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  1. I bought a 14 Ram back in August. Good truck. Nice ride and decent gas milage for a big truck. I had a Nissan Titan for 8+ years before that and would still be driving it if the front end parts and rear end didn't rot out from all the freaking salt thats used in NY. Used Titans are like hens teeth and new ones are priced through the roof. The Ram is a good bet. I like it.
  2. Next on the chopping block will be Hannity. Wait for it. Not saying that O'Reilly is a saint and didn't do what his accusers are claiming, but people pay to just settle all the time. Murdocks's kids are taking over Fox and they, and there spouses, are all far from conservative. Just saying..
  3. But you know the birds are there….Its all good. Good luck.
  4. I think "premise only" is just that, as absurd as that is….In a lot of Counties, it will spell out right on the permit what it allows. "no restrictions" (which means jut that)" Sportsman"(you can carry while hunting camping etc.) "Work" (you can carry while on your job) and "resident" means you can have one in you home,
  5. If you have a 700, there are two ways to know if your trigger is good, 1) if the trigger has groove on it (on the face of the trigger where your finger touches it) or 2) if the trigger is smooth but has a tiny punch mark on the bolt release, which is that little tab right in front of and above the trigger. Both my 700's are old and fall into the recall...
  6. so far so good for me……3 bucks in the past 5 years or so, They always worked.
  7. She's so nasty!! I bet she smells like sweat and ham all the time !! When her looks finally go, she will have nothing going for her…. LOL!!!
  8. "Weapons of War"….Pump shotguns, semi auto pistols, bolt action rifles and knives are used in war. Who gets to write the definitions???
  9. I got home WAAAAAY later than I thought I would. Told my kids I would have dinner ready by the time they got home….which is soon. . I actually Stopped and got Hamburger Helper! Texted them and said I made something different. it only took like 25 mins and I think Its not bad!!! (first time I ever tried it). Waiting for them to come home and try it.. tic-tock….LOL!!
  10. Some people are just low class and miserable. Not that long ago I was waiting in the check out line. There was an old guy in front of me. Maybe 80. The whole time the line moved he was loudly bitching about how the last time he was in the store they wouldn't sell him a knife because he refused to give his date of birth. Ridicules question, but come on.. The F- bombs were flying and he said "if they give me sh!t today I'll hit them over the head with my F-ing Cain". Needless to say by the time he got to the 18 year old cashier she was scared to death. He started yelling at her and I finally told him to leave her alone and cut his crap. He F-bombs me and I actually had to get in his face.(bad situation..either your a prick for slamming an old guy or you get your ass kicked by one..No win) He left screaming F-bombs and telling everyone to kiss his a$$.. The cashier thanked me though..
  11. Is it an older one?? Im guessing yes….
  12. Taurus anything is $h!t !!!…Lifetime Warranty,but big deal…. They will fix it free , time after time, after time, after time,.after time….blah blah….you will probably pay the shipping.. Taurus is a disgrace . I have seen several Taurus models fail. Quality control at Taurus is non existent .. Save up a few extra bucks and and go with a good name. S&W…..& Ruger make comparable style and far better guns than the Taurus, might fire but might not, JUNK !!!!!! Did I mention that TAURURS is junk?? and I've never owned one, just going in what I have seen.
  13. Very nice Buck. And a very nice job on the mount….
  14. Great rifles.. I have 3. Good prices too. Good luck
  15. Trump publicly commented that he would like to know who Schumer's acting coach was…LOL… Classic Trump
  16. ants


    Im pretty much a straight Bud Lite guy, but when I rarely do the hard stuff its either Jack Daniels whiskey or Wild Turkey Bourbon. Straight on the rocks..
  17. I bought one a while back for my Kel Tech 380, but I never installed it because I don't carry that gun too much and when I do I just throw it in my pocket. Seems like a good Idea tho. The one I got screws onto the frame. I don't know about the whole tape thing...
  18. I was 12 (man some of you guys are young LOL!) I thought it was great. I remember walking, with my dad, around the corner to my grandmothers house to help dig my uncles car out. The snow was almost to my waist. after about a half hour of digging, I guess my father and grandfather realized that the roads were so bad that my uncle couldn't go anywhere anyways, so they quit. My uncle got pissed. Must of had a hot date or something. The language got loud and the expletives flew. My grandmother called me inside. LOL!!
  19. Wait….is that Trump or Bill Clinton walking up those stairs???????
  20. No..its not one of those things where you had to be there….thats just plain old funny!!!……. is right!!!!
  21. That was old fashioned ugly!!! To make matters worse I had to watch that night mare on my phone, because my piss ant, screw the customer, cable company is in a dispute with the NFL or some $h!t, so they didn't air it!!!!! YES !!!!….. THIS A-HOLE CABLE COMPANY IS NOT SHOWING LAST ROUND, PLAY OFF FOOTBALL!!……..IN AMERICA!!!!
  22. I would love to see Pittsburg and Green bay!!! But…..
  23. LOL!!! I made venison Sloppy Joes Tuesday night!! same recipe except I add a handful of 80% ground chuck….!!! The secret is out. Love the BOLD!!!
  24. She/he is a fake.. This person is not a hunter/gun person or outdoorsman. She/he goes to different outdoor sights, under different names of course, to present far leftist view points….Its actually funny….
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