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  1. I went with the KME. Stay Sharp is a direct rip off.
  2. She sold her body for political gain. Definition of a HO. And flaunted it in the wife's face.
  3. Native to Moravia and still live in the area. Summerhill can get pounded by the locals, but few work to find the good hard areas. Top side of Fillmore Glen is near and a good option accessed by Empire Have. Bear Swamp is another area to check
  4. Had an order of all three now for several days. Haven't done much yet with the topper. Chicken rub is very very good and growing on me. And after 4 steaks and a brisket flat, the Cow Massage is in the top 3 ever for beef. Thanks!
  5. Edit - meant to quote Bionic Great descriptions! I like to stay as low sugar as possible. A lot of blends are loaded with it in various forms. I'l be messaging soon.
  6. Without giving to many details, could you describe the flavor profiles a bit? Degrees of sweetness, spiciness, heat etc? Tks
  7. Can't let facts get in the way of one's own narrative
  8. At nearly 0% effectiveness. The old "we need to show we are doing something" even if in reality it does nothing. Just a distraction and resume padding
  9. Great idea - IF you are ok with theft of services. Many are - I am not.
  10. Need widespread testing for any numbers to matter. Different numbers used can really change perspective as well. In Italy if you factor all deaths with total population, it has killed .009% of the population.
  11. I saw 4 different ones on our lease this year - all within 10 yards of my stand. From large squirrel size to fox (with shorter legs). Haven't seen or heard a turkey there in 4 years - not even an old feather. Southern Cayuga county.
  12. @.5 and 3.5 are not mature deer. 4.5's are approaching maturity.
  13. Without later recovery, no one knows it was below the spine.
  14. Insurance companies do not care. In areas of higher collisions, they up the comp rate - sometimes even making more. The money paid out is simply another cost of business and is factored in setting the rate. The actual money paid for deer out is but a tiny fraction of their total costs to the point of being statistically insignificant.