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I have a vintage Genny red eye can on the desk right beside my computer. Tin bottom, tin body with a seam up the side, aluminum top and a removable throw away aluminum pull tab. It says GENESEE BEER cold aged, on the outside of the can.

I had a can of Schlitz like that. But I haven't been able to find it for the last year or so and the wife is pleading ignorance...

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Here's a bottle I found in the woods and now use as a spitter- Rhinegold Chug a Mug bottle. Clearly from the background you will see my favorite cold one! High Life- The Champagne of Beer!


Wish the pic of the Rhinegold bottle was better- It's a good bottle

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I had a Rhiengold Chug a Mug unopened in the grey bottle...In fact it may STILL be on the downstairs snackbar at my ex-wife's ( formerly OUR) house...


The first time I ever drank a whole quart of beer it was Miller High Life..


A couple of buddies and I gave a local wino $2.00...That gave him enough money to buy us each a quart  of Miller's and himself a pint of muscatel.  We drank the beer out on the dike behind the high school.. I was 15 at the time.

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Perfect pairing. Venison steaks cut into bite sized pieces , half onion , bacon sautéed in cast iron with a pat of butter. Little dry rub. Cooked to perfect medium rare. This beer has been in the cold cellar for a year. Love Belgian yeast. They know how to make beer.

How long can you effectively store beer? Mine only lasts a few days...

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