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  1. Man, it was a lot simpler time when I was a kid. My buddies and I literally shot thousands of .22 rounds at targets, bottles, cans, balloons, whatever. These were all with open sights as I had never even looked through a scope. I remember buying boxes of shells for .50 at the gas station, and hell, we were only 11 or 12 years old. I probably shot my first 50-100 woodchucks with open sights. Most of them with the Glenfield I still have. Some of them were with my dad and some were with my buddies. As my dad started going more, and taking me in the truck to new fields, he apparently got the bug to shoot more because he brought out a soft case to show me. It contained a Mossberg Chuckster in .22 mag with the first scope I ever looked through. It opened a whole new world of shooting for me. That gun is my only possession that I consider irreplaceable. I shot a ton of woodchucks in farmers fields with that rifle in my teen years. My favorite memory with that gun is my father shooting at a woodchuck with a .222 and missing it. It ran to his hole and stood up, and before my father could tell me it was too far, I shot it before he could shoot again. He counted 147 paces. I don't know the exact yardage, but I do know my father couldn't believe it, and talked about that shot the rest of his life. Good subject Pygmy. It's nice to go back and think about my beginnings of a hunter and think about my dad a little.
  2. Pickled leeks and jalapenos are two of my favorite canned foods. A good bread and butter pickling mix works perfect.
  3. I am a cnc mill operator most of the time. I take production jobs and make them more profitable and easier to run. I learned through an adult BOCES class like 25 years ago. I came out ready to work, and had lots of more experienced machinists help me through the years. I am always learning new stuff, and making no or little profit jobs into money makers ended up being my little specialty in the company I work for.
  4. I'm still working full time and my wife is too. Last week when i did my banking, I was hunting for a mistake because I had way too much money in my checking account after paying April's bills. No mistake, just no recreation for me or my wife. Work and home for me with a walk after dark ,or early morning on the weekend. I literally haven't been anywhere but the gas station and work, except yesterday I went fishing for a couple hours. About driving me nuts, and I have a feeling not much is changing for awhile yet.
  5. RJW Sales LLC is the facebook page. Great owner that will do all he can to help you out whether you are looking for something specific or if you are new and looking for help.
  6. I couldn't stand the sitting inside any longer and went out for some fresh crappies. It was a little chilly and took a little searching for them. But after a half hour I was on them good with little jigs tipped with a piece of night crawler. I kept six for a little fresh fish fry for supper. I thought they would be shallower, but found them on a little drop off that goes from 8 to 12 feet pretty quickly. They were apparently stacked pretty good because it was literally like shooting fish in a barrel.
  7. That is an awesome birthday present for a young man that enjoys fishing.
  8. Mine are just up enough to know they are coming along. I usually get mine in turkey season. This year I believe they will have to be dug at least a week earlier. My area is like yours G-Man, tons of them.
  9. For my wife and I, so far both of our businesses we work for are considered essential because both places supply to the medical field. If worst came to worst, my wife could do most of her job at home. I would be out of luck, being a machinist. I have no idea how long this will last or stay the same. Like a lot of people I have no interest in time off. Others don't mind at all. At this point, it is completely out of my control. We are far from rich, but could make it for quite awhile if we had to without digging into retirement funds. On the other hand, there are a ton of people that barely make it paycheck to paycheck. They are the ones I feel the worst about.
  10. I'm an up close type of turkey hunter. My gun is my dad's old Glenfield 12ga. and my shells are some sort of winchester 2 3/4 " turkey loads in #6. This is far from a fancy set up, but I manage to kill a bird every Spring. I enjoy the trials and errors of the shorter range with the hang ups and birds showing up in the fields instead of the openings in the woods that i set up in.
  11. Although I love the combat sports, I do not love them enough to pay the prices they want. I seek alternative means of viewing
  12. That was by far the most exciting women's fight I have seen. I couldn't complain over a split decision because I honestly couldn't pick the winner. Both women are tough as nails.
  13. As usual, as long as I'm home, I will be watching.
  14. For some reason, even though I catch a lot of nice fish during warm weather, I love catching crappies and perch through the ice. Probably just because I have fewer options of things to do in the winter. This weekend was great with the warm weather. I had a couple little girls catching pickeral on tip ups along with a couple nice bass. They were so funny hanging out in the shanty, drinking hot cocoa, eating sandwiches. Then, a flag would go up and the yelling and fast walking trying to get to the hole. Then, making me take pictures to send to their moms, and facetiming with their moms and dads. Takes the years away when the youngsters are enjoying themselves.
  15. My buddies and I went down to this 30 years ago. I can't believe it is as big as it still is. We had a blast. Just taking a fake holiday and making an event out of it. Was well worth the trip.
  16. I had the same tonight Chrisw. One perch and three crappies. Drilled a few holes , but the fish would not cooperate tonight. Nice to be on some good ice finally.
  17. Finally got back on some safe ice this evening. It was fairly warm out so i didn't take my shanty. that was a mistake, as the wind was blowing on the hill. Fish were biting good and i got a nice batch of perch and crappies. Unfortunately, I was dumb enough to stay out long enough to get my hands cold enough that they were burning on the way home. The shanty will be going next time.
  18. I actually made a new ice fishing friend on a new lake today. I was the only one out there about 3:00. I used a lake map to get near a drop off to try and find some crappies moving up for an evening bite. For the first half hour all I was getting was a bunch of 7-8 inch, skinny perch. About that time i hear someone coming through the crunchy snow, and he comes right at me. Instead of walking right on by when I greeted him, he stopped and bullshitted for a couple minutes, telling me he is after crappies too, and there is another shelf that he found about 20 feet from me. I asked if he was going to fish it and he said he didn't want to crowd me out. I told him to drill and fish away, and if he got on the crappies, i would come over and crowd him. Well, he gets a crappie right off the bat and tells me to get over there and grab a different hole. I proceed to start reeling them in almost as fast as I can get the bait down, while he has a full screen and hardly any bites.We compare baits, and it's easy to see that my setup is a lot smaller than his, but he doesn't have any jigs and plastic comparable. I dig in my jig box and give him a couple 3 mm jigs like I am using, and some spikes. He is instantly reeling them in right with me. It was an awesome hour and a half until we just flat ran out of light. As it was, we were using out fish finders to see our poles at the end. He kept 6 crappies about a foot long, and I kept none, and he was happy about that. I said i had a christmas dinner later, and didn't want to bother with the fish cleaning when i could be back there tomorrow. This is a perfect example why I like to hunt and fish socially so I have somebody else working with me instead of against me. Probably going to end up being one of my top days of fishing this winter.
  19. I hunt a lot in 4F and 7M. I am one of the people that say the Amish have really taken a toll on the deer and fish populations. The law seems unable or incapable of doing anything about it. The farm i hunted my whole life, I don't even bother to hunt anymore because the deer just aren't there anymore. The neighbor that I shared information and sightings with has owned his land for 30+ years, and he is ready to just sell out and move. I have found other places to hunt, and I do see plenty of deer and bucks, but the quality I have not been able to find. I went to the Brookfield stateland late in the rifle season and put a couple people on nice 2 year old 8 points, which i can do almost every year because the drivers avoid the spot because of water and thick brush. Luckily, I know a good way in from my coonhunting days. Guys are getting some nice bucks on lands where they and the neighbors are working together. It just gets tougher every year for the hunters that don't have the money or the desire to pay to hunt. There is certainly a lot fewer hunters, and most of them sit. The deer find the safe places and stay there til dark once the pressure kicks up the opening weekend of rifle.
  20. That is awesome! I have been in on a few big pranks, and I have been the victim a couple times. Believe me, they are remembered and brought up forever!!!
  21. That is pretty sharp looking.
  22. I agree that it is a well above average card, unlike the junk they usually pass off as ppv's. It's Colby's chance to make his exaggerated personage pay off. We will definitely get to see if Nunes has stayed at the top of her game because Germaine is no push over. Looking forward to this card.
  23. As soon as ice gets on my lakes, I am ice fishing. I do it every weekend and lots of times I fish for crappies at night after work. My wife hates most of my hobbies, but she likes to go out on warmer days to fish and grill up some fresh fillets on the ice. I also have one little girl that is 6 that is ready to go anytime i call, and she is always a joy to have around the shanty and loves to chase flags on the tip ups. From late March til October I go all over attending dirt modified races. I grew up around it just like hunting, and it has stuck with me my whole life.
  24. I do agree with Big Indian that they are another big kitchen appliance. I ended up making a new cupboard with tall shelves for our air fryer, crock pots, George Foreman grill, electric griddle, and waffle iron. Man! Whatever happened to a stove, oven and BBQ grill?!!!
  25. Our cooking is only for two or three people. We had a little trial and error, but now use it a lot for chicken, fish, and fries. A little investigating on the internet ended up helping us out a ton.