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  1. I carry a Lohman original deer grunt call. It does not sound aggressive or loud, but for whatever reason, I have had a lot of success with older bucks late in the early bow season with it.
  2. I just save mine for gun season and let the kids and women get some shooting in. I have killed enough deer not to feel any pressure about killing one. But the beginners like, and I think need to kill some deer and enjoy the success to keep them interested and in the yearly game. If I haven't killed a buck , I usually stick a doe the last couple days of bow season to get our yearly supply of venison.
  3. They were the premier tag team wherever they were working.
  4. I'm with you on that one water rat. I didn't even know it started last night until I saw the stories today. For the most part I have been a diehard fan forever. I would only hunt or ice fish in the morning just to be sure I was home in time to shower and get sat down for football on Sundays. Once they put bullshit politics and social agendas in my face instead of football, I was done. I forgave them once, but am now done. The only sports I watch now are fighting, PBR, and motorcycle racing. I see all this crap all week long, and when I sit down to watch a sport, I do not want to see it, PERIOD. I can't do anything I want to at work, and I feel the owners ought to be able to tell them to do their job just like my owner. They have all week to attend to all their causes and agendas. Come gameday, it is time to do your job.
  5. I love watching the deer staring at stands 15 feet in the air, before moving through or going around. A lot of hunters are horrible at sitting still and their stands get pegged early by the old does, and it spreads to any deer around her.
  6. That's a fact for sure. I have found seven in almost 40 years on my hunting grounds. I'm sure there are more around somewhere, but they sure are rare.
  7. I'm right in the middle of lots of the off campus college students. Not much has changed Town is still busy, stores packed, kids still outside partying around me. There's pictures of the kids in quarantine with no masks partying away that pissed people off. I don't care and I have a kid in the house that attends there, but never even got the chance to go on campus before they shut down. Supposedly hundreds of positives, but ZERO in the hospital. It's nothing but a circus. Hell, there are kids starting school today in person 20 miles away. There may even be schools closer. All that matters is that I still have to go to work every week just like normal, and bowling starts tomorrow night.
  8. Yes G-Man, last year was crazy with the acorns. The best bet was to find a couple white oak mixed in with a bunch of red oak. It's not always possible, but I have a couple spots with a lone white or two that I usually set my brother on in the early season.
  9. Pretty good video to actually get the flushes and shooting in it. I thought the one bird shot down the clearing should have been given a pass because it was too low with a dog in play and could come darting out into the open.
  10. That is a good one that took some preparations to pull off. The pitcher looked like he was ready to get thrown out!
  11. I love the years the beech nuts cling to the trees late and drop late in the season. When it is freezing cold and beech nuts are sitting on the frozen ground or snow, you will see deer. I would say at least half of my nice bucks have come from two different stands of beech. Early in the bow season it is tough to beat the oaks that are dropping acorns.
  12. I always get there attention by whistling. I don't want them to spot movement without hearing a whistle first. All the land I hunt is open or public, so I am used to seeing other people at times. I usually wave them over and shoot the bull with them comparing what we have seen.
  13. He is literally the only person I ever asked for and received an autograph from. It's on a picture of him pitching for the Reds. I have never been an autograph seeker or collector, but it was the perfect storm of just getting the picture, and then seeing him and Jonny Bench relaxing when I was a youngster. They were both very cordial to me and talked a few minutes before I took my leave. It's not a prized possession by any means, but I do enjoy seeing it and remembering talking to him for a few minutes when I was a kid.
  14. Keep hunting fun. I don't care if you sit an hour and go home, sit all day, drive the woods with your buddies, or still hunt. Whatever you enjoy, do it. It's your fun and don't let others' opinions ruin it. I don't put nearly the time in that i used to. Instead of killing a nice buck every two or three years, I get one every 4-5 years now. Doesn't change my life or change the fact that others want my opinion and/or help when they have a nice one they are hunting. I just relax and enjoy myself.
  15. Over 100 new cases in Oneonta where I live. SUNY College just started last week and it is already shut back down for two weeks. Best part is ZERO in the hospital! They say a few parties last weekend started it all. Who knows, I just keep going to work every week because I just don't care or fear it.I'll be saying it right up until it kills me
  16. Chef, you should be on the phone tomorrow to the company. Be polite, but firm about needing a better replacement, plus a new harness. Be prepared to email the pictures and ask someone who knows, what you can do to prevent the same thing happening again. Most companies will make it right, especially if you are not threatening to sue them. Treestand falls are scary stuff. Glad you came out okay, and stuff like this is why I always have my harness hooked up from the bottom of the tree all the way to the top with my climbers.
  17. They just give point money at the banquet. Someone gets a plaque for being sportsman of the year, and someone gets one for being elected in the club hall of fame. I have never won the league with my partner or with my dad when he was alive. Back when I was younger I used to go to tournaments and won a bunch of trophies at them. they all went in the garage at my father's house. He loved the trophies, I preferred the money. Keep in mind, this is all handicapped. I am far from the top flight of pitchers.
  18. I'm still in a horseshoe league and enjoy it every summer. We have one week left, then a fun banquet with a full steak dinner.
  19. Not even close. We had a black president for 8 years duly elected twice, so i would say that is just media hype. Some people are going to hate for no reason no matter what, and no matter what race they are
  20. Chef, I have seen quite a few good political memes in the last couple months. The one you posted is in the top 5 for best of the year for me. It struck me funny as hell.
  21. I have shot 3 of my last 4 deer with a 75gr. muzzy similar to this one. Just resharpen and use again.
  22. I am right in Oneonta with two kids that graduated in the last 3 years. Like most schools nowadays, they come out plenty book smart, but it is up to you as a parent to teach them about the real world, responsibility, work ethic, etc. That is just the way it seems to be anymore. No complaints about the teachers, administration, or communication, which made it very nice. Very under rated for deer hunting, as most years I have a few bucks to chase after during bow season that are 3 and up. Wish i could say my success rate was just as good, but it is usually about every 2 or 3 years on a big buck. Definitely no problem getting does for the freezer. And, if you are content with basket rack 8 points, you can get one every year if you have the time to put in.
  23. I agree, they are some pretty nice pictures. It's always nice to get away from most of the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
  24. Glad I clicked this one. I was well aware of the take flight vocals, but had no idea of the on ground call. I hear it every year, and never had a clue.
  25. Otsego and Chenango counties I am seeing a little of all three. Small babies, some up to about 1/3 the height of momma, and some with none at all. But, still a lot more babies than the last few years.