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    Would love to see some of the den pics. I've heard of doz'w/100's of claims of den pics setup's. Asked everyone of them for pics. Still waiting for the 1st. Not sure why they are never posted.
  2. Still never had it here - 2 shots early on. In last 3 weeks, 6 of my close (rural) neighbors have - all I have contact with within 48 hours of them being positive. Worse case was 79 yo male w/4 shots - really sick for 2 days - back combining beans for 12 hours day 5 Wife was neg after 3. Longest for neg test for the others was 5 days. Basically a short hard cold for all.
  3. I would be sure to get recovery permission from all the neighboring properties before hunting. People are more open to allowing recovery if you don't wait until you are tracking a hit deer. ON 5 acres, it is not a question of if a deer will get off, but rather when.
  4. Yesterday. Another advantage (to some) is that if you move out of state but still want to come back to hunt, you won't need a NR license.
  5. Even if it happened, it would take YEARS for "massive and reasoned change" to have any effect while more kids are killed. Shooters go after schools because they are a SOFT target. Protect the grounds now and save lives. Manned security "man traps at all entrances. Hardened classroom doors with remote triggered locks. Teachers and all staff with alarm triggers going to the school and local PD. Train and arm willing staff with monthly training. Make it so someone can't just walk in and start shooting. We protect banks, offices and government buildings with similar methods - WHY NOT SCHOOLS!!!
  6. Ithaca - 10 square miles of insanity surrounded by reality
  7. Your thread? Missed the notice where you bought the forum
  8. 1 - That is less than 3/4 lb of meat per WEEK for the 4 of you. 2 - As someone else said, you could trim a herd of does in the time you spend telling everyone here they are wrong. Could easily get your family up to over a lb per week
  9. No it's not - human body runs best using fat as fuel.
  10. Adbock - I never get an ad here
  11. It's plenty to hunt. May not be enough to recover without recovery rights permission from surrounding landowners. Only a matter of time before a hit deer makes it off that small a property
  12. From the pics, it looks like repointing and not rebuilding is an option. Also b-vent is not needed inside a masonry chimney - a properly sized aluminum liner is all that is needed.
  13. I knew several. Combination of lack of employees, farm animal backlogs (some out nearly a year) and the crap attitude of a certain % of deer customers. Just not worth it.
  14. Some have a life outside their basement Where can we send your medal?
  15. A learning curve to installation but work great.
  16. If jumping to conclusions was an athlete event, you would be getting gold in the Olympics'
  17. Challenge? Then why not restrict it to the bows in use when the 1st archery seasons started? There is ONE reason hunters choose to use a compound over recurve/longbow - because it is EASIER! Which is fine - just don't be a holy hypocrite about it
  18. Ck these tabs. Instructions are there for measuring and then you trim back as needed. Last forever and Randy is a great guy to deal with, Custom tabs
  19. Call your local town office - the counties are doing programs thru them
  20. Counties are doing clinics and allotting shots weekly to the towns. Check your local town - many have a FB page or call them directly. Cayuga County did a large one Friday at the Fingerlakes mall
  21. I agree 100%, The 1st time I get a twinge of remorse from a clean kill will be the last day I hunt. Enough negativity hitting us full time for me to seek out an emotion that causes doubt. If I want to observe, will do it in good weather with a camera
  22. What trad bows do you hunt with 100% of the archery season? The ONLY reason one chooses a compound instead of a recurve is because it is easier to be accurate - and this is FINE! What's not fine is the wanting their bar for easier to be the limit for everyone.
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