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  1. Be careful about shooting too much when starting. Tendency is to just keep flinging. Need total control of every shot start to finish - develop a process and stick to it. As soon as muscles start to tire and you lose 100% control - STOP. Continuing will only allow bad habits to develop.
  2. Best time to ask for permission is before you need it
  3. An acre is not much land to shoot and RECOVER the deer. Most likely it will die on another property. LEGAL recovery with permission will likely be difficult. Permission can be denied and those with a dead deer under the swingset or out the dining room window will piss people off.
  4. And documented every step of the way with tangible verified evidence. Totally opposite of any other "siteing" in the last 50+ years
  5. Still legal as long as it doesn't involve trespassing. Permission to recover from the neighbors should be obtained BEFORE it is needed.
  6. Talking to the camera, the youth and flopping around hurts them more than the distant gunshots.
  7. Then at least 90% of compound shooters are "not a good shot" by your definition. 2" group at 20 yards is a score of 300 on the NFAA blue face with probably 20+ X's. A score not closed to averaged by 90+% of the league shooters I've seen.
  8. Wood stoves need a class A chimney - the fireplace did not have that and should not be used even with a liner. So you are going to need a chimney system as well. Least expensive is to go straight up thru the roof - closer to the peak the better. I would go with a new/newer stove that is epa listed to the current emission standards. Efficient clean burning (safer) and most have built in reduced clearances to combustibles - means they have a smaller footprint safely.
  9. SteveB


    Worse thing to do. Causes them to puke in the bite greatly increasing chances of infection. Tick spoon or twissors - pull carefully keeping pressure on until they let go. Like pulling an earthworm from the ground.
  10. SteveB

    Moogs Fault
  11. SteveB

    Moogs Fault

    Beautiful bow Dan. I do B55 aka Dacron also. Bunch of colors and silencer choices at my website.
  12. They have product for less than $500 too. A smart company addresses many price points - 10 point does this.