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  1. Cool, let rigor pass, cut and freeze/can.
  2. Got it - they have a dead link. Found another way by clicking on the tag and hitting "take survey"
  3. Doing it on the computer That's my issue but with a desktop. Redirect would not load. No problem working online all day - just with the DEC reporting. Been doing it for years - 1st one today for 2020
  4. Anyone try to do an online harvest report today? Been trying all day and the site won't load
  5. Only hearing one side of the story here. Could be there is a history not being told by the shooter.
  6. Lets see a list of these - particularly the media ones
  7. Just got a Polaris 570 from these people. Great to deal with. K&H Homer
  8. Only use ladder stands now. EVERYONE has a lifeline.
  9. Probably in the 500 range. Read this link - then read it twice more and follow it exactly. Will save you a lot of frustration. Tuning a trad bow
  10. Impossible to answer without knowing your draw length, weight at your draw length center shot of bow
  11. I went with the KME. Stay Sharp is a direct rip off.
  12. She sold her body for political gain. Definition of a HO. And flaunted it in the wife's face.
  13. Native to Moravia and still live in the area. Summerhill can get pounded by the locals, but few work to find the good hard areas. Top side of Fillmore Glen is near and a good option accessed by Empire Have. Bear Swamp is another area to check