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  1. Great idea - IF you are ok with theft of services. Many are - I am not.
  2. Need widespread testing for any numbers to matter. Different numbers used can really change perspective as well. In Italy if you factor all deaths with total population, it has killed .009% of the population.
  3. I saw 4 different ones on our lease this year - all within 10 yards of my stand. From large squirrel size to fox (with shorter legs). Haven't seen or heard a turkey there in 4 years - not even an old feather. Southern Cayuga county.
  4. @.5 and 3.5 are not mature deer. 4.5's are approaching maturity.
  5. Without later recovery, no one knows it was below the spine.
  6. Insurance companies do not care. In areas of higher collisions, they up the comp rate - sometimes even making more. The money paid out is simply another cost of business and is factored in setting the rate. The actual money paid for deer out is but a tiny fraction of their total costs to the point of being statistically insignificant.
  7. The little public land is crowded. The private is pretty much impossible to gain access too. And a lot of sanctuaries where the anti's let no one on.
  8. Be careful about shooting too much when starting. Tendency is to just keep flinging. Need total control of every shot start to finish - develop a process and stick to it. As soon as muscles start to tire and you lose 100% control - STOP. Continuing will only allow bad habits to develop.
  9. Best time to ask for permission is before you need it
  10. An acre is not much land to shoot and RECOVER the deer. Most likely it will die on another property. LEGAL recovery with permission will likely be difficult. Permission can be denied and those with a dead deer under the swingset or out the dining room window will piss people off.
  11. And documented every step of the way with tangible verified evidence. Totally opposite of any other "siteing" in the last 50+ years