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  1. Be in the stand right after 6AM Mass,maybe that will help. Good Luck to all to day, best weather since Tuesday,the rest of the week looks like rain again .
  2. 52 farmer

    For Those Pretty Bummed Out So Far

    Sorry for your loss, my Dad passed 18 yrs ago, not only was he my Dad he was my hunting partner since i started .It sure does leave a empty feeling in your stomach, one day at a time as life goes on.
  3. 52 farmer

    How many

    15 years at this location, not 1 trick or treater.
  4. 52 farmer

    FNG from Cortland

    Great informative site, and pretty funny also, you will enjoy.
  5. 52 farmer

    need some advice

    HHA single pin,only way to go (IMO),you will never return to a multi-pin sight Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. 9H - Not raining almost no wind,just need the main ingredient DEER Good Luck to all that can get out today Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. 52 farmer

    Would you try this ?

    We all probably do, in our dreams.
  8. Baby wipes are much better, moist and clean better.Not much good for tracking thou
  9. 52 farmer

    In the home stretch now...

    That is great craftsmanship, extremely professional
  10. 52 farmer

    Stepson enlisted in the Marines today

    My dad was a Marine who served in WW2.Never realized the brother hood of the Marine Corp until he was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery . Be as proud of your son as I am of my Dad.
  11. 52 farmer

    Hunting Land Purchase Timber Question

    Timber consultant, they definatly are your best bang for your buck. Their is a guy that was on here a few times with lease property available, who is a consultant,I believe he is located in Portageville NY,sorry cant remember his name.
  12. 9H in the stand,calm wind at the moment,feels like it could be a good day Good Luck to all Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. 52 farmer

    Score Guesses??

    No idea on score, but man what a beauty,congrats
  14. 52 farmer

    For Those Pretty Bummed Out So Far

    Retired ,so can get out pretty much anytime.That said so far very few deer while hunting, nothing closer than 55 yards, and only 1 mature doe, and 2 small bucks, spike,fork horn. Weather has been biggest deterrent,mostly high wind and warm temp.,maybe because i can go almost anytime i scrutinize the weather too much. Hopefully better days are coming.
  15. 52 farmer

    Ok guys when’s your hunting vacations

    RETIRED Started Oct 1,ends last day of legal hunting
  16. 9H,overcast and windy,not even any flying rats yet Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. 52 farmer

    The ATVers are back

    Years ago i tried all different ways to stop the trespassing atv's,finally some strategy in placing tackless carpet holders.Some said it was too extreme, within 2 weeks atv's were gone.
  18. 52 farmer

    Ho hum, another new guy

    New Hudson,Habgood Road,my dad had 107 acres there years back.
  19. 52 farmer

    2018 Rut Report

    9H 5 flatops this morning, not a buck to be seen.
  20. 52 farmer

    Ho hum, another new guy

    You will enjoy this site, welcome .
  21. 52 farmer

    New guy

    Welcome to a great sight, with almost unlimited info.
  22. 52 farmer

    Need advice!!

    Congratulations on the beautiful deer, with a happy ending.
  23. 52 farmer

    Touchscreen Compatible Gloves?

    Seriously,if you wore them on your feet it would be real easy to pick you out at the Yelling Goat
  24. 52 farmer

    Touchscreen Compatible Gloves?

    Did you have them on correct feet,it matters before or after wool socks🤪🤪🤪 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk