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  1. Not even close. We had a black president for 8 years duly elected twice, so i would say that is just media hype. Some people are going to hate for no reason no matter what, and no matter what race they are
  2. Chef, I have seen quite a few good political memes in the last couple months. The one you posted is in the top 5 for best of the year for me. It struck me funny as hell.
  3. I have shot 3 of my last 4 deer with a 75gr. muzzy similar to this one. Just resharpen and use again.
  4. I am right in Oneonta with two kids that graduated in the last 3 years. Like most schools nowadays, they come out plenty book smart, but it is up to you as a parent to teach them about the real world, responsibility, work ethic, etc. That is just the way it seems to be anymore. No complaints about the teachers, administration, or communication, which made it very nice. Very under rated for deer hunting, as most years I have a few bucks to chase after during bow season that are 3 and up. Wish i could say my success rate was just as good, but it is usually about every 2 or 3 years on a big buck. Definitely no problem getting does for the freezer. And, if you are content with basket rack 8 points, you can get one every year if you have the time to put in.
  5. I agree, they are some pretty nice pictures. It's always nice to get away from most of the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
  6. Glad I clicked this one. I was well aware of the take flight vocals, but had no idea of the on ground call. I hear it every year, and never had a clue.
  7. Otsego and Chenango counties I am seeing a little of all three. Small babies, some up to about 1/3 the height of momma, and some with none at all. But, still a lot more babies than the last few years.
  8. 3 for me, and they are pretty weird ones for a lot of people. I have never sung kareoke or been on a cruise, and have absolutely no desire to do either ever. And I have no piercings even though most of the boys in school got their ear pierced. My dad and grandpa would have stomped my ass, plain and simple.
  9. It's funny, I still ask my wife if she is ready to go watch the submarine races
  10. My buddy and I fished Whitney Point Reservoir today until the sun chased us off. We went with the intentions of fishing for walleyes because we got into them pretty good last weekend. Unfortunately, they were not cooperating at all. We decided to head to the shoreline while the fog and cloud cover was in our favor to fish for some bass. It ended up being a good choice because we were in them right off the bat and they stayed biting until the sun got to be too much. I was using a Heddon Torpedo in white with a black fish pattern on it, and a tiny torpedo in frog pattern. My buddy was using a lure similar to a Whopper Plopper, in white, silver and black. I know it wasn't a plopper, but have no idea what it was. We were catching Smallmouth in depths of 6 inches to 8 feet on the topwater lures. For the most part it was quantity and not quality, with the biggest being just shy of 3 pounds. Most were in the 1-2 pound category. I couldn't believe how shallow they were. We could see a "V" from the fish coming to hit our lures. When the sun broke through, I switched to a Zoom worm in Cajun Craw color to try and pick up some largemouth, but still kept catching smallmouth. Fun morning with a good buddy that is fortunate that he was free two weekends in a row.
  11. I have to go with Stepbrothers and Dumb and Dumber. Very rare that a comedy even comes close to making me laugh as much as these two
  12. I still have never seen a live moose.
  13. For some reason it scares the shit out of me when I'm in a boat flying along. Cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles are all fine, but I guess boats going fast is one of my worries.
  14. I get called every election. Most of the time they even ask if i am free for 5 minutes, or do i need a different time for them to call. I have no idea how I got on a call list, but I enjoy doing them. I usually get a call for current events a couple times a year. Obviously , a month ago it was my thoughts about the virus. They cut the poll off when I disagreed with the lockdown. I feel this is how they skew the numbers sometimes.
  15. I use jigs probably 3/4 of the time. Yellow and black for rivers, and pumpkin or a clear brown with orange for lakes. This past winter ice fishing, and after the crappies got off the beds, I have used a eurotackle Z-Viber. Pleasantly impressed with how this vertical jigging crankbait works at catching crappies and big bluegills.
  16. I'm 52 and have been saying the world is passing me by for years. I'm not talking about technology because my job made me keep up with computers to stay on top of the machining field. I am talking about people wanting something for nothing, just plain laziness, lack of pride in yourself and your family(welfare), thin skinned crybabies. I guess I could do a page full of a list, but you guys and gals get the idea. It's just a whole new age and I don't like a lot of it. I enjoyed the freedom i grew up in, and it seems the younger people want to just give it up willingly to let the government take care of them. And, I know it is not just the young people, or all of them. I know people my age that are happy to let everything go, make the rich people pay for everything, it will all work out. Just not my style. I still bitch when my cell phone goes off just like I did with the land line. I will try to live out my life on my terms for as long as I can. Plenty of good things out there if you don't concentrate on the bad, which I am guilty of sometimes.
  17. Damn good interview Bill. I enjoyed the hell out of it. Unbelievable what an actor this guy was in the ring!
  18. I have been done. I worked right on through. We did the whole stay at home for three weeks except for work and groceries. It quickly became apparent that our state is going to keep everything shut down to try to get a big bail out. I'm not going to have my life consist of work and home, living afraid all the time. I don't have a very big circle of friends and family, but I do enjoy hanging out with them. We can't do much but eat and socialize, but it beats the alternative of doing nothing. Call me an idiot all you want, but I have lived more in my life than most people ever will, I support myself and my family, I have almost zero debt, and if I end up dying from a virus, so be it. I don't think I have to live to be 80 or 90 to have had a full life.
  19. Nice, solid set up Turkeyfeathers. What are the length and action on the rod. I have a couple species specific set ups that get used a little. My other two set ups are just for my all around, most of the time fishing like it sounds like you are doing.
  20. All I can say is that today was a simple case of stubbornness determined to spring turkey hunt in the snow. Lets just say by 7:30 I had the shivers so bad, I probably couldn't have shot a turkey if I tried. I had to get up and walk to warm up. I never heard a gobble so I figured they were on the feed. I walked way up top to the corn field that just got plowed. There were 15 turkeys out there, including some toms, and absolutely no strutting or gobbling. They are still around, but just not meant to be today. I got to my car about 9:30 and the wind was howling.
  21. Check out the new AEW on TNT or you tube. It is like the old days with big promos, storylines that take awhile to play out, and damn good entertainment.
  22. I set up in a little finger of trees and brush above where I figured the birds were roosted. My brother set up on the big ridge across an open field at my back. It was cold and foggy. Birds started gobbling below me about 5:30 and then the ones up top where my brother was started up. I just sat there until I heard a bird fly down. Then I made a couple soft yelps and waited. I heard more birds flying down, but just stayed quiet even though at least two toms were gobbling below me. Then I hear spitting and drumming behind me in the open field. I turned my head and see a full fan damn near in my lap. I just waited for the fan to be facing me, turned quickly, and got my gun pointed. Then it was just a matter of waiting a couple minutes for the shot. He was sideways to me and stuck his neck out to gobble and I shot him at under 20 yards. About as easy a hunt as a person can get. Then I went down and grabbed a bag full of leeks. While I was doing that, I heard a shot up on top. I got back up to my set up and could see my brother coming across the field with his own bird. I didn't realize it, but it was my brother's first solo tom, so it is a pretty exciting day. He said he saw the tom I shot fly off its roost and glide into the fog right down across the field towards me, and heard me shoot about 10 minutes later.
  23. Nice! Coming along quickly and nicely.
  24. 12 ga. westernfield with whatever choke the barrel came with. I sorted through my turkey shells and it is a mixed bag of green ones, red ones, and maroon ones. They are all 2 3/4 because I have no interest the 3 and 3 1/2 inch shells because of the heavy recoil. I hunt up close and personal or I don't shoot. For me, getting them inside 30 yards is how I enjoy turkey hunting. I like to run and gun after the initial fly down set up. I have a few good spots with long ridges and guts and valleys that make it effective and fun.
  25. If you are on facebook, join North East Demolition Derby. Guaranteed someone can come up with one in hours