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  1. The Royal Weddin’

    Their "service" has been rewarded 10's of 1000's of time over everyone else who served. The world would be far better off if the whole inherited royalty/leader thing had disappeared 1000's of years ago.
  2. Hang On Treestand Question

    For what it's worth, I order big boy ones
  3. Hang On Treestand Question

    Check out Ratchet straps. You can customize length, #'s, hooks, and ratchets. I get a couple dozen every few years. Way better quality than TS, etc.
  4. For Or Against Full Inclusion

    We have our own Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels doing the HuntingNY version of a cult classic.
  5. Outright Thievery

    Um - no one shoots compounds in the Olympics.
  6. Coyote den?

    2017/2018 NYS coyote season = Oct 1 to March 25.
  7. For Or Against Full Inclusion

    I support full inclusion. I do not support the defining a bow by who uses it. So no to including only certain demographics. When the DEC is given control - where it should be, the bow course will be required.
  8. Tax returns due 4/17/18

    Doing mine Sunday
  9. For Or Against Full Inclusion

    So your "easier" is OK for bow season but others is not. Got it. Or 2 seasons - one for ALL bows and one for ALL guns.
  10. Scared?

    I live a couple miles from my friend and hunting partner's bow shop in the Finger Lakes - spend a lot of time there and probably interact with 300 bowhunters every fall. Of them, a small minority shoot year round, a few more start by mid summer and the majority start getting ready less than 30 days out. I doubt 25 of them take more than a few practice shots in season - and usually it's because they came in for a repair. Joke is how dirty the shop gets in the fall from all the dust blown off the bows brought in to check. He's also sold near 300 crossbows in the last 5 years. Less than a couple dozen went to hunters that didn't have a bow stamp. His are low middle end to upper. If gun hunters are crossing over, they are going to BP, Dicks or Walmart for the cheapies.
  11. Scared?

    I'm 67 and don't see the argument for allowing "seniors" and handicap only full inclusion. Either it is archery equipment or not. If it is, then it should be allowed for all. If not, it should not be allowed in archery. If "non archery" equipment is to be allowed, why is it crossbow only and not guns? After all - they are old and/or handicapped. Also love the "I'm against full inclusion because I want to keep using my bow but would most likely go the easier route if allowed." Shake my head that grown hunters need someone telling them to keep using their preferred choice.
  12. What defines an "assault style weapon"?
  13. Hunter "Blaze" Orange

    Voluntary rate of compliance is equal to or higher than most states where it is required. Combine this with one of the lowest hunting accident rates the question becomes would adding another regulation make a real difference? There too a case could be made that not seeing orange implies a safe background without further due diligence.
  14. New X-Bow bills need votes

    Then maybe start your own thread - and not in the crossbow forum.
  15. Indoor 3d Trad shoot

    Moog - you coming to give everyone a demo?