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  1. Maybe I should go to Toyota and demand they pay for the ticket I got in their truck on the way to put out my baitpile yesterday... After all they sold me the product I used illegally...
  2. Got a limit this morning with a 22 and CCI Quiets.
  3. Been using Ramcat for 3 years, im not switching anytime soon. You can keep those huge cuts, I want 2 holes Everytime.
  4. The 3 blades are illegal due to the head design, this particular design, (when pulled rearward after deployment) the blades will catch on one another and not allow them to fold forward. They have been illegal in NYS since they came out, a picture of that particular 3 blade has even been used in the regulations book a few times now I believe, to show it is illegal.
  5. If anyone is interested in some entertaining facts/stories regarding the Adirondacks these books are worth checking out. They cover the Adirondack/CNY regions of NY from the late 1800's through the latter 1900's mainly. They focus mainly on hunting and trapping. I've found them at Barnes and Noble, Running's and Herb Phillipsons. They run about $20 per book . I highly recommend them.
  6. Sorry didn't see "bold " was still on...This whole waste of time was over the fact I took umbrage To Skiop's " ya Ok" ...Which sounded like "your full of shite" ,responding to how another hunter feels. For what ever reason you seem offended by my observations. Even more so to the audacity other hunters would have goals, fill them and stop. It's great guys want to get a big buck every single year and even work towards it. I do not and many people I know do not. BTW No...... the challenge and out witting game DOES NOT mean hunting only BIG buck...I have ALWAYS remember I said this because I've said it several times over the years...ALWAYS, had a bigger challenge in hunting an old wise doe.. For all season she is on high alert. She is not led around the woods for 2-4 months by an appendage between her legs...she's of sound mind. You can have whatever outlook you want on hunting but when someone tells me that they don't want to have an opportunity on a quality buck every year after putting in so much time and effort I'm going to be inclined to not believe them. It's not that I'm saying that way of thinking is wrong, but highly doubtful. If you truly feel like it would take all of the fun away then that's your right. Noone is saying you're guaranteed a specific deer because that's not even realistic thinking so there's no need to ponder it, but an opportunity now is another thing. I've never met a person who doesn't want to kill/have an opportunity at a nice buck every year and goes to treestands where they know certain deer aren't... Sorry but that comes off as "holier than though" to me. How many big bucks have you let go because you killed one the year before and didn't want it to ruin your experience? I don't think your understanding why it's a hard logic for most people to swallow... Your entitled to your way of thinking but don't act surprised when people are skeptical that these are your true feelings...
  7. I personally have never known anyone to get a "wall hanger" then quit hunting or hunt until they got a "big" buck then stop. I would say that hunting wasn't as important to them as it is me or probably most on this site. I eat, sleep and breathe hunting, be it frogs, geese or deer, it's just who I am and no matter what successes or not that I have I would never stop hunting. I could shoot a 300" fair chase wild whitetail on public land this fall and I'd be dreaming of what next season might bring. So the people that just quit hunting after getting a nice buck were never really into the deepest roots of hunting anyhow in my opinion.
  8. I'm not assuming anything about you, I don't blame you for enjoying the woods in which you have so many memories. If those woods make you happy then by all means keep going there. In the previous post I was trying to say sitting in a treestand for one weekend a year will not show you what quality of deer are encompassed in that area as a whole. If you run cameras then that's a little different. Either way, hunt where you like and shoot what makes you happy.
  9. So you do all of these things for one weekend of hunting per year? If you're doing all of those things and not seeing any older deer then you need a new spot to hunt.
  10. I wonder how old you are ,because I can't imagine an older (length of time hunting) saying that...That is if I am catching your meaning in that...I would stop hunting if I knew every year I went out, I would shoot one of those big bucks I get pics of in the spring and summer...Well usually get pictures of that it... Explain to me what the fun in that would be? Now if I needed meat ,I could always go out for and hour or so and pop the first doe I see..but that's not hunting to me I could do that out the computer window...Which is why I don't always go to the stands I am absolutely sure they will be at a given time during the day...and sometimes I say to heck with the wind and coin toss where to go...If I wanted ducks in a barrel ...I'd spend less money and a whole lot less time and go to the arcade or state fair. I can tell you I wouldn't quit hunting if I shot a nice buck every year, why would you? It's not entirely about killing deer, it's about sunrises, beautiful days, time with friends, changing leaves, the unknown etc... and how does it concern you if someone else has a different outlook on hunting? I set my goal on killing a nice buck every fall, if I could do it every year I'd be ecstatic...
  11. I don't recall getting a card at all...? I did have the lifetime decals added to my driver's license though.
  12. I am torn on this topic. I like the sounds of restrictions for my own personal agenda but I know a lot of hunters that are thrilled to shoot a crotchhorn opening day of gun season. People who have limited time to hunt don't always have the luxury of waiting on "better" deer or people who don't have private land to hunt (myself included). I too think it should be left to a hunter vote, when you buy your license you get one vote, majority rules. Or take it further and vote for the unit you routinely hunt as AR or not? I've never hunted an AR area but it sounds like a good principle to me (I'm biased because I want more 2.5yr+ deer around). Or how about you get two buck tags same as now, first tag can be used on any legal buck, second tag must fit antler restrictive criteria ( 4 on one side)? I'm not sure that would make a huge difference on a state level but I wouldn't mind it being tried... Also I think a shorter gun season would be nice (also a bias), I'm not a fan of crossbows in general but I'd gladly accept them all season long if it would trade off for shorter gun seasons. I'm sure I've pushed someone's hot button in here somewhere so before you get all flustered remember I'm not advocating anything, just spit balling a few ideas...
  13. If you're only hunting this particular piece for one weekend a year then you don't truly know what age classes of deer it holds. It is hard for some people to let young deer go in hopes of seeing an older one, this is why I said if you don't like the idea of eating buck tags at seasons end this type of hunting may not be for you. Shoot what makes you happy and don't make excuses for what you fill your tag on. Everyone's experience is different and you get out what you put in. I'm not bashing your style of hunting or criticizing you in anyway, I just have strong feelings about this topic.
  14. I've had mine since July sometime...
  15. If you want to shoot a better deer than you have on the land you're currently hunting then you should look for state land with better deer/less pressure. You might have to drive further but it's out there. If you're not willing to leave the land you're unhappy with then you can't expect different results. Shooting a deer because someone else might is a cop out, like it or not. By you shooting that deer before the other guy can makes you that guy! I've been in woods swarmed with people so I never go back, I find woods that aren't nearly as pressured. It takes research and legwork yes, but certainly attainable. Noone is saying that by you and you alone letting young deer live is going to make the woods full of older deer. We're saying if everyone has that mentality of "I'll shoot it before someone else might" then you'll always have the same problem. A deer surviving another year starts with you...
  16. My biggest pet peeve on this topic are the people who routinely complain about not getting/seeing older bucks (2.5+) and yet every fall they fill their tag with a 1.5yr old buck because (if I don't the neighbor will), that is an excuse for poor self restraint. If you want a 2.5+yr old buck on public land or heavily hunted land then you have to realize ahead of time that you'll go years without shooting bucks. Simple as that. The only way you can ensure bucks get older is if YOU don't kill them. I let countless year old bucks go every fall in state land and most of them probably don't make the gun season but that's beyond my control and I don't blame the guys who are happy with a 4 pt, that's fine, im not happy with that so I'll wait. As long as your neighbors are legally taking the deer they have a right to shoot whatever they want. It's not always easy to swallow but it'll make that day when you push an arrow through a good buck that much sweeter. I've only killed 3 bucks in the last 7 seasons, all public land, all bow kills, I wouldn't trade them for anything. Be happy with what you shoot for your own reasons, don't make excuses. NY can/is a great place to hunt.
  17. I was thinking it was the same spot, looked identical to what I saw. I saw them last summer though. Small world!
  18. Without a doubt a bear... You can clearly see it's face/ear and greasy looking fur...
  19. I too found the same thing and there was a laminated card attached from some science/forestry organization. Didn't say what they were for. I took a picture to call and ask but I never ended up doing it. I found them in 3 Rivers management area...
  20. Just went from a 5 pin axcel armourtech pro to an Apex Covert Pro single LED cross hair sight and don't think I'll ever look back. Sight picture is clean as you can get and the led has 11 brightness settings so no starburst or halo. My accuracy improved the first time I shot it, should've done it sooner.
  21. I put 27" zillas on my Canam and love them too. Just have to be careful in snow as they dig holes FAST!
  22. I guess you'd have to drag the deer to court and have it testify that it was made hungry by your scents... That one wouldn't stick very well I don't think. It's just a "Incase I can't find anything else to cite you for" law I'd bet.
  23. 70# 460gr arrow tipped with a ramcat. Through front shoulder blade and exited ribs on off side at 32 yds. Kinetic energy is a poor indicator of penetration as it does not directly relate, it only shows energy at the hide of the animal, momentum will tell you more about how your setup will penetrate.
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