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  1. 100 gr. NAP Thunderheads, they have never given me a reason to change.
  2. Took a doe clean at 40 yards last year, that is my max.Most kills are between 15-25 yards.
  3. First deer was a button buck shot with my Hoyt bow, next day I shot a 8pt buck. One if the best weekends of my life.
  4. Well I went to the batavia walmart... $89, I still bought it, gotta have a spot for me and the kids to sit in the new woods!
  5. I've never moved them to gut them, he just offered this special spot. 2 years ago I shot a doe that walked by a buck I shot an hour earlier.
  6. Talking with my neighbor the other day. He tells me they have a particular spot in their woods where they gut their deer. He says the smell will scare the other deer away. I have always gutted my deer pretty much where they lay. I've had deer walk by a recently downed deer. Just looking for thoughts, do gut piles spook deer?
  7. He came in with a nice 8pt, but the cheap cam only got him.
  8. Question for the experts, at this point of the year how much more growth can we expect from a buck? I have a real wide 8 point showing up in my field but he's not very tall. I'd say he's 20" inside but at this point his G2's are only about 8". Just curious what I should expect to see in another month. Thanks.
  9. I had a sig 229, in 40s&w, I regret ever selling it. I've been eyeing a sig in 45acp. Very well built accurate guns.
  10. Heading out Saturday morning out of SBH, first time out this year, hoping to get a few in the boat. Anybody having any luck out there? Any helpful tips?
  11. Had a mamma and her two fawns stroll through the backyard this evening with a spike following along.
  12. Not to make this religious, but wolc123.... u say he never made a mistake buy how do u explain the great flood? That was to wipe away a MISTAKE. The father should have taught his son never to shoot at deer so close to each other. Fortunately they recoverd the second deer, seems like alot of "hunters" around here don't look if they don't see the deer drop.
  13. How big was it, don't see them that often. But definitely more interesting then your average Garter snake.
  14. Passed thru the Senate now on to the assembly, then the gov.
  15. First "buck" pic this year. Just a little guy.
  16. Found this in the middle of a well used path.
  17. I use a 3 pin, 10-20 pin, 30 pin, and a 40 yard pin.used the 40 for the first time this year on a doe, slight quartering away, ran 50 yards and piled up.red pin is the 40, red will be the first color to "disappear" in low light. Gets rid of any temptation if you can't see the pin.what ever you choose shoot it alot to get used to your site. Have someone set up targets at different yardages and you work on judging the distant and picking the right pin. Have fun with it.
  18. I've had any where from 6 to 20 deer in my field every evening since the snow has started to melt. Also seein a few rabbits every day also. Moved here for a better school district for my son, and the property is a bonus.
  19. I have hunted the swamps with my dad and his brit, if I'm not in a treestand bow hunting I'll be there with them.
  20. Just moved to the corfu area, got a nice new chunk of land to hunt and can't wait! Primarily a deer hunter, but my kids are getting older now (5,3) and enjoy walkin in the woods for squirrels with them.Also goin to try some turkey this spring, now that I can wake up and walk into my back yard it's worth a shot.
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