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  1. Looks tastey Sam. Congrats and its cool to have her on cam beforehand.
  2. Looking at prices online - you stole it. Congrats! Of course, a side by side would have meant you were looking out for your buddy, but I will jog behind - no more than 1 mile though.
  3. Just means you don't sound like a buffalo heading to your stand. I am jealous. Working on shrinking, but it ain't easy.
  4. Hence my mile runs daily. Didn't know they served a purpose until now. Seriously, we probably can lift it in. Let me know when you want to grab it. We could do it tomorrow.
  5. I told him that I would just carry it home for him. Who needs a truck. Talk about pansies with their manly trucks. lol
  6. Breaking Phade's chops because he knows I will probably shoot the first spike I see, despite my promise to hold out this year.
  7. BTW - I suspect we can handle a brake repair -
  8. Its called a tape measure - as Culver suggested, you can borrow one from my husband. Keep this up Phade and you are banned from the new parcel in mendon where the 200" buck has been posing broadside everyday at 6pm while I hand feed him. Probably not a shooter for YOU anyway.
  9. I got some mud under the wheel wells one time - I promptly had it detailed. You may just be exaggerating a bit, but the bloody carcasses fit better in your truck. When we kill a deer that's too big for the dakota, I will make the sacrifice. Seriously, we can buy a trailer for under $500 and actually plant a plot next year. BTW - I like the new nickname
  10. Can get a trailer cheap. Happy to tow it, but no way its muddying up my bed rug. lol
  11. AS long as you speed up so I am not tripping over you.
  12. Get it. Ok, I may be biased as it would useful
  13. Wildcats, feel free to PM me if you want to talk about the ups and downs of practicing law.
  14. As I said Phade - most lawyers wish they did something else - but that may be the pasture is always greener mentality. Funny you put that link up. I know Erik Vick pretty well, one of the assistant profs there.
  15. Awesome deer - see you at Burt's Camp on opening day. I call the stand near the cam.
  16. Live below your means; save for a rainy day and retirement; and find something you LOVE doing and pursue a career in that area. I am content with my job, but most in my industry hate it, despite that the income is good. I will be happy if my children find a career they really enjoy more so than if they are hugely successful in terms of economic gain.
  17. No pic, but will be shooting a 2012 Prime Centroid 70/28 with easton st arrows and 125g rage or slick trick heads (486g). I also have a shift, which is a great little bow and may be used in a blind, but the centroid seems to shoot bullets for me at any distance. The recurve kills always impress me. Great job!
  18. That would be after the first shot on your H&H. lol I would probably forget to pull the bolt again before it was gone.
  19. Good luck on getting that first one Vince. Took 3 last year and would be thrilled with that again, although I ran out of venison this summer. Lots of people who want it.
  20. Are you folks talking about the entire season or early season? Last year I hunted mornings and evenings early season, but only took deer in the evening. Later in the season (early rut), I took a buck in the morning. It may be tougher to beat them to their bed in the mornings in early season. I plan to focus on afternoons early season and then adjust.
  21. Says the guy with the slow bow. Just kidding, you know I agree or I wouldn't shoot near 500 grain arrows.
  22. I have shot a slide fire .223. It takes some getting used to for sure. I could only get it to rapid fire in spurts. Definitely not useful for accuracy. Not sure that it was the brand name "slide fire" but it was a sliding stock that bumped your finger into the trigger on recoil.
  23. As I recall, the Elite Hunter was no. 2 and they said would have been no. 1 if not for the lack of speed. All good manufacturers.
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