAIT 24 HOURS.
  8. After 24 hours, uncover your primary and take a hydrometer reading. Your starting gravity should read 1.090 - 1.095.
  9. Add yeast.
  10. Cover primary with lid and attach airlock.
  11. Stir every few days. You can take hydrometer readings during this time to ensure fermentation is healthy and active. You can also press the nylon bag of pulp to extract more juice.
  12. When gravity reaches 1.030 (should take 5-6 days), lightly press juice from the bag.
  13. Siphon wine off layer of sediment into a clean secondary fermenter. A clear jug is best so you can watch the wine as it clears.
  14. Cover and reattach airlock.
  15. When fermentation is complete and gravity has reached 1.000 (should take around 3 weeks), siphon off sediment into another clean vessel to continue clearing OR if you are happy with the clarity of the wine, bottle, and place in a cool dark area to age.
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10 hours ago, moog5050 said:

From my prison days - crush grapes put in bag, add a piece of bread, put in toilet - wait 20 days and enjoy some homemade maddog 2020

Is that what was in the mason jar you gave me?? Yum!

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