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Rather than shoot it down and play into their hands, or risk releasing whatever payload it may be carrying; better idea is to float up and tether as many weather balloons as possible to it, with the face of Trump 2024 and the American flag on them, and the words "Hold On I'm Coming!" That would make a mockery of their scare tactic in the eyes of the world, and really piss them off. : )

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1 hour ago, DoubleDose said:

Food for thought.  Maybe the ballon is a big diversion and overt insult.  Maybe China is treating Biden/USA like a child.  Look at the big silver balloon, while they are doing something else they do not want us paying attention to.

It's a very good point. Could be a decoy. And, that is the point, that there is no telling what these devious bastards are up too. But you can bet it's nothing good! 

What's further; as I posted right here from the start of this nightmare, don't forget those who voted for this shit show. They own it! 

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