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  1. SteveB

    Xbow full inclusion??

    The ONLY reason anyone chooses a compound instead of a recurve or longbow is because it is EASIER. But then they want their "easier" to be the limit in archery equipment. I'd 100% support crossbows in a seperate season - BUT compounds would have to be moved there as well.
  2. SteveB

    Antler restriction

    Actual maturity is at least 4.5. But very very few who say they want AR's are after actual mature bucks. Most all simply want ones a little bit bigger.
  3. SteveB

    Antler restriction

    Bucks 10 pounds more are probably not "mature" - just slightly bigger.
  4. SteveB

    Antler restriction

    Logic has no bearing in a discussion for the best way to fill the woods with 2.5 bucks. Like targeting the best of the 1.5's that have 6 points +
  5. SteveB

    Antler restriction

    I love those who want all others to pass spikes and 4 pts so they can target those monster 2.5's - or the nearly 60% of the 1.5's in much of central and western NY that are 6 pts or better. You are not looking for mature bucks - just ones that are a little bit bigger.
  6. SteveB

    Antler Restriction Results Poll

    So young bucks are still shooters. Got it.
  7. SteveB

    Antler Restriction Results Poll

    What specifically is a "shooter"?
  8. SteveB

    Don't Shoot The Messenger

    Unless you want to tell others their hunting is limited to what you call a trophy.
  9. SteveB

    Antler Restriction Results

    Define "shooter" buck.
  10. SteveB


    As long as you leave that shade up I'm good
  11. SteveB


    So nobody using a notepad of any kind?
  12. SteveB

    Antler Restriction Results

    I've said this since the beginning of the AR talk. Will add that even targeting them at 2 1/2 is no better as they are still a young IMMATURE deer - hardly a teenager in human scale. The vast majority of mandatory AR supporters either don't realize or will not admit they are after bucks that have a few more points or is SLIGHTLY bigger - and not a MATURE animal.
  13. SteveB


    You can view there and post comments - I set the account up that way. No good way to post pics though and that is what it is all about.
  14. SteveB


    I have an S7 - would like to use it on a bigger screen
  15. SteveB


    Anyone using Instagram? Just started and see it is designed primarily for mobile. I hate using my phone for any webwork. Wondering if it works well with a basic tablet. Really want to use a bigger screen.