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Biz 2021 Journal


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10/19: 6th sit or season. 1st ever In Career in 3G (Dutchess County). Crazy windy and no deer seen. But I like the spot. Lone cam there had tons of does pics, small bucks and nice 9pt.



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10/20: 7th sit of season. 3S before work till 830am. Saw 1 lone doe at 658am came in perfect at 22yds wind from her to me. Nothing else seen.

No pics of chocolate 8pt since I Saw him Friday but the wide 8 with one long beam came back Saturday and last night. First pics of him since 10/3 when the chocolate 8pt showed up so maybe they alternating back & forth lol. He came in Saturday and last night. Also a 4pt and does.


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10 minutes ago, Robhuntandfish said:

Drop this SOB !!! 


6 minutes ago, Fletch said:

It was Crappy advice eh!!

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5 minutes ago, bfahy13 said:

Killing me! 

haha, unreal. followed the script perfectly. He walked between the ridge hang-on (you can see in pic) and ground blind (you can't see). Under 20 yards from either spot. Same spot I killed 2 bucks and my Dad killed 3 already since 2016. He looks even better in daylight than night

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10/23: hunted this morning in 3N. Saw one doe or small buck at 20yds at 630am. Still pretty dark but had it in binocs. Nothing else seen. Lots of rubs on way out. And this small buck on cam yesterday and maybe today? Same weird hip thing


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10/28: tried to do a quick hunt after work in 3N. Got like 175-200yds in walking by 430pm where power lines cross. While I was about to Check that cam I noticed all these buck rubs that weren’t here Saturday. Then heard/saw movement above me. Glassed up a 6pt feeding in hardwoods above powerlines. Made 3 separate stalks to 50-60yds. Tried grunting several times. He would look but just kept eating. No way to close the gap and he never stepped out for a better. He looked wide from behind but that’s usually deceiving. Played with him for over 30min. Took a cool Video (scenes shot) attached. Nothing else seen.



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Hunted 3S this morning till 840am quick sit before work. No deer seen. But I could tell the scrape was freshened since I was last here 9 days ago. Got amazing pics. 4 different bucks:

6pt I wouldn’t shoot

Wide 8pt I would shoot

Chocolate 8pt (higher, not wide) I would shoot and saw him in person on 10/15

CrabClaw 10pt I would shoot (first pics of him this year).


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17 minutes ago, Moho81 said:

Damn Biz your property has really popped with good bucks these last couple of years

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probably tough to follow along, but these aren't all the same property.

  • 3S, where I was this morning is a local spot (bow only in westchester, so bucks get age). Great pics last year and this year. Seen a 10 and 8 last year in october same morning but too far to shoot. Seen the chocolate rack 8pt this year (not the wide 8pt, but the higher) at 20yds but couldn't get ethical shot. This property is mostly swamp and only 6 acres. There's someone elses trail camera under 60 yards from mine, so it gets a lot of pressure. So the 6 acres plays a lot smaller.
  • 3N is my Dad's land. 30 acres bordering 50 of stateland and 30 more by hunting neighbor. This plays way bigger than 30/80 acres. But again, a lot of pressure.
  • 3G is my Brother's land. Small parcel that borders 400 acres of a Hunting Club. He just bought house in winter and i've only hunted it once. There's a treestand 50 yards from mine. Again, lots of pressure.

All 3 private spots I hunt above, plus a few stateland spots are steep woods with lots of elevation. No farm fields, or AG. The bucks that get age, get nice racks but still nothing compared to WNY for equivalent age.

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